Manchester Velodrome Revolution Series

Revolution 36 | Round 4 – Season 9

Revolution 36 Round 4, 28th Jan 2012

Author:Chris Maher, Pictures courtesy of:Chris Maher| Photography

Revolution 36 Line-up

The season 9 Revolution finale runs in conjunction with the British Cycling National Madison Championships.Splitover two sessions the earlier session includes the Revolution Sprint qualifications and the DHL Future Stars Madison.

Fielding some big guns from the sprint world, will see aGreat BritainversusFranceride off. Current Olympic Champion Sir Chris Hoy and World Sprint Champion Jason Kenny, take on Michael D’Almeida and Mickael Bourgain, along with newly formed team V Sprint that includes David Daniell & Pete Mitchell.

A new concept for the Revolution is the Elite Derny Motor Paced Scratch Race with eight machines on the track at the same time. Run over 40 laps, this race forms part of the traditional European six day competitions and will provide an introduction to those who haven’t seen it before.

Team Sky Pro Cycling’s elite line up include a first track appearance of Ian Stannard. Alex Dowsett joins him whilst continental stars Claudio Imhof, Michael Morkov and Christian Grassmann return into the mix.

The Revolution is once again a sell out event. For those who have missed out, ITV 4 will screen a highlights program on Monday 30th at 19:00pm, or you can catch up on the ITV4 Player online.

Race Analysis & Results

Maxgear Racing became series 9 champions. Defending a last minute charge by Sky Pro Cycling & howies, Maxgear Racing defended their position at the top of the table.

With ticket sales through the roof, fans of this sell out event enjoyed Revolution guest star Sir Chris Hoy defend stiff competition from home and abroad. The exciting sprint event ran throughout the main competition finishing with a GB Vs France finale.

In the DHL Future Star’s competition, Emily Kay, defended her third consecutive title in the girl’s event. Jake Ragen took the title for the boy’s.

Revolution Afternoon Session including National Madison Championships 13.00pm                 

Event 1   –    Revolution Sprint Qualification

  1. Sir Chris Hoy       10.099
  2. Pete Mitchell       10.230 PB
  3. Jason Kenny         10.238
  4. David Daniell       10.253
  5. M D’Almeida         10.317
  6. Kian Emadi          10.357
  7. M Bourgain           10.357
  8. Louis Oliver        10.377
  9. Matt Crampton       10.425
  10. Q Lafarague         10.445
  11. Philip Hindes       10.567
  12. John Paul           10.569

Event 2   –    DHL Future Boys Madison 15Km

  1. James Shaw & Fabio Close     Team Sky  8 Points
  2. Oliver Wood & Jacob Womersley CHEPUK   6
  3. Matt Cross & Owen James      howies    5

Team Sky (1) pull it out of the bag to take the Future Boys Madison victory. Team howies (6) gain a lap at twenty one laps remaining but drift backwards towards the end of the race. Team CHEPUK(2) win the final sprint to the line but Team Sky catch Team Howies to nullify the lap and win on previous sprint placements.

Event 3   –    British Cycling National Madison Championships 50Km

  1. Simon Yates & Mark Christian
  2. Alex Dowsett & Tom Murray
  3. George Atkins & Oliver O’Doull

Simon Yates & Mark Christian become the 2012 British National Madison Champions. It was Sky Pro Cycling’s Alex Dowsett & IG Marketing’s Tom Murray who had gained a lap along with George Atkins & Oliver O’Doull earlier in the race. Yates & Christian who had lead earlier on in the event, dug deep to join the duo one lap ahead of the field. This move, put them back on top, & were able to defend their lead till the end.

Event 4   –    Revolution Sprint – Round 1

  1. Kenny beat Daniell & Oliver            10.677
  2. Mitchell beat Emadi & Lafargue              10.912
  3. Crampton beat D’Almeida & Hindes       10.658
  4. Hoy beat Paul & Bourgain               10.677

Event 5   –    DHL Future Girls Madison 15Km

  1. Rebecca Hunt & Ellie Coster       howies        10 Points
  2. Emily Kay & Emily Nelson          Cunga Bikes   8
  3. Melissa Lowther & A May Parkinson CHEPUK       6

Revolution Main Event Evening     19.00pm

Event 7   –    Revolution Sprint Semi Finals

  1. Jason Kenny beat Sir Chris Hoy              10.560
  2. Matt Crampton beat Peter Mitchell      10.625

Event 9   –    DHL Future Girls 6 Lap Dash 1.5Kms

  1. Ellie Coster        howies
  2. Emily Haycox        howies
  3. Melissa Lowther     CHEPUK

Emily Kay missed out on her 100% record, to come in fourth place in the six lap dash.

Event 10  –    Revolution Sprint Losers Handicap 1.5Kms

  1. France’s Mickael Bourgain wins the loses sprint handicap ahead of V Sprint’s David Daniell.

Event 11  –    Team Elimination

  1. Maxgear Racing
  2. Rapha Condor Sharp
  3. Rouleur
  4. Sky Pro Cycling
  6. Cunga Bikes
  7. TeamUKYouth
  8. howies

Maxgear Racing’s Harry Tanfield win’s the first main race of the evening accelerating away from field on the bell lap. Controlling the race in the latter half, Maxgear Racing begin to extend their Championship lead.

Event 12  –    DHL Future Boys Scratch Race 5Kms

  1. Jacob Scott         CHEPUK
  2. Chris Lawless       Maxgear Racing
  3. Matt Cross          howies

Event 13  –    Revolution Keirin

  1. Sir Chris Hoy
  2. Jason Kenny
  3. Matt Crampton

Event 14/19   –    Revolution 1Km Madison Time Trial

  1. TeamUKYouth       Christian & Imhof       59.036
  2. Cunga Bikes         Atkins & Doull          59.463
    1. howies              Mould & M Morkov        59.645
    2. Rapha Condor Sharp  Lowe & Grassmann        1.00.055
    3. Sky Pro Cycling     Dowsett & J Morkov      1.00.287
    4. Maxgear Racing      Yates & Tanfield        1.00.994
    5. CHEPUK             Moses & Slater          1.02.027
    6. Rouleur             Murray & Kelly          1.02.293

Event 15  –    DHL Future Girls Points Race 5Kms

  1. Rebecca Hunt        howies
  2. Melissa Lowther     CHEPUK
  3. Grace Garner        Sky Pro Cycling

Event 16  –    Elite 15Km Points Race

  1. Alex Dowsett        Sky Pro Cycling
  2. Michael Morkov      howies
  3. Jon Mould           howies

Event 17  –    Revolution Sprint Match A

  1. Jason Kenny Beat Matt Crampton         10.463

Event 18  –    DHL Future Boys 6 Lap Dash 1.5Kms

  1. Oliver Wood         CHEPUK
  2. Adam Lewis          Cunga Bikes
  3. Jake Ragen          Maxgear Racing

Event 20  –    DHL Future Girls Scratch Race 5Kms

  1. Emily Kay           Cunga Bikes
  2. Rebecca Hunt        howies
  3. Charlotte Broughton Team Sky

Event 17  –    Revolution Sprint Match B

  1. Jason Kenny Beat Matt Crampton         10.524

Event 22  –    Elite Derny Paced Scratch Race 10Kms

  1. Simon Yates         Maxgear Racing
  2. Michael Morkov      howies
  3. George Atkins       Cunga Bikes
  4. Claudio Imhof       TeamUKYouth
  5. Ina Stannard        Sky Pro Cycling
  6. Tom Murray          Rouleur
  7. Dean Downing        Rapha Condor Sharp
  8. Marc Hester         CHEPUK

Event 23  –    DHL Future Boys Points Race 5Kms

  1. Jake Ragen          Maxgear Racing
  2. Chris Lawless       Maxgear Racing
  3. Jacob Scott         CHEPUK

Event 25  –    Elite 10Km Scratch Race

  1. Michael Markov      howies
  2. Simon Yates         Maxgear Racing
  3. George Atkins       Cunga Bikes

Event 26  –    Presentation Ceremony Team & DHL Future Stars

  1. 2011/12 Wining Team is Maxgear Racing
  2. DHL Future Star Boy Jake Ragen
  3. DHL Future Star Girl for the 3rd consecutive year Emily Kay

Event 27  –    Team Sprint

  1. V Sprint beatGreat Britain  45.440
  2. Team Sky beatFrance              44.320

The Season 9 Championship standings after Round 4

  1. Maxgear Racing               685  ↔
  2. Sky Pro Cycling              654 
  3. howies                       636 
  4. CHEPUK                      624 
  5. TeamUKYouth                619 
  6. Rapha Condor Sharp           559 
  7. Rouleur                       549 
  8. Cunga Bikes                     433  ↔


DHL Future Stars


  1. Jake Ragen         Maxgear Racing     291 points
  2. Oliver Wood        CHEPUK            258
  3. Jacob Scott        CHEPUK            250


  1. Emily Kay           Cunga Bikes        342 points
  2. Ellie Coster       howies             249
  3. Melissa Lowther    CHEPUK            245

The next round of Revolution will be series 10’s race 37, later on in the year.


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