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Jadan Press Beverley Women’s Circuit Race 2014



Jadan Press Beverley Women’s Circuit Race 2014

18 July 2014

Author: Chris Maher, Pictures courtesy of: www.chrismaher.co.uk


Jadan Press Women’s Circuit Race, Beverley East Yorkshire, 2012


The inaugural Women’s Circuit Race around the cobbled circuit of Beverley Town Centre got underway, thanks to local sponsor Jadan Press of Hull.


Around twenty four women took to the start-line on an idyllic Summers evening. The crowds were out, and a couple of sighting laps brought them quickly around to a rolling start, flagged away by Jadan Press owner Pam Wainman.


The pace picked up sharply and several of the girls including Team Jadan’s Olivia Tomlinson found themselves out of the back.


Setting the pace, out front, was Team GBCycles Iona Sewell, who gained a few seconds in the early stages of the race. Eleven girls were left in the chasing group, and Team GBCycles had another three teammates in-there for support.


Team Jadan’s Sam Thoy and Victoria Hood had both made the move along with Flora Gillies, Sinead Burke and Ruth Taylor to name but a few. But the pace was too high for Victoria, having rode the previous night. The pace had also been too high for another Team Jadan member Annabel Sill who dropped into a smaller group.


The pressure was kept up by Team GBCycles who had closed the gap bizarrely, but team-mate Brit Tate had took over the pace setting, and now had a six second lead.


The group had shed a few more girls, and were beginning to lap back markers.


Tate increased her lead to thirteen seconds, where fellow team-mates had left her hanging out and there and were thirteen laps left to go in the race.


A couple of digs were made to bridge the gap by several of the other riders including Team Jadan Sam Thoy, but nothing seemed to work.


Approaching seven laps remaining, Team GBCycles once again rode hard on the front and Tate found herself back in the bunch.


With only a couple of laps left to ride GBCycles again increased the pace on the front, where three members broke free, but Iona Sewell once again rode away from the group.


As the bell lap approached, Sewell had put in over twenty seconds between herself and the chasers.


An easy win then for Team GBCycles Iona Sewell, that had left the remaining girls sprinting for the final podium places.


With prize offerings all the way down to fifteenth place, it was Flora Gillies, Speg – Project 51 who took second place marginally from Brit Tate, Team GBCycles who had recovered sufficiently to contest it.


I asked Sam Thoy, Team Jadan about how the race unfolded for her. She said: ” It was a good race and there was good turn out. The girls had come out to race, so it was competitive”. She also said: “I was expecting to take it steady for a couple of laps, but it was a hot race from the start, after one lap the girls were chasing down. The break went sooner than I though. I had a couple of goes at bridging the gap but they didn’t hold. We were gaining, but it ended up being a race within a race in the chasing pack”.


Race Winner Iona Sewell said “We though we would set the pace high from early on, and keep in control. We had strength in numbers, so when Brit went off early, we left her hanging out there for a bit”





  1. Iona Sewell                 Team GBCycles
  2. Flora Gillies                 Speg – Project 51
  3. Brit Tate                      Team GBCycles
  4. Charlotte Colclough    Sleaford Wheelers CC
  5. Karen Poole                Team GBCycles
  6. Sam Thoy                    Team Jadan
  7. Ruth Taylor                 Manchester Wheelers
  8. Nicola Moore              Squadra RT
  9. Sinead Burke              PH MAS Cycling
  10. Jessica O’Brien            RST Racing



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