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Cycle The Earth | Sean Conway

Cycle The Earth | Sean Conway – 18th Feb 2012

Cycle The Earth | Sean Conway
Cycle The Earth 2012 | Sean Conway
Author:Chris Maher, Pictures courtesy of:Chris Maher| Photography

Sean Conway will set off on an epic 18000 mile bicycle ride around the World on February the 18th. Cycle The Earth is a bike race like no other, set up by a former around the World cyclist Vin Cox. His target time is 150 days, but to beat the other competitors, this time will need to be shaved considerably.

Travelling Westerly around the Globe, Sean must pass through Madrid in Spain and Wellington New Zealand, before returning toLondon and a possible place in the Guinness book of records.

His journey will have to be un-assisted, so carrying as much gear as he dare. He will have to cover an average of 112 miles a day. The other rule to this event is no back-tracking against your direction, once started.

I spoke to Sean at the Revolution Series in Manchester earlier in the year, where he was drumming up as much awareness and support that he possibly could. His main aim is to raise as much money as he can, for his chosen charity. SolarAid is a charity to help give a renewable light source to poorer people across Sub-Saharan Africa. Re-chargeable solar lighting will help eradicate toxic kerosene style lamps that kill more people than Malaria every year. His main beneficiary’s will be students and schools in Eastern Zambia.

You can follow Sean on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Flickr as he journeys across each continent, and you can donate online at JustGiving if you wish. His target is £100,000 so let’s dig deep. He’s going to be away for around 3 months, so any message of encouragement will be welcome.

Good Luck Sean… Safe Journey… And well done for doing something to help so many less fortunate people.