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British National Track Championships 2010 | Day 3

Author: Chris Maher,  Pictures Courtesy Of: Chris Maher | Photography

Thursday 23rd September Day 3 Session 1

Women’s Sprint: Victoria Pendleton, Becky James, Jess Varnish & Victoria Williamson progress to the Semi Finals. V Williamson is forced into a third round with Charline Joiner to eventually win.

Women’s Pursuit Qualifying: Wendy Hovenaghel 3:31.555, Sarah Storey 3:39.200, Laura Trott 3:44.162 & Anna Blyth 3:48.091 all qualify for the 3Km Pursuit Finals. It’s Wendy Hovenaghel Vs Sarah Storey for Gold, & Laura Trott Vs Anna Blyth for Bronze.

Thursday 23rd September Day 3 Session 2


2008 Holder: Matt Crampton

2009 Holder: Steven Burke     1:02.604

Gold        Bruce Croal       1:04.909

Silver      Andrew Kelly      1:07.047

Bronze      Leuan Williams    1:08.257


2008 Holder:

2009 Holder: Sarah Storey     3:40.147

Gold        Wendy Hovenaghel  3:31.555

Silver      Sarah Storey      3:39.200

Bronze      Laura Trott       3:44.162

Laura Trott beats Anna Blyth in 3:44.769 just short of her qualifying time to take Bronze.

Wendy Hovenaghel beats Sarah Storey by lapping her to become the new National Women’s pursuit Champion. Feeling she is on a good time she continues to the full distance in 3:30.612



Gold        Jon-Alan Butterworth          WR    11.105

Silver      Neil Fachie – Barney Storey

Bronze      Jody Cundy                    WR    10.970

Two World Records were set, one by newcomer Jon-Alan Butterworth in his category & the other by Jody Cundy.


2008 Holder: Victoria Pendleton

2009 Holder: Victoria Pendleton     10.984

Gold        Victoria Pendleton      11.067

Silver      Becky James             11.408

Bronze      Jessica Varnish         11.600

Victoria Pendleton claims her 9th Champions Jersey in this event. Still showing good form she rides an impressive 11.067. Spending a lot of her time in the gym recently, she tells British Cycling. Her time is 200’s better than expected.


2008 Holder: Chris Newton

2009 Holder: Chris Newton     (80p)

Gold        George Atkins     (44p) Wins on final sprint

Silver      Sam Yates         (44p)

Bronze      Mark Christian    (39p)

With 160 laps of the Manchester Velodrome ahead, the Open 40Km Points Race got underway. A crash after 30 laps or so breaks the rhythm slightly but 100%ME’s Chris Whorrall climbs to the top of the leader board. We are nearly half way through the race by now and Endura Racing’s Evan Oliphant goes on the attack. He climbs up to 2nd position behind Whorrall. George Atkins & Adam Duggleby then breakaway, but are brought back. Oliphant tries once more. Mark Christian then takes the next sprint and is joined by George Atkins & Simon Yates. As they break clear with 60 laps to go, they begin to share the points. Sky’s only entrant Ian Stannard & Endura Racing’s Evan Oliphant retire having chased the leaders with no progress. The trio gain ground. The field now stretched, begin to deplete. The trio finally lap what’s left of the field to gain additional bonus points, thus catapulting themselves clear of all other points collectors. Only 25 laps to go, Yates & Christian have 36 points a piece & Atkins 32. With 20 to go, It’s Yates with 41 points, Christian & Atkins with 36 apiece. On the penultimate lap Planet X’s Sam Harrison crosses the line first, followed by Atkins, 100% ME’s Jon Mould then Christian. Atkins now moves up into 2nd position with 39 points, Christian now has 37. Atkins wins the final sprint, Christian 2nd & Harrison 3rd. With Yates leading the points for the last half of the race Atkins also moves up to 44. Winning the final sprint takes presidence & therefore 100% ME’s George Atkins becomes the 2010 Open Points Champion.

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