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Revolution 45 | Season 11 – Round 5, Friday Evening

Katie Archibald & Dani King Collide in the Women's Omnium Elimination Race
Katie Archibald & Dani King Collide in the Women’s Omnium Elimination Race

Revolution Season 11 – Round 5


Author: Chris Maher, Photography: Chris Maher | Photography


Round One     Manchester      26th Oct 2013

Round Two     Glasgow          30th Nov 2013

Round Three   Manchester      04th Jan 2014

Round Four     Manchester      01st Feb 2014

Round Five    London           14th – 15th Mar 2014


Friday 14th 19.00 - 22.00, Saturday 15th 2014: Session 1, 13.00 – 16.00. Session 2 19.00 - 22.30.


Friday Evening Session


Scotland’s Jenny Davis lead the first race at the Lee Valley VeloPark in the early stages of the Women’s Omnium Event for Revolution 45. The Flying Lap, contested by fifteen girls were the first to taste the 2012 Olympic boards in competition since that magic event.

There was a big applause for Dani King as she was announced to the public when beginning her lap and the Wiggle Honda rider managed second place so far, much to the delight of the crowd.

Spain’s Leire D Olaberria, the penultimate rider, quickly slipped into first place with the first sub fourteen second lap.

Hugh Porter’s announcement that Laura Trott was the last contestant begging her lap, saw the crown explode into rapture. The noise generated around the Velodrome on the two warm-up circuits were nothing compared to her Flying Lap that put Wiggle Honda’s Trott in the lead for the Omnium after round one.


Ev1  Women’s UCI – Omnium Flying Lap

  1. Laura Trott                 14.528
  2. Leire Dorronsoro Olaberria   14.894
  3. Jenny Davis                  15.023
  4. Dani King                    15.180
  5. Katie Archibald              15.336
  6. Elinor Barker                15.561
  7. Caroline Ryan                15.677
  8. Ausrine Trebaite             15.698
  9. Emily Nelson                 15.731
  10. Hayley Jones            15.761


Ev3  Men’s Team Elimination (GB V’s The Rest of the World)

  1. T10  Christian Grasmann & Leif Lampater
  2. T15  Roy Pieters & Yoeri Havic
  3. T9   Albert Torres & David Muntaner
  4. T2   Chris Latham & Mark Stewart
  5. T14  Didier Caspers & Melvin Van Zijl
  6. T13  Wim Stroetinga & Nick Stoepler
  7. T11  Marc Hester & Jesper Morkov
  8. T12  Tom Scully & Luke Roberts
  9. T5   Germain Burton & Chris Lawless
  10. T7   Gabriel Cullaigh & Matt Gibson


Ev4  Men’s UCI Keirin – Round 1

Heat 1:

  1. Francois Pervis
  2. Matt Crampton
  3. Callum Skinner


Heat 2:

  1. Jason Kenny
  2. Chris Pritchard
  3. Svanjunas Jonauskas


Ev5 Women’s UCI – Omnium Points Race 20km

  1. Laura Trott
  2. Leire Dorronsoro Olaberria
  3. Dani King
  4. Ausrine Trebaite
  5. Katie Archibald
  6. Hayley Jones
  7. Sarah Inghelbrecht
  8. Emily Nelson
  9. Egle Zablotskyte
  10. Winander Spoor


Ev6  Men’s Madison (GB V’s The Rest of the World)200 Laps

  1. Albert Torres & David Muntaner
  2. Marc Hester & Jesper Morkov
  3. Wim Stroetinga & Nick Stoepler
  4. Christian Grasmann & Leif Lampater
  5. Chris Latham & Mark Stewart


Ev7  Men’s UCI Keirin – Minor Finals

  1. Tomas Babek to the minor finals race


Recently crowned World Champion Francois Pervis demonstrates why the French Man wears the rainbow strips.


Ev8  Men’s UCI Keirin – Finals

  1. Francois Pervis
  2. Chris Pritchard
  3. Matt Crampton
  4. Svajunas Jonauskas
  5. Callum Skinner
  6. Jason Kenny


This final race of the Friday Evening’s session was round three of the UCI Women’s Omnium, The crowds favourite, The Elimination Race.

Knowing the tactics of a certain Laura Trott, the crowd were in for another thrilling display of bike handling. The race got underway and soon whittled down to the usual suspects. Trott, King, Archibald, Olaberria. Trott who always seems to find herself at the back of the bell elimination lap had the spectators on the edges of their seats through-out the race thus far.

But disaster for the last three, Trott, King, & Archibald who were sprinting for the last two slots, brought the race to an early conclusion as King and Archibald came together across the finish line and fell heavily into the track floor. This was the only crash of the evening luckily, but both girls laid still for quite a while, as the paramedics rushed around to check their conditions. Luckily, King got up soon after, with Archibald then following to a much relieved audience, and a round of applause. Trott had been further up the track and out of harms way.

Trott leads the Omnium so far after wining the first three rounds with three points only to her credit. Olaberria is second with eight points, & King is third with nine points.


Ev9  Women’s UCI – Omnium Elimination Race (provisional)

  1. Laura Trott
  2. Dani King
  3. Katie Archibald
  4. Leire Dorronsoro Olaberria

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