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UCI Track World Cup 2014/15 Rnd2 | London Day 1


UCI Track World Cup 2014/15 Round Two, London


Round One, Mexico      09 November 2014

Round Two, London      05 December 2014

Round Three,Columbia    17 January 2015


UCI Track World Championships 2015 France , 18-22 February 2014

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Great Britain Cycling Team, Who Rides What at the UCI Track Cycling World Cup Event?


On Friday 5th December:


Great Britain’s Team Pursuit squads dominate the distance endurance events taking gold in the Men’s and Women’s 4000m events on day one of the UCI Track Cycling World Cup in London.


Who’s riding what event today

Women’s Team Pursuit – Katie Archibald, Elinor Barker, Ciara Horne, Joanna Rowsell, Laura Trott

Men’s Team Sprint – Phil Hindes, Jason Kenny, Callum Skinner

Men’s Team Pursuit – Steve Burke, Mark Christian, Ed Clancy, Owain Doull, Andy Tennant

Women’s Scratch Race – Laura Trott

Women’s Team Sprint – Jess Varnish, Vicky Williamson

Men’s Points Race – Mark Stewart (GB ‘B’), Ollie Wood (GB ‘B’)



Friday December 05 2014


Qualifying Session: 10.00 – 16.50


1 Women’s Team Pursuit Qualifying


  1. Great Britain           4:23.406
  2. Australia               4:23.498
  3. Canada                  4:28.208
  4. USA                     4:32.523
  5. China                   4:32.685
  6. Germany                 4:32.871
  7. New Zealand             4:33.677
  8. Russia                  4:34.129
  9. Italy                   4:34.684
  10. Poland            4:36.110


Great Britain’s Trott, Archibald, Barker & Rowsell fought off a strong Australian squad of King, Ankudinoff, Cure & Hoskins to post the quickest qualifier by fractions of a second. The Aussies had almost a second up on the first 1000m and held it to the 2000m mark. Great Britain finished the last half of the qualifier marginally up, but it went all the way down to the wire. This put them into the semi finals in the evening session.


2 Men’s Team Sprint Qualifying


  1. Germany                 43.700
  2. Jayco                   43.832
  3. New Zealand             43.839
  4. France                  43.907
  5. Russia                  44.360
  6. Netherlands             44.492
  7. Great Britain           44.511
  8. Venezuela               44.682
  9. Poland                  44.725
  10. China             45.085


3 Men’s Team Pursuit Qualifying


  1. Australia               4:00.577
  2. Great Britain           4:02.373
  3. Denmark                 4:02.428
  4. New Zealand             4:03.773
  5. Netherlands             4:04.438
  6. Germany                 4:05.302
  7. China                   4:05.964
  8. Switzerland             4:05.984
  9. Russia                  4:07.965
  10. Belgium           4:07.965


Great Britain set off eighteenth out of twenty two starters with Clancy, Burke, Doull & Tennant but didn’t set a blistering pace. By 2000m they had moved into the top slot of the day so far and the velodrome filled up will some noise. By 3000m the pace had increased to a sub 59 lap and nobody matched this pace to finish second in qualifying.


Denmark whom rode after GB moved up-to the top slot at 1000m then increased their pace to almost a second in-front of Great Britain. They looked like they were going to topple GB for the top slot but faded by the last few laps.


Last off in the Team Pursuit were Australia. Young and looking to take scalps, Davison, Edmonson, Mulhern & Scotson had over a seconds advantage over Denmark by 1000m and nearly two seconds on Great Britain. Maintaining their lead, although beginning to fade, Australia had enough spare time banked to win the qualifiers by nearly two seconds with a 4:00.577.


4 Women’s Scratch Race Final 10Km


American Lauren Stephens & Columbian Jannie M Salcedo Zambrano gained a lap together towards the back end of the race. As they caught the bunch, a crash neutralized the race till all the girls were dealt with safely. The race resumed with five laps left to go, and the pace increased with the Italians stretching the peleton.


Polands Katarzyna won the sprint with Laurie Burton second, but eyes further down the bunch place the Columbian Zambrano in front of the American Stephens to take the victory. Welsh cycling Emily Kay finished in tenth for the home nation.

5 Women’s Team Sprint Qualifying


  1. China                   32.956
  2. Germany                 33.022
  3. Jayco-Ais               33.130
  4. Russia                  33.336
  5. Great Britain           33.622
  6. France                  33.720
  7. Netherlands             33.809
  8. Spain                   33.821
  9. Rusvelo                 33.903
  10. New Zealand       34.111


6 Award Ceremony Women’s Scratch Race


  1. Jannie Milena Salcedo Zambrano            Columbia
  2. Lauren Stephens                           USA
  3. Katarzyna Pawlowska                       Poland



Finals Session: 19.00 – 22.20


1 Women’s Team Pursuit Semi-finals


New Zealand beat Germany.

China beat Russia.

Australia beat Canada.

Great Britain beat USA.


2 Men’s Team Pursuit Semi-finals

3 Men’s Points Race Final

4 Men’s Team Sprint Finals 3/4 & 1/2

5 Women’s Team Sprint Finals 3/4 & ½


6 Award Ceremony Men’s Points Race


  1. Eloy Rovira Teruel            Spain       43 Points
  2. Kenny De Ketele               Belgium     34
  3. Eduardo Sepulveda             Argentina   31


(Previous Winners: GBR, Philip Hindes, Jason Kenny and Callum Skinner)

7 Award Ceremony Men’s Team Sprint


  1. Germany                 Eilers, Forstemann & Enders
  2. Jayco-Ais               Glaetzer, Perkins & Hart
  3. New Zealand             Dawkins, Mitchell & Webster


Great Britain‘s Hindes, Kenny & Skinner finished seventh.


Germany are the World Cup Men’s Team Sprint Jersey Holders.


(Previous Winners: AUS, Kaarle McCulloch & Stephanie Morton)

8 Award Ceremony Women’s Team Sprint


  1. China                   Zhong & Gong
  2. Germany                 Vogel & Welte
  3. Russia                  Gnidenko & Vionova


Great Britain‘s Jess Varnish and Victoria Williamson finished fifth.


Germany are the World Cup Women’s Team Sprint Jersey Holders.


9 Women’s Team Pursuit Finals 3/4 & 1/2


10 Men’s Team Pursuit Finals 3/4 & ½


(Previous Winners: GBR, Elinor Barker, Ciara Horne, Amy Roberts & Laura Trott)

11 Award Ceremony Women’s Team Pursuit


  1. Great Britain           Archibald, Trott, Barker & Horne
  2. Australia               King, Ankudinoff, Cure & Hoskins
  3. Canada                  Beveridge, Glaesser, Lay & Roorda


Great Britain are the World Cup Women’s Team Pursuit Jersey Holders.


(Previous Winners: AUS, Daniel Fitter, Alex Porter, Miles Scotson & Sam Welsford)

12 Award Ceremony Men’s Team Pursuit


  1. Great Britain           Burke, Christian, Tennant & Doull
  2. New Zealand             Bulling, Gough, Karwawski & Simpson
  3. Denmark                 Pederson, Hansen, Quaade & Von Folsach


Great Britain are the World Cup Men’s Team Pursuit Jersey Holders.



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