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Revolution 57 | Season 13 – Round 6

Hoy Future Stars Champions, Jessica Roberts & Lewis Stewart with Team USN.
Hoy Future Star Champions, Jessica Roberts & Lewis Stewart with Team USN.

Lewis Stewart and Jessica Roberts secure the Hoy Future Star Titles 2016, whilst Team WIGGINS claim the Season Thirteen Elite Championship.


Author: Chris Maher, Photography: Chris Maher | Photography


Revolution 57


A full house greeted the final session of the Revolution Series, Season Thirteen at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester. Sir Chris Hoy led the Hoy Future Stars around the circuit as the final evening of racing got underway. Sir Chris was there at the end to present all the winners, celebrating their achievements with a huge cloud-burst of glittering foil over the heads of the podium winners.


Jessica Roberts, Team USN led the series from start to finish, going two-up from last years season. Starting the day with a significant lead, Jessica rode a controlled race, her highest place was finishing third in the twenty-lap scratch race.


Sophie Williams, Orica GreenEdge rode herself into second position, winning the twenty-lap Points Race on the way.


Third place went to Scotland’s Rhona Callander with team-mate Jenny Holl close behind.


Anna Docherty, Maloja Pushbikers RT finished off the top five wining the Scratch Race on the night.


A sneaky win for Amber Joseph, Team Pedalsure halfway through the night, saw her finish with-in the top ten.

Lewis Stewart, Hoy Champion...
Lewis Stewart, Hoy Champion…

Scotland’s Lewis Stewart wasn’t going to lose the Hoy Future Star title at the last hurdle, finishing down the bottom in the final race-the Scratch Race, but had done enough by winning the Six Lap Dash earlier on in the night.


Lewis took over the Series lead after a strong top five finish at round one in Manchester. He extended his lead and maintained it through-out the remaining rounds fending off a late challenge from the side-lined Fred Wright, Telegraph Allstars and Jim Brown, ONE Pro Cycling.


Fred Wright set-off strong winning the first race of the evening-the Points Race, whilst Jim Brown won the final race of the evening-the Scratch Race, sealing his third slot in the Championship.


Alistair Fielding, Orica GreedEdge and Hamish Turnbull, Maloja Pushbikers RT finish off the top five in the Championship scoring high in the three final races of the series.


It was Team WIGGINS that stole the show, riding a commanding performance and into the Revolution history books. Owain Doull and Jon Dibben joined forces once more winning the Revolution favourite, the One-Kilometre Madison Time Trial setting blistering time of 00:54.852, just 300ths shy of the record. They went on to win the one-hundred and twenty lap UCI Points Race, lapping the majority of the field three times. Scotland’s Mark Stewart and Team Sky-and current World Time Trial Champion Vasil Kiryienka were the only riders to put up a challenge with a defiant Andy Tennant that crossed the finish line first.


Ex GB Sprint School man Kian Emadi started the day off setting the quickest Championship Flying Lap with a time of 13.097, Dibben came home second. Emadi backed-up his win in the Championship Longest Lap before Dibben sealed the sixty-lap UCI Scratch Race win. The duo went on to win a controversial Team Elimination Race, where Team Pedalsure resigned to a second place finish.


This was enough to win the days highest points tally, and the overall Revolution Series Championship 2015/16.


Returning to the boards for the first time since the Olympics in London, Theo Bos showed his time on the road as a World Class Sprinter had not hampered his desire to return to the track, and possibly Rio later in the Summer.


Bos showed his prowess in the Keirin and the Sprint heats fending of the likes of Robert Fӧrstemann and Lewis Oliva. Oliva set the quickest two-hundred meter qualifying flying lap almost touching the sub ten-second barrier earlier in the day, but lost out to Bos in both heats of the Sprint Finals in the evening session.

Bolton Wanderer, Matt Rotherham
Bolton Wanderer, Matt Rotherham

Local man Matt Rotherham couldn’t contain his enthusiasm at winning several of his races though-out the night, riding around the boards arms aloft, encouraging the crowd to cheer on rapturously.


There’s no stopping golden girl Laura Trott, Matrix Fitness, or is there? Preparing herself for the upcoming World Track Championships in London, Laura showed her good form continues riding a commanding performance in the eighty-lap UCI Points Race, lapping the field three times no-less.

Ellie Coster V's Manon Lloyd
Ellie Coster V’s Manon Lloyd

Newly formed Team Breeze member Emily Nelson managed to gain a lap also, showing her good form on the back of the recent UCI Track World Cup in Hong Kong where she debuted in the Team Pursuit, finishing second in that event. Poland’s Malgorzata Wojtyra finished third and will be facing Laura at the Worlds too.


The answer to the question above is yes. Beating Laura is no mean feat, but Emily put her good condition to the test in the twenty-lap Elimination-Scratch Race setting off with a couple of laps remaining, gaining half a lap, and that was good enough to see Laura’s last minute dash for the glory, dashed.

Emily Nelson
Emily Nelson

The queen of the track returned to claim her signature race victory in the Elimination Race. Second went to Nelson once more, and Wojtyra third.


The final race of the Revolution for this season finished with the Women’s UCI Scratch Race. There was no doubt who the dominant force was, Laura set off midway through the race with nine-laps remaining and took a lap with ease, whilst the rest just looked on in amazement.


23rd January 2016



Doors open at 12:00. Racing from 13:00 to 16:30


Thomas Copponi
Thomas Copponi

Ev1  UCI Sprint – Qualification 200m Time Trial Men


1:   Lewis Oliva             10.097

2:   Matt Rotherham          10.156

3:   Theo Bos                10.163

4:   Robert Fӧrstemann       10.191

5:   Sandor Szalontay        10.260

6:   Thomas Scammell         10.268

7:   Sebastien Vigier        10.295

8:   Ryan Owens              10.323

9:   Melvin Landerneau       10.332

10:  Thomas Copponi          10.360

11: Jack Carlin             10.502

12:  Davide Ceci             10.530

13:  Yorick Bos              10.730

14:  Alex Joliffe            10.913



Ev2  Elite Championship Flying Lap     Men


1:   Kian Emadi              13.097

2:   Jon Dibben              13.454

3:   Chris Latham            13.490

4:   David Muntaner          13.850

5:   Felix English           13.939

6:   Anders Oddli            14.003

7:   Ethan Hayter            14.019

8:   Dan McLay               14.099

9:   Mark Stewart            14.100

10:  Reece Wood              14.270

11:  Melvin Van Zijl         14.860

12:  Vasil Kiryienka         14.893


Matt Rotherham...
Matt Rotherham…

Ev3  UCI Sprint – Quarter Finals  Men


Oliva, Rotterham, Bos & Szalontay progress through.


Ev5  UCI Points Race (20km)Women


1:   Laura Trott             +3

2:   Emily Nelson       +1

3:   Malgorzata Wojtyra

4:   Charline Joiner

5:   Emily Kay

6:   Rebecca Raybould

7:   Verena Eberhardt

8:   Lydia Gurley

9:   Hetty Niblett

10: Amelia Winther-Olsen

11: Megan Barker

12: Ellie Coster

13: Manon Lloyd

14: Annasley Park

15: Neah Evans

16: Monica Dew

17: Ellen McDermott

18: Abbie Dentus

19: Nikki Kovacs

20: Sophie Black

21: Laura Basso

22: Henrietta Colborne



Vasil Kiryienka
Vasil Kiryienka

Ev7  Elite Championship – Points Race (30km)    Men


1:   Jon Dibben

2:   Mark Stewart

3:   Vasil Kiryienka

4:   Chris Latham

5:   Owain Doull

6:   David Muntaner

7:   Andy Tennant

8:   Ethan Hayter

9:   Marc Hester

10: Christian Grassmann

11: Felix English

12: Melvin Van Zijl

13: Reece Wood

14: Evan Oliphant

15: Dan McLay

16: Anders Oddli

17: Fredrik Steen

18: Germain Burton

19: Alistair Rutherford


Henrietta Colborne
Henrietta Colborne

Ev9  Scratch / Elimination   Women


1:   Emily Nelson

2:   Laura Trott

3:   Manon Lloyd

4:   Ellie Coster

5:   Emily Kay

6:   Laura Basso

7:   Abbie Dentus

8:   Lydia Gurley

9:   Annasley Park

10: Amelia Winther-Olsen



Ev12 Revolution Longest Lap Sprinters


Ryan Owens, Matt Rotherham, Lewis Oliva, Thomis Copponi




Doors open at 18:00. Racing from 19:00 to 22:15


Ev13 UCI Sprint – Minor Finals Men


Robert Fӧrstemann won the Sprint Minor Final



Rhys Britton V's Lewis Stewart
Rhys Britton V’s Lewis Stewart

Ev14 HOY Future Stars Points Race (5km)Boys


1:   Fred Wright

2:   Matthew Shaw

3:   Rhys Britton

4:   Chris Heaton

5:   Lewis Stewart

6:   Jim Brown

7:   Charles Page

8:   Alistair Fielding

9:   Theo Hartley

10:  Hamish Turnbull



Ev15 UCI Sprint – Finals Match A  Men


Theo Bos beat Lewis Oliva in the finals

Matthew Rotterham beat Sandor Szalontay for third place.



Ev17 Revolution Longest Lap  Men


Kian Emadi, Reece Wood, Marc Hester, Mark Stewart



Hoy Future Star Girls...
Hoy Future Star Girls…

Ev19 HOY Future Stars Points Race (5km)Girls


1:   Sophie Williams

2:   Emily Tillett

3:   Jenny Holl

4:   Amber Joseph

5:   Jessica Roberts

6:   Rhona Callender

7:   Ellie Russell

8:   Elizabeth Bennett

9:   Rachel Jary

10:  Samantha Verrill



Mark Stewart Vs Chris Latham
Mark Stewart Vs Chris Latham

Ev21 Elite Championship – Scratch Race (15km)Men


1:   Jon Dibben

2:   Chris Latham

3:   Mark Stewart

4:   David Muntaner

5:   Felix English

6:   Alistair Rutherford

7:   Reece Wood

8:   Anders Oddli

9:   Ethan Hayter

10:  Vasil Kiryienka



Emily Nelson V's Laura Trott V's Malgorzata Wojtyra
Emily Nelson V’s Laura Trott V’s Malgorzata Wojtyra

Ev23 Elimination Race   Women


1:   Laura Trott

2:   Emily Nelson

3:   Malgorzata Wojtyra

4:   Annasley Park

5:   Abbie Dentus

6:   Neah Evans

7:   Lydia Gurley

8:   Manon Lloyd

9:   Charline Joiner

10:  Laura Basso


Lewis Stewart, 6 Lap Dash...
Lewis Stewart, 6 Lap Dash…

Ev24 HOY Future Stars 6 Lap Dash (1.5km)Boys


1:   Lewis Stewart

2:   Hamish Turnbull

3:   Rhys Britton

4:   Fred Wright

5:   Alistair Fielding

6:   Anthony Anderson

7:   Joe Nally

8:   Chris Heaton

9:   Jake Stewart

10:  Matthew Burke



Ev25/27 Elite Championship 1Km Madison Time Trial – Men


1:   Team Wiggins       00.54:852

2:   Team Pedalsure     00.55.252

3:   ONE Pro Cycling    00.56.565

4:   Maloja Pushbikers RT

5:   Telegraph Allstars

6:   Team USN 7:   The Nab Racing

8:   Scotland Burness Paull

9:   Orica GreenEdge

10:  VCUK-Champion Systems

11:  JLT Condor p/b Mavic


Amber Joseph
Amber Joseph

Ev28 HOY Future Stars 6 Lap Dash  Girls


1:   Amber Joseph

2:   Ellie Russell

3:   Anna Docherty

4:   Elizabeth Bennett

5:   Rhona Callender

6:   Georgia Ashworth

7:   Samantha Verrill

8:   Jenny Holl

9:   Sophie Williams

10:  Georgia Hilliard


Revolution Season 13 Championship : Team Wiggins Jon Dibben & Owain Doull
Revolution Season 13 Championship : Team Wiggins Jon Dibben & Owain Doull


Ev29 Elite Championship – Team Elimination Men


1:   Team Wiggins

2:   Team Pedalsure

3:   ONE Pro Cycling

4:   Maloja Pushbikers RT

5:   Telegraph Allstars

6:   Team USN

7:   The Nab Racing

8:   Scotland Burness Paull

9:   Orica GreenEdge

10:  VCUK-Champion Systems

11:  JLT Condor p/b Mavic



Ev30 UCI Keirin Final   Men


Theo Bos, Thomas Coppini, Matt Rotherham, Lewis OLiva



Ev31 Presentation – Elite Championship

Winning Team on Night & Winning Team Overall


2015/16 Champions are Team WIGGINS



Ev32 HOY Future Stars Scratch Race (5km)Boys


1:   Jim Brown

2:   Fred Wright

3:   Alistair Fielding

4:   Hamish Turnbull

5:   Joe Nally

6:   Jamie Ridehalgh

7:   Rhys Britton

8:   Anthony Anderson

9:   Jake Stewart

10:  Jacob Vaughan


Anna Docherty
Anna Docherty

Ev33 HOY Future Stars Scratch Race (5km)Girls


1:   Anna Docherty

2:   Sophie Williams

3:   Jessica Roberts

4:   Jenny Holl

5:   Samantha Verrill

6:   Jayati Hine

7:   Lauren Bate-Lowe

8:   Amber Joseph

9:   Rachel Jary

10:  Elizabeth Bennett



Ev34 UCI Scratch Race (10km)Women


1:   Laura Trott             +1

2:   Rebecca Raybould

3:   Emily Nelson

4:   Megan Barker

5:   Laura Basso

6:   Malgorzata Wojtyra

7:   Ellie Coster

8:   Charline Joiner

9:   Verena Eberhardt

10:  Neah Evans


Elite Championship Table after round six
Rank Name Points  
1 Team Wiggins 465
2 Team Pedalsure 404
3 Maloja Pushbikers RT 379
4 JLT Condor p/b Mavic 255
5 Orica Greenedge 239
6 ONE Pro Cycling 239
7 Team SKY 210
8 Telegraph Allstars 205
9 Scotland 201
10 Team USN 166
11 The NAB Racing 146
12 VCUK-Champion Systems 143


HOY Future Star Boys Table after round five
Rank Name Team Points  
1 STEWART, Lewis SCO 307
2 WRIGHT, Fred T AL 285
3 BROWN, Jim ONE 270
4 FIELDING, Alistair OGE 250
5 TURNBULL, Hamish M AL 239
6 RIDEHALGH, Jamie NAB 239
7 STEWART, Jake WIG 217
8 DAVIES, Conor WIG 197
9 ANDERSON, Anthony T AL 182
10 BURKE, Matthew USN 182
11 VAUGHAN, Jacob VCU 181
12 HEATON, Chris SKY 179
13 SHAW, Matthew M AL 163
14 NALLY, Joe SCO 163
15 HARTLEY, Theo SKY 155
16 BRITTON, Rhys USN 155
17 HARDWICK, Ben JLT 144
18 TILLETT, Sam USN 143
19 ROSE-DAVIES, Louis VCU 142
20 MINGAY, Oscar PED 131
21 RIDEHALGH, Alex NAB 121
22 PAGE, Charles ONE 95
23 THOMSON, Cameron PED 95
24 COX, Charlie JLT 82
25 BARTON, Jack OGE 69
26 COX, Matthew OGE 61
27 PIDCOCK, Tom ONE 57
28 DRAPER, William JLT 46
29 ALLEN, Ritchie NAB 45
31 DENT, Stephen TAL 31
32 TILLETT, James MAL 31
33 MOODY, Ben JLT 23
34 YOUNG, Xeno ONE 21


HOY Future Star Girls Table after round five
Rank Name Team Points  
1 ROBERTS, Jessica USN 375
2 WILLIAMS, Sophie OGE 317
3 CALLANDER, Rhona SCO 309
4 HOLL, Jenny SCO 307
5 DOCHERTY, Anna M AL 298
6 RUSSELL, Ellie WIG 278
7 BENNETT, Elizabeth USN 262
8 VERRILL, Samantha SKY 260
9 JOSEPH, Amber PED 235
10 JARY, Rachel T AL 232
11 HILLIARD, Georgia WIG 193
12 ASHWORTH, Georgia JLT 192
13 COLE-HOSSAIN, Charlotte VCU 168
14 PENMAN, Gemma NAB 166
15 FERGUSON, Tara SKY 138
16 DOLAN, Lauren ONE 135
17 BATE-LOWE, Lauren JLT 129
18 HORROCKS, Lucy PED 123
19 KING, Amber NAB 122
20 HINE, Jayati M AL 121
21 PIT, Emma T AL 118
22 TILLETT, Emily OGE 110
23 MORGAN, Savanah ONE 93
24 GEORGI, Pfieffer ONE 70
25 NIBLET, Esme VCU 63
26 MELLOR, Harriet VCU 60
27 GAMMONS, Maddie M AL 52
28 MILLAR, Jess ONE 48
29 BACKSTEADT,  Elynor SKY 45
30 PARK, Ellie VCU 30
31 STEELE, Lusia JLT 24
32 BARNWELL, Ella PED 19



That concludes our Revolution Series for this season, but we’ll be back for the next Revolution at a track near you. In the mean time, we have the Worlds, then Rio to look forward to, then back for the Nats before we resume once more. Good luck to all our cycling athletes, both track and road, whoever gets selected.


The next round of Revolution will be later in the year, Season Fourteen. Look-out for details about the new series format over the coming months.


Round 1: 14/15/16 August          Derby

Round 2: 24 October          Manchester

Round 3: 14 November         London

Round 4: 28 November         Glasgow

Round 5: 02 January          Manchester

Round 6: 23 January          Manchester


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