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Revolution 45 | Season 11 Finale – Saturday

Revolution Season 11 – Round 5


Author: Chris Maher, Photography: Chris Maher | Photography


Round One     Manchester      26th Oct 2013

Round Two     Glasgow          30th Nov 2013

Round Three   Manchester      04th Jan 2014

Round Four     Manchester      01st Feb 2014

Round Five    London           14th – 15th Mar 2014


Friday 14th 19.00 - 22.00, Saturday 15th 2014: Session 1, 13.00 – 16.00. Session 2 19.00 - 22.30.


Saturday Evening Session


The final session in the 2013/14 Revolution Series at the Lee Valley VeloPark drew the biggest crowd, although to be fair, all three session were very well attended for this first visit to London for the Revolution.


The Velodrome itself was well lit, and the seating went from the top of the track all the way up to the rafters. With seating all the way round, the sound of the audience as they cheered their favourite rider was phenomenal. And Francois Pervis tweeted his appreciation of the Revolution crowd soon after the competition.


Sir Chris Hoy was in the Velodrome, firstly commenting with Hugh Porter on the Sprint Competition and his time since retiring, and to present the HOY Future Star winners their prizes & jerseys.


In a first for the Revolution, a live feed was streamed to YouTube through the FACE Partnership website, allowing those at the other end of the country a chance to feel part of the whole event, or watch the progress of their favourite rider.


The HOY Future Star Boys Championship was as good as sown up, with Joe Holt (Team USN) retaining the top slot and the first place prize of a HOY bike. But the Girls Championship was still undecided. In the first two races, both Sophie Capewell & Grace Garner each won a race with the other coming in second, but the decider came in race three when Megan Barker (Team USN) went for a long one, with Grace Garner chasing & Megan’s team-mate Jessica Roberts hot on her heels. This gave Grace Garner (Team Sky) the cushion to win the Championship and the first place prize of a HOY bike.


Laura Trott stomped her authority for this fifth time in the Omnium Event.


Ev10 Women’s UCI – Omnium Scratch Race 10Kms

  1. Laura Trott
  2. Leire Olaberria Doronsoro
  3. Katie Archibald
  4. Hayley Jones
  5. Jenny Davis
  6. Dani King
  7. Ausrine Trebaite
  8. Amy Roberts
  9. Emily Nelson
  10. Manon Lloyd


Ev11 Hoy Future Stars – 6 Lap Dash – Girls

  1. Sophie Capewell    HMT Sportscover
  2. Grace Garner       Team Sky
  3. Megan Barker       Team USN
  4. Abigail Dentus
  5. Paige Milward
  6. Emily Haycox
  7. Jessica Roberts
  8. Lucy Shaw
  9. Monica Dew
  10. Sophie Williams


Ev14 Hoy Future Stars Points Race – Boys   5km

  1. Matt Walls        Champion Systems – Club Roost
  2. Fabian Brennan    WD-40
  3. Joe Holt          Team USN
  4. Joe Truman
  5. Brendan Drewett
  6. Jack Carlin
  7. Frank Longstaff
  8. Jack Escritt
  9. Karl Baillie
  10. Reece Wood


Ev16/19   Championship – 1Km Madison Time Trial

  1. Rapha Condor JTL   Ed Clancy & Ollie Wood  56.444
  2. Madison Genesis
  3. Rudy Project RT
  4. WD-40
  5. Rouleur
  6. Team Sky
  7. HMT Sportscover
  8. Telegraph Allstars
  9. Champion Systems – Club Roost
  10. Team USN  DNF


Ev17 Hoy Future Stars Scratch Race – Girls 5Kms

  1. Grace Garner       Team Sky
  2. Sophie Capewell    HMT Sportscover
  3. Abigail Dentus     Champion System – Club Roost
  4. Megan Barker
  5. Lucy Shaw
  6. Jessica Roberts
  7. Sophie Williams
  8. Paige Milward
  9. Sallie Birchall
  10. Megan Chard


Ev20 Hoy Future Stars 6 Lap Dash – Boys    5km

  1. Joe Truman         Rapha Condor JLT
  2. Joe Holt           Team USN
  3. Jack Carlin        Rudy Project JLT
  4. Tom England
  5. Joel Partington
  6. Jack Escritt
  7. Reece Wood
  8. Scott Pearce
  9. Tom Rotherham
  10. Fabian Brennan


Ev22 Hoy Future Stars Points Race – Girls 5km

  1. Megan Barker       Team USN
  2. Grace Garner       Team Sky
  3. Jessica Roberts    Team USN
  4. Monica Dew
  5. Lucy Shaw
  6. Sophie Capewell
  7. Sallie Birchall
  8. Paige Milward
  9. Abigail Dentus
  10. Emily Haycox


Making sure that he had sealed the HOY Future Star Boys Championship title, Joe Holt (Team USN) left the peleton way behind to take a solo victory in the Scratch Race.


Ev24 Hoy Future Stars Scratch Race – Boys  5Kms

  1. Joe Halt          Team USN
  2. Joel Partington   Team Sky
  3. Tom Rotherham     Rouleur
  4. Jack Escritt
  5. Matt Walls
  6. Joe Truman
  7. Tom England
  8. Jack England
  9. Jack Carlin
  10.   Reece Wood


Spain’s Albert Torres (Madison World Champion) showed off in style, in front of the Lee Valley VeloPark audience. Lapping the field in the earlier stages of the race, Torres had been caught in nowhere land, until the peleton eased up, much to the delight of the crowd.

Clancy set about taking a lap for himself, but required the efforts of additional riders to break free. Keeping his eye on the prize, Torres reacted soon after and caught the escapees to take another lap and stay in the lead.

Not having to contest the sprint for the line, Torres won the final men’s event of the series.


Ev25 Championship – Scratch Race 15km UCI Points Awarded

  1. Albert Torres
  2. Mark Stewart
  3. Jesper Morkov
  4. James Owain
  5. Tom Scully
  6. Germain Burton
  7. Andy Tennant
  8. Ed Clancy
  9. Marc Hester
  10. Christian Grasmann


The final race in the Omnium event saw Laura Trott win a sixth race, the first time she has won all races in one meeting. A strong performance from Spain’s Leire Olaberria throughout the three session event added to a great atmosphere, and a well entertained audience applauded this monumental win. Scotland’s Jenny Davis lead the final race up until the final two riders on the track, who rode neck and neck right up to the line. A clean sweep for Trott in her return visit to LeeValley.


Ev26 Women’s UCI – Omnium Time Trial

  1. Laura Trott                  36.301
  2. Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro   36.428
  3. Jenny Davis                  36.015
  4. Katie Archibald
  5. Dani King
  6. Amy Roberts
  7. Emily Nelson
  8. Elinor Barker
  9. Ausrine Trebaite
  10. Hayley Jones


Women’s UCI Omnium Results

  1. Laura Trott
  2. Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro
  3. Katie Archibald
  4. Dani King
  5. Hayley Jones
  6. Ausrine Trebaite
  7. Caroline Ryan
  8. Emily Nelson
  9. Elinor Barker
  10. Sarah Inghelbrecht


Hoy Future Boy Champion

  1. Joe Halt           Team USN           380 ↔

  2. Joe Truman         Rapha Condor JLT   338 ↔
  3. Tom Rotherham      Rouleur            303 ↔
  4. Karl Ballie        Team Sky           284 ↔
  5. Matt Walls         Champion Systems/CR 284 ↔
  6. Joel Partington    Team Sky           274 ↔


Hoy Future Girl Champion

  1. Grace Garner       Team Sky           360 ↔

  2. Sophie Capewell    HMT Sportscover    354 ↔
  3. Lucy Shaw          Rudy Project RT    322 ↔
  4. Jessica Roberts    Team USN           302 ↔
  5. Megan Barker       Team USN           286
  6. Paige Milward      WD-40              241


Championship Leader Board Result

  1. Rudy Project RT              212  ↔

  2. Rapha Condor JLT             183  ↔
  3. Team Sky                     150  ↔
  4. WD-40                        142  ↔
  5. Rouleur                      133 
  6. Madison Genesis              128 
  7. Telegraph Allstars           128 
  8. Team USN                     108 
  9. HMT Sportscover              99   ↔
  10. Maxgear Racing          89   ↔


Sprint Results

  1. Francois Pervis
  2. Callum Skinner
  3. Jason Kenny
  4. Quentin Lafarque


Keirin Results

  1. Francois Pervis
  2. Chris Pritchard
  3. Matt Crampton
  4. Svajunas Jonauskas


Team Sprint – GB V’s The Rest Of The World

Rest of the World beat GB in the final event of the evening, the Team Sprint.


The next round of Revolution will be race 46… in London’s LeeValley VeloPark 25th October 2014.

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