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Revolution 34 | Round 2 – Season 9

Revolution 34 Round 2, 19th Nov 2011

Author: Chris Maher, Pictures courtesy of: Chris Maher | Photography

Special Guest

Double World Madison Champion Mark Cavendish, who partnered Rob Hayles in 2005 & Bradley Wiggins in 2008 returned to the boards for Revolution 34. Since his last appearance here in Manchester at Revolution 19, Cavendish has gone on to become the man to beat on the road. Known as the “Manx Missile”, Cavendish is the current Road Race Champion of the World. A title he took earlier in the season in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Since his departure from the boards, ‘Cav’ has gone on to win multiple stage race wins collecting the overall point’s victory & coveted Green Jersey of the 2011 Tour De France. With wins also in the Milan San Remo and a back to back victory’s in the Scheldeprijs Vlaanderen, Cavendish now ranks, as one of Great Britain’s all-time successful cyclists.

Revolution 34 Line-up

When announced at Revolution 33, that Mark Cavendish was guest riding the next event, ticket sales went through the roof and sold out in no time at all. Riding alongside ‘Cav’ will be future team-mates Geraint Thomas, Alex Dowsett & Peter Kennaugh from Sky Pro Cycling. Other top cyclists include Steven Burke & former Paris Roubaix winner Magnus Backstedt, Team UK Youth. Ed Clancy & Andrew Tennant from Rapha Condor Sharp, and Continental 6 Day Stars Franco Marvulli & Iljo Keisse. With so many strong athletes contesting the race wins, Cav will have to find his track legs very quickly.

Pre-race Build-up

The doors opened at 18.00 and it didn’t take long for the queues of spectators to fill the seating. With the racing starting at 19.00 there is plenty to see or do. Stalls, bars & food are scattered around the National Cycling Centre or simply watching the riders warm up around the track will occupy most of the available time. Whispers that ‘Cav’ was in the building or had arrived a long time since were circulating around. But with only 15 minuets of warm-up left, it was no surprised that when he joined the track quietly at the rear of the bunch the spectators weren’t going to allow him to go un-noticed. A wall of clapping and cheering followed him around the Velodrome several times, to which he showed his appreciation. It was almost time…

Race Analysis & Results

Event 1   –    Motor Paced Scratch Race

Starting the evening off, is the usual presentation of the Teams to the audience & Team Members. Firing up the moped got the evenings competition underway with the elite motor-paced scratch race. Sky Pro Cycling’s Peter Kennaugh made his way to the front behind the pace moped. The speed increased, and the laps counted down. Rouleur’s Iljo Keisse then moved to the front, but ‘Cav’ was having none of that. He quickly muscled his way ‘in fun’ to the front, behind the moped, whilst the audience cheered with delight.

As the moped peeled away, Sky Pro Cycling’s Alex Dowsett, Peter Kennaugh & Geraint Thomas moved up the outside to take control. Billed as the Team to beat, the pace rapidly increased. Cavendish moved back into fourth. Then Dowsett peeled off, as team-mate Peter Kennaugh took over. ‘Cav’ put in his best effort. But it was clear that his track legs weren’t up to speed, and faded into the middle of the peleton. Thomas, then took the lead, but the massive efforts by the ‘Sky Boys’ to control faded quickly. And Team UK Youth’s Steven Burke powered away, to give them the first victory of the evening.

  1. Steven Burke        Team UK Youth
  2. Luke Rowe           Maxgear Racing
  3. Iljo Keisse         Rouleur

Event 2   –    DHL Future Boys 5Km Scratch Race

A disappointing start for the DHL Future Star Boys, yellow jersey holder Ryan Whatmough, of Team Sky Pro Cycling. Caught in a multiple pile up, Whatmough found the rest of the evening difficult as the championship began to slip away.

Maxgear Racing’s Chris Lawless made his bid for victory with eight laps remaining, but was unable to defend his lead through the chaos of the crashes as team-mate Jake Ragen took the first victory of the night.

  1. Jake Ragen          Maxgear Racing
  2. Jake Kelly          Rouleur
  3. Jack Hoyle          Rapha Condor Sharp

Event 3   –    Revolution Sprint Omnium – Round 1 200m TT

  1. David Daniell       10.285
  2. Matt Crampton       10.311
  3. Pete Mitchell       10.346
  4. Callum Skinner      10.363

Event 4   –    DHL Future Girls Points Race

  1. Emily Kay           Cunga Bikes
  2. Ellie Coster        howies
  3. Melissa Lowther          CHEP UK

Event 5/ 15   –    Madison 1Km Time Trial

  1. Rapha Condor Sharp  Ed Clancy & Andrew Tennant   55.351
  2. Sky Pro Cycling     Geraint Thomas & Alex Dowsett     58.863
  3. howies              Mark Cavendish & Andrew Fenn 59.421
  4. Cunga Bikes         George Atkins & Owain Doull  59.599
  5. Team UK Youth       Steven Burke & M Backstedt   59.672
  6. Maxgear Racing      Simon & Andrew Yates         1.00.425
  7. CHEP UK             Mark Christian & A Slater    1.00.966
  8. Rouleur             Sam Harrison & Joe Kelly          DNF

Event 6   –    DHL Future Boys Scratch/ Elimination Race

  1. Oliver Wood         CHEP UK
  2. Jake Ragen          Maxgear Racing
  3. Jacob Scott         CHEP UK

Event 7   –    Revolution Sprint Omnium – Round 2 – Sprint 1

  1. Matt Crampton beat Pete Mitchell
  2. David Daniell beat Callum Skinner

Event 8   –    Team Elimination Race

Due to Team Rouleur’s fall in the Madison TT and injuries sustained, Iljo Keisse was forced to finish the rest of the program solo.

  1. Rapha Condor Sharp
  2. Rouleur
  3. howies
  4. Maxgear Racing
  5. Cunga Bikes
  6. Team UK Youth
  7. CHEP UK
  8. Sky Pro Cycling

Event 9   –    DHL Future Girls Scratch Race

  1. Emily Kay           Cunga Bikes
  2. Ellie Coster        howies
  3. Rebecca Hunt        howies

Event 10  –    Revolution Sprint Omnium – Round 2 – Sprint 2

  1. Matt Crampton beat Callum Skinner
  2. David Daniell beat Pete Mitchell

Event 11  –    Australian Pursuit

  1. Peter Kennaugh      Sky Pro Cycling
  2. David O’Loughlin    Cunga Bikes
  3. Iljo Keisse         Rouleur
  4. Franco Marvulli     Rapha Condor Sharp
  5. Tom Moses           CHEP UK
  6. Jon Mould           howies
  7. Magnus Backstedt    Team UK Youth
  8. Luke Rowe           Maxgear Racing

Event 12  –    Special Event

Former Madison World Champion (2005) & National Road Race Champion Rob Hayles gets the traditional track send off into retirement from competitive racing, with a circuit of the track, that passes through a corridor of spinning bike wheels. Rob was then presented with a gift by Revolution special guest, Mark Cavendish to standing ovation from the crowd.

Event 13  –    Revolution Sprint Omnium – Round 3 – Sprint

  1. Matt Crampton beat David Daniell
  2. Callum Skinner beat Pete Mitchell

Event 14  –    DHL Future Boys Points Race

  1. Oliver Wood         CHEP UK
  2. Jake Ragen          Maxgear Racing
  3. Jacob Scott         CHEP UK

Event 16  –    Cycling Weekly Keirin

Matt Crampton beat Callum Skinner in a time of 10.595 with David Daniell 3rd & Pete Mitchell 4th.

Event 17  –    DHL Future Girls Scratch/ Elimination Race

Unbeaten in her last five races, Team Cunga Bikes Emily Kay powered to victory one more time to extend her championship lead.

  1. Emily Kay           Cunga Bikes
  2. Abbie May Parkinson CHEP UK
  3. Rebecca Hunt        howies

Event 18  –    Elite 15Km Scratch Race

Rapha Condor Sharp’s Ed Clancy took the lead in the closing laps of the Elite Scratch Race when Rouleur’s solo performer, Iljo Keisse reeled him back. Sky Pro Cycling’s Thomas & Kennaugh took over, but true to form, Mark Cavendish lead out by team-mate Jon Mould, powered to a sprint victory, and a rapturous applause from an excited audience. Job done, an excellent night of entertainment once more…

  1. Mark Cavendish      howies
  2. Steven Burke        Team UK Youth
  3. Luke Rowe           Maxgear Racing

Event 19  –    Presentation Awards Ceremony

Maxgear Racing collected the most points of the evening with a total of 187. Team UK Youth came a close second with 180 & howies third with 149. Team UK Youth now lead the championship with a collective total of 370 points. Steven Burke from Team UK Youth collected the most points in Revolution 34, with a total of 145.

Event 20  –    Revolution Sprint – 500m TT

  1. David Daniell       32.545
  2. Pete Mitchell       33.236
  3. Matt Crampton       34.250
  4. Callum Skinner      35.580

David Daniell wins the Omnium style sprint competition of the evening. (Not part of the main event)

The Season 9 Championship standings after Round 2

1.  Team UK Youth                370 

2.  Maxgear Racing               341 

3.  howies                       308 

4.  Cunga Bikes                  306 

5.  Sky Pro Cycling              300 

6.  CHEP UK                      297 

7.  Rouleur                       297 

8.  Rapha Condor Sharp           269  ↔

Leaders team Rouleur in round 1, lost points heavily, when two of their elite riders came down in the Revolution Madison Time Trial. As a result of this, the team has dropped down to seventh place.

DHL Future Stars


1.  Jake Ragen         Maxgear Racing     143 points

2.  Oliver Wood        CHEP UK            122

3.  Jacob Scott        CHEP UK            121


1.  Emily Kay          Cunga Bikes        180 points

2.  Ellie Coster       howies             128

3.  Melissa Lowther    CHEP UK            117

The next round of Revolution will be 35, on the 07th January 2012 followed later in the month on the 28th with the season 9 finale 36.

Sports Personality 2011 Contender

Mark Cavendish is also short listed for the 2011 Sports Personality of the Year. What better way to support his contribution to British Sport on the World Stage than giving him your vote ‘LIVE’ from the BBC on Thursday 22nd December.

ITV 4 highlights are shown on the Monday after the event with catch-up TV on the ITV Player available soon after.

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