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Revolution 40 | Season 10 – Round 4

Team Scotland Sprint Squad...
Team Scotland Sprint Squad… Craig MacLean, John Paul & Bruce Croall


Revolution 40 | Season 10 – 02/Feb/2013

Author: Chris Maher, Pictures courtesy of: Chris Maher | Photography

The Venue

The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow’s East-end was the venue for the Revolution Series Season 10 Finale! What a place! This newly built velodrome, with it’s 45º banking in the finest Siberian Spruce, will host the first Revolution road trip from it’s natural home in Manchester of 10 years. Indeed the plan going forward is to utilise all the World Class velodromes throughout the UK, with London’s legacy arena hosting a round in Season 11.


Starting the evenings programme there are three teams within a chance of taking the championship title, Rapha Condor JTL leading after round three, Rudy Project RT a close second and Rouleur third, with everything to play for.

Several riders had changed teams over the New Year period. This along with the un-familiarity of the steepness of the banking and it’s entry and exit points were going to make an exciting finish to the series.

The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome once again proved a popular destination for the cycling hungry public. Selling out of tickets well in advance, it’s the first opportunity for many a Scot, to get up close to the track and see what all the fuss is about, although Sir Chris Hoy will not be present himself. The evenings programme had a Scottish flavour in the form of the Revolution Sprint. Intertwined with the Championship and the Future Stars events, Scotland’s Craig MacLean, John Paul and Bruce Croall would take on the rest of the World to a cheering home crowd. Indeed it could be said that this event will give an idea of what to expect at the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in 2014 when tickets will no doubt be the hottest seats in town.

The man to beat on the evening would be the Ed Clancy. Riding for Rapha, there had been speculation that he wouldn’t ride this last event. Leading the individual points classification, Clancy is no doubt the strongest man on the track over the five races.  Close on his heels, Rudy Project’s Christian Grasmann has been consistently at the top, so a slip by Clancy could easily tip the balance of the whole championship.

DHL Future Star Girl's 6 Lap Dash Winner...
DHL Future Star Girl’s 6 Lap Dash Winner… Emily Nelson – IG Sigmasport

The Championship Finale

As the racing got underway, it was Clancy who stamped his authority. Winning the flying lap by a huge half second, former sprinter Ross Edgar came in next. Rudy Project’s Nico Hesslich rode into third position, but that pushed them further behind in the Championship.

Next up came the Points Race. Clancy once again rode to an emphatic victory, the Championship became a little closer for a fleeting second, but Rudy Projects Grasmann rode into second. More importantly, team-mate Nico Hesslich scored a vital point for Rudy Project that meant the race ended back level pegging with-in the event but still behind and in contention. Rouleur missed out altogether with Andy Tennant finishing over halfway down, and the Championship was over for them this season.

Revolution Madison Kilo Duo James McCallum & Ed Clancy... Rapha Condor JLT
Revolution Madison Kilo duo James McCallum & Ed Clancy… Rapha Condor JLT

The Revolution favourite the Madison Kilo, split into two halves was won by Rapha’s duo Clancy and local lad James McCallum. With Rudy Project unable to replicate round 3’s storming sub 55, The Championship was all but sewn up. Rouleur’s Tennant and Burke in their World Champion strips pulled out a third with last years Champions Maxgear Racing a fourth.

Revolution 40 Elimination Race Winners Nico Hesslich & Christian Grasmann, Rudy Project RT...
Revolution 40 Elimination Race Winners Nico Hesslich & Christian Grasmann, Rudy Project RT…

The turning point in the event came when Rudy Project’s Nico Hesslich won the Elimination Race. Team-mate Grasmann landed in second with Rapha’s McCallum third. Surprise of the night was Clancy being caught short half way through the race. Although managing to gain one point, The Championship began to slip away. Everything would be decided by the last race of the evening.

Revolution 40 Scratch Race
Four man break-away… Chris Latham, Simon Yates, Christian Grasmann & George Atkins

It was a classic Scratch Race that was left to decide the Season Ten Championship. In perfect team game-play. The Rudy Project boys began to break the rhythm of Rapha. Taking in turns to go with the breaks, Hesslich and Grasmann fired off alternately. At one point it was almost game over as a break with Simon Yates, Chris Lawless, George Atkins and Grasmann began to reel in the peleton and gain a lap. But with Scotland’s James McCallum slipping towards the back of the peleton it was left to Rapha’s Ed Clancy to find the strength to pull back the leaders in the dying laps and cling onto the Championship title for Rapha Condor JLT. Rouleur’s Burke won the sprint over the line, with team-mate Tennant second. Maxgear Racing’s Chris Latham came over third, but Clancy sealed the over-all victory in fourth. The Rudy Project boys equalled the nine points of Clancy between them, but left them seventeen points short of the overall victory.

Event Results         

Ev1       Revolution Sprint Qualifying 200m TT

  1. John Paul              Scotland      10.426
  2. Matthew Baranoski  USA           10.535
  3. Kevin Mansker      USA           10.610
  4. Teun Mulder          Netherlands   10.619
  5. Matt Rotherham     Great Britain 10.694
  6. Craig MacLean      Scotland      10.707
  7. Louis Oliva           Great Britain 10.898
  8. Bruce Croall             Scotland      10.967


Ev2      DHL Future Stars Points Race – Boys   5km

  1. Thomas Rotherham        Maxgear Racing
  2. Tristan Robbins         howies
  3. Levi Moody              Sportscover


Ev3       Championship Flying Lap

  1. Ed Clancy             Rapha Condor       13.546
  2. Ross Edgar           IG Sigmasport      13.687
  3. Nico Hesslich      Rudy Project       13.954
  4. Chris Latham       Maxgear Racing     13.979
  5. Steven Burke       Rouleur            14.069
  6. Jody Cundy         FACE Partnership   14.130
  7. Chris Lawless      Team Sky           14.407
  8. Steve Schets       howies             14.531
  9. Oliver Wood        Sportscover        14.603
  10. Raymond Kreder WD-40               14.738
  11. Sam Lowe            NetApp Endura      15.108
  12. Mark Stewart      Raleigh GAC        15.470


Ev4      Revolution Sprint – Omnium Round 1

Teun Mulder beat Matt Rotherham

Craig MacLean beat Kevin Mansker

Matthew Baranoski beat Louis Oliva

John Paul beat Bruce Croall


Ev5      DHL Future Stars 6 Lap Dash – Girls   1.5km

  1. Emily Nelson      IG Sigmasport
  2. Grace Garner      Team Sky
  3. Ellie Coster      howies


Ev6      Championship – 1km Madison Time Trial 6 Teams

  1. FACE Partnership   58.128
  2. NetApp Endura      1:00.758
  3. Sportscover        1:00.776
  4. WD-40
  5. IG Sigmasport
  6. Raleigh GAC


Ev7      Revolution Sprint – Omnium Semi finals

Matthew Baranoski beat Teun Mulder

John Paul beat Craig MacLean


Ev8      DHL Future Stars 6 Lap Dash – Boys

  1. Levi Moody         Sportscover
  2. Louis Magnani      Raleigh GAC
  3. Harrison Fielding  Raleigh GAC


Ev9      Championship Points Race     10km

  1. Ed Clancy          Rapha Condor
  2. Christian Grasmann Rudy Project RT
  3. Simon Yates        Maxgear Racing


Ev10      Revolution Sprint Omnium Losers Handicap

Bruce Croal

Teun Mulder

Matt Rotherham

Winning the DHL Future Star Girl's Points Race... Emily Haycox secures the Championship title.
Winning the DHL Future Star Girl’s Points Race… Emily Haycox secures the Championship title.


Ev11      DHL Future Stars Points Race – Girls 5km

  1. Emily Haycox      howies
  2. Grace Garner      Team Sky
  3. Emily Nelson      IG Sigmasport


Ev12      Championship – 1km Madison Time Trial 6 Teams

  1. Rapha Condor JLT        56.928
  2. Rudy Project            57.110
  3. Rouleur                 57.278
  4. Maxgear Racing          58.629
  5. howies                  1:00.313
  6. Team Sky                1:01.209
American Matthew Baranoski claims the Revolution Omnium Sprint Title...
American Matthew Baranoski claims the Revolution Omnium Sprint Title…


Ev13      Revolution Sprint Omnium – Final

American Matthew Baranoski beat Scotland’s John Paul


Ev14      DHL Future Stars Scratch Race – Boys 5km

  1. Thomas Rotherham       Maxgear Racing
  2. Leon Gledhill          Sportscover
  3. Levi Moody             Sportscover


Ev15      Championship – Elimination Race   10km

  1. Nico Hesslich          Rudy Project RT
  2. Christian Grasmann     Rudy Project RT
  3. James MaCallum         Rapha Condor JLT


American Matthew Baranoski secures the Revolution Keirin
American Matthew Baranoski secures the Revolution Keirin

Ev16      Revolution Sprint Omnium – Keirin

American Matthew Baranoski fended off a stiff challenge from Scotland’s John Paul & Fellow American Kevin Mansker.


Ev17      DHL Future Stars Scratch Race – Girls 10km

  1. Emily Haycox            howies
  2. Ellie Coster            howies
  3. Emily Nelson            IG Sigmasport


Steven Burke secures the final race of the Championship for Rouleur...
Steven Burke secures the final race of the Championship for Rouleur… The Scratch Race.

Ev18      Championship – Scratch Race 10km

  1. Steven Burke            Rouleur
  2. Andy Tennant            Rouleur
  3. Chris Latham            Maxgear Racing


Rudy Project RT top the points table for the final round in Glasgow, but not enough to catch the leaders...
Rudy Project RT top the points table for the final round in Glasgow, but not enough to catch the leaders…

Ev19      Presentations – Winning Team & Future Stars

Rudy Project Road Team collect the most points in Revolution 40 with 47.


In the last race of the evening. The Team Sprint competition was won by The Rest of the World, Teun Mulder, Matthew Baranoski & Kevin Mansker who beat the Scottish Team…


Event 40 Results

  1. Rudy Project            65
  2. Maxgear Racing          62
  3. Rapha Condor JLT        56
  4. Rouleur                        41
  5. WD-40                         38
  6. FACE Partnership        32
  7. IG Sigmasport           25
  8. Team Sky                19
  9. howies                      18
  10. NetApp Endura      16
  11. Sportscover           14
  12. Raleigh GAC           4


DHL Future Stars Podium... Levi Moody & Emily Haycox
DHL Future Stars Podium… Levi Moody & Emily Haycox

DHL Future Boy Champion after round 4 is Levi Moody.

  1. Levi Moody         Sportscover        282  ↔
  2. Thomas Rotherham   Maxgear Racing     246 
  3. Tristan Robbins    howies             235 
  4. Joe Evans          Rudy Project RT    211  ↔
  5. Jake Kelly         Rudy Project       192  ↔


DHL Future Girl Champion after round 4 is Emily Haycox

  1. Emily Haycox       howies             263 
  2. Jessica Roberts    Raleigh GAC        256 
  3. Emily Nelson       IG Sigmasport      225  ↔
  4. Grace Garner       Team Sky           220  ↔
  5. Ellie Coster       howies             180 
Rapha Condor JTL secure the series ten Championship... Ed Clancy & James McCallum.
Rapha Condor JTL secure the series ten Championship… Ed Clancy & James McCallum.


Championship Leader Board

  1. Rapha Condor JLT        216  ↔
  2. Rudy Project RT                 200  ↔
  3. Rouleur                                166  ↔
  4. Maxgear Racing              165 
  5. Team Sky                           141 
  6. WD-40                                138  ↔
  7. howies                               128 
  8. FACE Partnership        116  ↔
  9. IG Sigmasport                  95  
  10. NetApp Endura               88  
  11. Sportscover                     71   ↔
  12. Raleigh GAC                    36   ↔


Howies secure the DHL Future Stars Podium with 827 points...
Howies secure the DHL Future Stars Podium with 827 points…

In the Elite Championship, Rapha Condor JLT’s Ed Clancy amassed the most points totalling 122 over the four rounds. Maxgear Racings Simon Yates came second with 69 & Rudy Project’s Christian Grasmann came third with 60 points.

The next round of Revolution will be race 41… Later in 2013.

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