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UCI Track World Cup 2014/15 Rnd2 | London Day 2




UCI Track World Cup 2014/15 Round Two, London


Round One, Mexico      09 November 2014

Round Two, London      05 December 2014

Round Three,Columbia    17 January 2015


UCI Track World Championships 2015 France , 18-22 February 2014


Author: Chris Maher, Photography: Chris Maher | Photography


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Great Britain Cycling Team, Who Rides What UCI Track Cycling World Cup Event?


On Saturday 6th December:


Women’s Sprint – Jess Varnish, Vicky Williamson

Women’s Omnium – Laura Trott

Men’s Omnium – Jon Dibben

Men’s Keirin – Jason Kenny

Women’s Points – Katie Archibald, Elinor Barker

Men’s Madison – Ollie Wood (GB ‘B’), Chris Latham (GB ‘B’)



Saturday December 06 2014


Qualifying Session: 10.00 – 16.45


1 Women’s Sprint Qualifying – 200m TT


  1. Elis Ligtlee                  10.833
  2. Tianshi Zhong                 10.941
  3. Shuang Gou                    10.942
  4. Anna Meares                   11.021
  5. Wai Sze Lee                   11.049
  6. Anastasiia Voinova             11.076
  7. Stephanie Morton              11.086
  8. Kristina Vogel                11.108
  9. Olivia Montauban             11.126
  10. Lin Junhong             11.192


Great Britain‘s Laura Trott wins the opening session in the Women’s Omnium, the Scratch Race.


2 Women’s Omnium I 10km Scratch


  1. Laura Trott
  2. Kristen Wild
  3. Amalie Dideriksen
  4. Annalisa Cucinotta
  5. Isabella King
  6. Jolien D’Hoore
  7. Malgorzata Wojtyra
  8. Jennifer Valente
  9. Leire Dorronsoro Olaberria
  10. Anna Knauer


Two riders eventually broke free from the main group after several other attempts. Bobby Lea (USA) and Lok King Cheung (HKG) were joined by Great Britain’s Jonathon Dibben who faded in the final two laps. Columbian Fernando Gaviria Rendon won the bunch sprint to claim fourth in the race a lap down.


4 Men’s Omnium I 15km Scratch


  1. Bobby Lea                     USA
  2. Lok King Cheung               HKG
  3. Jonathon Dibben               GBR
  4. Fernando Gaviria Rendon       COL
  5. Thomas Boudat                 EUC


Netherlands Kirsten Wild rode a very strong last 1000m, but not enough to deny Great Britain’s Laura Trott her second Omnium victory in the 3000m Individual Pursuit.


6 Women’s Omnium II 3km Individual Pursuit


  1. Laura Trott                   3:36.896
  2. Kirsten Wild                  3:37.107
  3. Jennifer Valente              3:37.417
  4. Marlies Mejias Garcia         3:38.619
  5. Isabella King                 3:38.718
  6. Tatsiana Sharakova            3:41.588
  7. Amalie Dideriksen             3:42.246
  8. Jolien D’Hoore                3:42.476
  9. Sofia Arreola Navarro         3:46.172
  10. Laurie Berthon          3:46.566


Columbian Fernando Gaviria Rendon set off quickest in the Men’s Omnium Individual Pursuit and maintained his lead to win the second round. His time was over five seconds quicker than the rest of the field and almost on par with the Lee Valley VeloPark record.


8 Men’s Omnium II 4km Individual Pursuit


  1. Fernando Gaviria Rendon       4:21.998
  2. Bobby Lea                     4:26.782
  3. Gideoni Monteiro              4:27.782
  4. Roger Kluge                   4:29.638
  5. Aaron Gate                    4:29.953
  6. Jonathon Dibben               4:30.617
  7. Scott Law                     4:30.825
  8. Thomas Boudat                 4:31.134
  9. Tim Veldt                     4:32.649
  10. Jasper De Buyst         4:33.054



Finals Session: 19.00 – 22.05


Great Britain’s Elinor Barker finished third in the UCI Women’s Points Race. Taking a lap on the field, along with Australia’s Amy Cure and Canada’s Jasmin Glaesser mid way through the race. The trio looked like they would be the only girls that would get away from the bunch. As they watched each other, another four got away towards the back end, but were unable to collect additional points on the way. Barker didn’t have the legs to contest the final sprint and came in thirteenth. Canada’s Jasmin Glaesser took the final sprint, but Australian’s (Tasmanian) Amy Cure fought hard for second place to deny Glaesser the gold.


1 Women’s Points Race Final


  1. Amy Cure                Australia
  2. Jasmin Glaesser         Canada
  3. Elinor Barker           Great Britain
  4. Yao Pang                Hongkong
  5. Rushlee Buchanan        New Zealand
  6. Maria LC Williams       Columbia
  7. Lauren Stephens         USA
  8. Giorgia Bronzini        Italy
  9. Jarmila Machacova       Czech Republic
  10. Stephanie Pohl    Germany


Great Britain‘s Katie Archibald finished Eleventh.


4 Women’s Omnium III Elimination


  1. Kirsten Wild
  2. Laura Trott
  3. Jolien D’Hoore
  4. Isabella King
  5. Lucie Zaleska
  6. Annalisa Cucinotta
  7. Evgeniya Romanyuta
  8. Amalie Dideriksen
  9. Malgorzata Wojtyra
  10. Laurie Berthon


6 Award Ceremony Women’s Points Race


  1. Amy Cure
  2. Jasmin Glaesser
  3. Elinor Barker


10 Men’s Madison Final


Great Britain 1         Mark Christian & Owain Doull

New Zealand             Pieter Bulling & Westley Gough

Germany                 Henning Bommel & Theo Reinhardt


France 1


Great Britain 2


Italy 1



12 Award Ceremony Men’s Madison


  1. Great Britain 1         Mark Christian & Owain Doull
  2. New Zealand             Pieter Bulling & Westley Gough
  3. Germany                 Henning Bommel & Theo Reinhardt



13 Men’s Keirin 7-12 place


Edward Dawkins

Krysztof Maksel

Nikita Shurshin

Francesco Ceci

Matthew Baranoski

Yuta Wakimoto


14 Men’s Keirin Final


Stephan Botticher                   Ger

Fabian Hernando Puerta Zapata       Col

Christos Volikakis                  Gre

Azizulhasni Awang                   YSD

Kazunari Watanabe                   Jpn

Jason Kenny                         Gbr


Dutchman Tim Veldt survived a crash in the Men’s Omnium Elimination Round to take the win. The race was neutralized as the two riders sorted their bikes. Aaron Gates crashed out and Tim Veldt went over the top. Both riders re-joined the race and the determined Dutchman went on to win. Great Britain’s Jonathon Dibbon went out early in the race. A foot pulled out of the pedal saw an early exit from the race, along with any chance of riding into a podium position.


16 Men’s Omnium III Elimination


  1. Tim Veldt
  2. Thomas Boudat
  3. Fernando Gaviria Rendon
  4. Jasper De Buyst
  5. Sebastian Mora Vedri
  6. Scott Law
  7. Aaron Gate
  8. Oliver Beer
  9. Gideoni Monteiro
  10. Hao Liu


Great Britain‘s Jonathon Dibben finished twenty-first.


(Previous Winner: GER, Joachim Eilers)

17 Award Ceremony Men’s Keirin


  1. Stephan Botticher                   Ger
  2. Fabian Hernando Puerta Zapata       Col
  3. Christos Volikakis                  Gre


Columbian Fabian Hernando Puerta Zapata is the World Cup Men’s Keirin Jersey Holder.


(Previous Winner: RUS, Anastasiia Voinova)

18 Award Ceremony Women’s Sprint


  1. Kristina Vogel          Ger
  2. Anastasiia Voinova      Rus
  3. Elis Ligtlee            Ned


Russian Anastasiia Jolien Voinova is the World Cup Women’s Sprint Jersey Holder.



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