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British National Track Cycling Championships | Day 5 | 2012

British Cycling – National Track Championships – Day 5, 02 Oct 11

Author: Chris Maher, Pictures courtesy of: Chris Maher | Photography

Open Omnium Round 1          Flying Lap Time Trial          Philip Trodden          14.361

Open Omnium Round 2          Points Race                             Simon Yates

Open Omnium Round 3          Elimination Race                  Simon Yates

Open Omnium Round 4          Scratch Race                          George Atkins

The National Championship Omnium is contested over four events rather than the six events in the Olympics due to the time scale available to hold the championships…

Open Omnium Medals          (Olympic Event)

2011 Holder: Jonathon Mould


  • Gold                         Simon Yates
  • Silver                       Joseph Kelly
  • Bronze                       George Atkins


Team Sprint Qualifying

North West Region B set the quickest qualifying time of 45.081

City of Edinburgh set the second fastest qualifier of 45.526

North West Region A set the third fastest qualifier of 46.300

VC St Raphael set the fourth fastest qualifier of 48.674

Team Sprint Medals             (Non Olympic Event)

2007 Holder: Hoy, Edgar & Librizzi

2008 Holder: Daniell, Lyte & Crampton

2009 Holder: Sky + HD – Jamie Staff, Jason Kenny & Chris Hoy 44.647

2010 Holder: Sky Track Team – Ross Edgar, Jason Kenny & Chris Hoy 44.810

2011 Holder: NW Region A – Hoy, Jason, Queally


  • Gold                         NW Region B – David Daniell, Peter Mitchell & Lewis Oliva          45.036
  • Silver                       City of Edinburgh – Bruce Croall, John Paul & Callum Skinner
  • Bronze                       NW Region A – Matt Crampton, Craig MacLean & Jody Cundy MBE


Women’s Team Pursuit Qualifying

Scott Contessa Epic’s Emily Kay, Elinor Barker & Amy Roberts qualify fastest with a 3.37.317 and a ride off for gold.

Node4 Giordana Women’s Team at 3.45.852

Team Ibis Cycles at 3.45.944

VC St Raphael at 3.57.554


Women’s Team Pursuit Medals       (Non Olympic Event)

2009 Holder:North WestRegion

2010 Holder: Horizon Fitness – Alex Greenfield, Dani King & Sarah Storey

2011 Holder: Horizon Fitness – Dani King, Joanna Rowsell & Sarah Storey

  • Gold                    Scott Contessa Epic – Emily Kay, Elinor Barker & Amy Roberts (Catch Node4 for Gold)
  • Silver                       Node4 Giordana Women’s Team – Lucy Garner, Corrine Hall & Harriot Owen
  • Bronze                       Team Ibis Cycles – Hannah Barnes, Kayleigh Brogan & Eileen Roe (Catch VC St Raphael for Bronze)


Women’s Keirin Qualifying

Becky James, Rosie Blount & Louise Haston qualify in heat 1

Victoria Williamson, Rachel James & Jessica Crampton qualify in heat 2


Women’s Keirin Medals       (Olympic Event)

2008 Holder: Victoria Pendleton

2009 Holder: Victoria Pendleton MBE

2010 Holder: Victoria Pendleton MBE

2011 Holder: Rebecca James


  • Gold                         Rebecca James
  • Silver                       Victoria Williamson
  • Bronze                       Charline Joiner


Women’s Madison Medals

2009 Holder: Alex Greenfield & Dani King              (14pts)

2010 Holder: Hannah Barnes & Hannah Walker       (16pts)

2011 Holder: Lucy Garner & Harriet Owen


  • Gold                         Lucy Garner & Harriet Owen
  • Silver                       Emily Kay & Amy Roberts
  • Bronze                       Hannah Barnes & Eileen Roe


Junior Male Madison Medals

2009 Holder: George Atkins & Daniel McLay

2010 Holder: Simon Yates & Adam Yates                (13 pts)

2011 Holder: Jonathon Didden & Owain Doull


  • Gold                         Jon Dibben & Samuel Lowe
  • Silver                        Tao Geoghegen Hart & Oliver Wood
  • Bronze                         Jake Kelly & Jacob Scott
* Source from British Cycling Website




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