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UCI Track Cycling World Cup | Day 2 – Manchester 2013

UCI Track World Cup Manchester 2013 - Keirin Podium. Francois Pervis, Maximilian Levi (L) & Hersony Canelon (R)
UCI Track World Cup Manchester 2013 – Keirin Podium. Francois Pervis, Maximilian Levi (L) & Hersony Canelon (R)


UCI Track World Cup Classics – Manchester 2013 Day 2

Author: Chris Maher, Photography: Chris Maher | Photography

Saturday 02nd November 2013: Session 1, 09.00 – 16.45, Session Two, 19.00 – 22.30.


Round One  Manchester 01st Nov to 03rd Nov 2013

Round Two  Mexico     05th Dec to 07th Dec 2013

Round Three     TBC  17th Jan to 19th Jan 2014



Women’s Pursuit 3000m Top 10 Qualifying – WR Holder Sarah Hammer 11 May 2010 Mexico     3:22.269


  1. Joanna Rowsell             Gbr                  3:34.341
  2. Rebecca Wiasak             Aus                  3:35.629
  3. Kate Archibald             Gbr                  3:37.215
  4. Eugenia Bujak              Pol                  3:37.671
  5. Caroline Ryan              Irl                  3:41.019
  6. Ciara Horne                Gbr                  3:42.413
  7. Alexandra Chenkina         Rus                  3:44.405
  8. Jade Wilcoxson             USA                  3:44.661
  9. Beatrice Bartelloni        Ita                  3:47.107
  10. Els Belmanns         Bel                  3:48.084


Women’s Sprint 200m Top 16 Qualifying – WR Holder Tianshi Zhong CHN 18 Jan 2013 Mexico     10.573


  1. Anna Meares                Aus                  10.874
  2. Kristina Vogel             Ger                  10.900
  3. Elis Ligtlee               Ned                  11.019
  4. Stephanie Morton                Aus                  11.065
  5. Sze Wia Lee                Hkg                  11.103
  6. Rebecca James              Gbr                  11.161
  7. Jessica Varnish            Gbr                  11.183
  8. Virginie Cueff             Fra                  11.211
  9. Olivia Montauban                Fra                  11.261
  10. Olga Streltsova      Rus                  11.266
  11. J Shi
  12. T Calvo Barbero
  13. X Li
  14. S Braspennincx
  15. K Maeda
  16. A Voynova



Britain’s Laura Trott qualifies in 6th place with a 14.593


Women’s Omnium 1 Top 5 Qualifying – Flying Lap


  1. G Carleton                 Can                  14.410
  2. L Berthon                  Fra                  14.462
  3. A Edmundson                Aus                  14.511
  4. J D’Hoore                  Bel                  14.543
  5. L Olaberria                Esp                  14.575


Ev4 Women’s Sprint 1/8 Finals…

Meares, Vogel, Ligtlee, Morton, Lee, James, Varnish who leaves it to the last corner to progress through.


Ev5 Keirin Round One

Kenny, Dawkins,Phillip, Lewis, Glaetzer & Bottasso all qualify for next round. The rest will have to fight it out in the repechage.


Ev6 Women’s Sprint Quarter Finals…

Meares, Vogel, James & Lee win race one, leaving it all to do for Cueff, Varnish, Ligtee & Morton in race 2. All the same girls win round 2 & progress to the semi finals tonight.



Men’s Omnium 4 4Km Individual Pursuit


  1. C Von Folsach                   Den             4:20.720
  2. L Davison                       Aus             4:24.646
  3. A Zakharov                      Kaz             4:25.354
  4. J Dibben                        Gbr             4:25.396
  5. T Veldt                         Ned             4:27.780



Britain’s Laura Trott finished in 7th place after the first three girls got a lap on the peleton.


Women’s Omnium 2 Points Race


  1. L Berthon                       France
  2. S Arreola                       Mexico
  3. E Newell                        USA
  4. L Olaberria                     Esp
  5. J D’Hoore                       Bel



Men’s Omnium 5 Scratch Race 15Kms


  1. Oliver Beer                     Sui
  2. Tim Veldt                       Ned
  3. Jasper De Buyst                 Bel
  4. Jon Dibben                      Gbr
  5. R Tsishkou                      Blr



Great Britain’s Jessica Varnish sprints into 5th position for the minor finals.



Great Britain’s Andrew Tennent finishes 6th with a 4:25.231.

Men’s Individual Pursuit 4000m – WR Holder Jack Bobridge Aus 4:10.534 Sydney 02 Feb 2011


  1. M Coledan                       Ita             4:20.753
  2. A Serov                         Rus             4:22.289
  3. S Mora Vedri                    Esp             4:23.201
  4. T Bohli                         Sui             4:24.679
  5. J Huizenga                      Ned
  6. A Tennant                       Gbr
  7. M Irvine                        Irl
  8. N Schomber                      Ger
  9. M Agostini                      Arg
  10. A Ahiyevich                Blr



Men’s Points Race 15Kms with 6 Sprints. 2 Heats.


Great Britain’s Jon Mould qualifies for this evenings Points Race in heat one, whilst Owain Doull qualifies in heat 2.



Women’s Sprint Semi Finals


Sze Wai Lee beat Anna Meares in both heats to go into the final.

Kristina Vogel beat Rebecca James in both heats to go into the final.



Women’s Individual Pursuit


  • Gold:      Joanne Rowsell             GBR
  • Silver:    Rebecca Wiasak             Aus
  • Bronze:    Kate Archibald             Gbr
  • 4th:       Eugenia Bujak              Pol



Men’s Omnium 1000m IP WR Holder Arnaud Tournant France, Bol 10 Oct 2001


  1. Jasper De Buyst                      Bel             1:03.235
  2. Luke Davison                         Aus             1:03.450
  3. Tim Veldt                            Ned             1:03.450
  4. Arlyom Zakharov                      Kaz             1:03.811
  5. Jon Dibben                           Gbr             1:04.563



Men’s Omnium Medals


  • Gold:      Jasper De Buyst            Belgium
  • Silver:    Tim Veldt                  Netherlands
  • Bronze:    Luke Davison               Australia
  • 4th:       Aaron Gate                 New Zealand


Britain’s Jonathon Dibben finished in 5th place.



Men’s Points Race 30Kms


  1.      Martyn Irvine              Irl             20 Points
  2.      Norman Lasse Hansen        Den             17
  3.      Elia Viviani               Ita             13
  4.      Owain Doull                Gbr
  5.      Roman Lutsyshyn            Ukr



Men’s Keirin Finals


  • Gold:      Francois Pervis      France
  • Silver     Maximilian Levi      Germany
  • Bronze     Hersony Canelon      Venesuala
  • 4th        Jason Kenny          GBR



Women’s Sprint Finals


  • Gold:      Kristina Vogel       Germany
  • Silver:    Sze Wai Lee          Hongkong
  • Bronze:    Rebecca James        Great Britain
  • 4th:       Anna Meares          Australia


Men’s Individual Pursuit Finals


  • Gold:      Marco Coledan        Italy
  • Silver:    Alexander Serov      Russia
  • Bronze:    Sebastian Vedri Mora Spain
  • 4th:       Tom Bohli            Switzerland



Final event of the evening and a good reason to stay to the very end of the session. The Elimination Race. In particular, the women’s event with Laura Trott representing the home crowd. As usual, any GB rider at the front or the rear of the race is greeted with exceptional enthusiasm from around the arena and tonight, they applauded Laura’s hard fought second position to Australia’s Annette Edmondson. This moves Laura up to the 6th position overnight with Canada’s Gillian Carleton leading with only 4 points advantage.


Women’s Omnium 3 Elimination Race


  1.      Annette Edmondson          Australia
  2.      Laura Trott                Great Britain
  3.      Jolien D’Hoore             Belgium
  4.      Gillian Carleton                Canada
  5.      Leire Dorronsoro Olaberria Spain


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