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Revolution 49 | Season 12 – Round 4



Revolution Season 12 – Round 4

Author: Chris Maher, Photography: Chris Maher | Photography


Round One     London           24/25th October 2014

Round Two     Manchester      22nd November 2014

Round Three   Manchester      03rd January 2015

Round Four   Glasgow         31st January 2015

Round Five     London           27/28th February 2015

Round Six       Manchester      14th March 2015


Saturday 31st January 2015, Afternoon Session 13.00 - 16.30, Evening Session 19.00 - 22.30.


Revolution 49



Doors open at 12:00. Racing from 13:00 to 16:00


Ev1      UCI Sprint – Qualification 200m Time Trial  Men


  1. KENNY,                     Jason               GBR    09.972
  2. SKINNER,                 Callum             GBR    10.046
  3. CRAMPTON,             Matt                GBR    10.147
  4. OLIVA,                      Lewis              GBR    10.149
  5. MITCHELL,               Jonathan          GBR    10.262
  6. PAUL,                       John                 GBR    10.315
  7. JANACEK,                Jiri                   CZE    10.480
  8. TRUMAN,                  Joe                   GBR    10.699
  9. LOK,                           Camiel             NED    10.783
  10. CARLIN,                    Jack                 GBR    10.837


Ev2     Elite Championship Flying Lap   Men  


  1. OLIVEIRA,               Ivo                   TIG     13.715
  2. LEA,                           Bobby             MAL   13.826
  3. IRVINE,                     Martin             MGE   13.989
  4. HOLT,                        Joe                   USN    14.052
  5. HAVIC,                      Yoeri               OGE    14.204
  6. AMORIM,                  Miguel             TAL    14.281
  7. TRODDEN,                Phil                  RIG     14.446
  8. GILLIES,                   Angus              NFT     14.450
  9. YEOMAN,                 Ruari               TSC     14.656
  10. MARTIN,                   Fraser              TPP     14.703
  11. FENWICK,                Ryan                SKY    14.937
  12. BALFOUR,                Stuart              JLT      15.061


Ev3      UCI Sprint – Quarter Final  Men


Jason Kenny, Callum Skinner, Matt Crampton & Jonathon Mitchell progress through to the Semi Finals. Scotland’s Jonathon Mitchell made an early sprint for the line in his Heat, catching his opponent Lewis Oliver out.


Desperate to win after been caught out in the previous round of the Longest Lap. Orica GreenEdge’s Adam Blythe positioned himself confidently once more close to the start/ finish line. As his opponents fell one-by-one the whistle blew, and the dash around the track began. It’s was Team USN’s Joe Holt that got away quicker and sprinted to the line for the win to deny Blythe the glory.


Ev4      Revolution Longest Lap  Men


  1. Joe Holt                                   USN
  2. Adam Blythe                          OGE
  3. Rui Oliveira                             TIG
  4. Bobby Lea                              MAL
  5. Jack Escritt                              JLT
  6. Andy Brown                           TSC
  7. Lewis Mulholland                   SKY
  8. Ivo OLiveira                           TIG
  9. Stuart Balfour                         JLT
  10. Yoeri Havic                             OGE


There was a steady start to the eighty lap Women’s Points Race. Lizzie Armitstead instigated the run up to the line for the first points of the race, but Scotland’s Charline Joiner denied her the full five on offer. Dame Sarah Storey made a bid for the next set of points on offer, but Team USN’s Emily Kay, Manon Lloyd and Emily Nelson soaked up the top three positions.

The star of the session, Lizzie Armitstead took the remaining top places except one (Kay), lapping the field three times in the end. On her way to the finish line, a strong ride from Emily Kay and Dame Sarah Storey whom also lapped the field twice, whilst Emily Nelson managed one additional lap.

Armitstead distance the field for the last sprint, demonstrating a master class in Track Cycling. She was simply in a league of her own, and reportedly saying that the Track felt very fast to herself, although apart from the previous round at Manchester, she hadn’t rode the Track in over a year.


Ev5      UCI Points Race  Women


  1. Lizzie Armitstead
  2. Emily Kay
  3. Dame Sarah Storey
  4. Emily Nelson
  5. Charline Joiner
  6. Manon Lloyd
  7. Neah Evans
  8. Sarah Ingelbrecht
  9. Jenny Davis
  10. Hannah Walker
  11. Elli Coster
  12. Kayleigh Brogan
  13. Molly Meyvisch


Ev6      UCI Keirin – First Round  Men


Jason Kenny, Lewis Oliva & Jack Carlin progress from heat one.

Callum Skinner, Matt Crampton & John Paul progress from heat two.


Ev7      Revolution Longest Lap  Women


  1. Emily Kay
  2. Kayleigh Brogan
  3. Emily Nelson
  4. Manon Lloyd
  5. Neah Evans
  6. Sarah Ingelbrecht
  7. Molly Meyvisch
  8. Charline Joiner
  9. Hannah Walker
  10. Lizzie Armitstead
  11. Jenny Davis
  12. Ellie Coster
  13. Sarah Story


Lapping the field three times. American Bobby Lea won the Men’s Point’s Race. A strong ride by Irishman Martin Irvine took maximum points in four of the twelve sprints, but could only manage one additional lap in the one hundred and twenty lap race.

Dutch rider Yoeri Havic lapped the field twice, but in doing so, was unable to contest any of the sprints. Adam Blythe was the top Brit, lapping the field once along with several others to finish fourth.


Ev8     UCI Points Race      Men  


  1. Bobby Lea
  2. Martin Irvine
  3. Yoeri Havic
  4. Adam Blythe
  5. Tristan Robbins
  6. Owen James
  7. Ivo Oliveira
  8. Jack Escritt
  9. Jack Barrett
  10. Rui Oliveira


Scotland’s Jack Carlin won the Handicap Sprint from the front of the race. Managing to defend his handicapped frontal position, Carlin slung his wheel over the line in a three way photo finish with Czech  Jiri Janacek and fellow countryman John Paul. Jack’s visor fell off going over the line…


Ev9      Handicap Sprint Final  Men


  1. Jack Carlin
  2. Jiri Janacek
  3. John Paul
  4. Joe Truman
  5. Camiel Lok
  6. Lewis Oliva




Doors open at 18:00. Racing from 19:00 to 22:15


Ev10    UCI Sprint – Semi Finals – Match A  Men


Jason Kenny and Callum Skinner progress to the finals.

Jonathan Mitchell and Matt Crampton ride for third and fourth.


Feeling the burn from the quick afternoon session, Dame Sarah Storey was the first rider out of the Women’s Elimination Race. Preparing herself for the UCI Hour Record attempt at the next Revolution in London. Storey didn’t have speed in her legs.

Emily Kay played a cool game, outsprinting Lizzie Armitstead to the line on the last lap.


Ev11    Elimination Race  Women


  1. Emily Kay
  2. Lizzie Armitstead
  3. Neah Evans
  4. Molly Meyvisch
  5. Ellie Coster
  6. Charline Joiner
  7. Hannah Walker
  8. Kayleigh Brogan
  9. Emily Nelson
  10. Sarah Ingelbrecht
  11. Manon Lloyd
  12. Jenny Davis
  13. Dame Sarah Storey

Ev14    UCI Scratch Race (15km)    Men


  1. Bobby Lea
  2. Adam Blythe
  3. Rui Oliveira
  4. Phil Trodden
  5. Miguel Amorim
  6. Joe Holt
  7. Frazer Martin
  8. Owen James
  9. Jack Escritt
  10. Yoeri Havic


Ev15    HOY Future Stars Points Race (5km)  Girls


  1. Anna Docherty
  2. Jessica Roberts
  3. Sophie Capewell
  4. Lauren Bate-Lowe
  5. Rosa Martin
  6. Hetty Niblett
  7. Amber King
  8. Elizabeth Bennett
  9. Emma Pitt
  10. Eleanor Dickinson


Ev17    HOY Future Stars Scratch Race (5km)  Boys


  1. Rhys Britton
  2. Fred Wright
  3. Sebastian Dickens
  4. Alex Jolliffe
  5. Frank Longstaff
  6. William Roberts
  7. Jamie Ridehalgh
  8. Reece Wood
  9. Hamish Turnbull
  10. Mitchell Powell

Ev19    UCI Scratch Race (10km)  Women


  1. Emily Nelson
  2. Ellie Coster
  3. Lizzie Armitstead
  4. Emily Kay
  5. Charline Joiner
  6. Kayleigh Brogan
  7. Manon Lloyd
  8. Dame Sarah Storey
  9. Jenny Davis
  10. Sarah Ingelbrecht
  11. Neah Evans
  12. Molly Meyvisch
  13. Hannah Walker


Ev20    UCI Sprint Final – Match A


Jason Kenny beats Callum Skinner for first place.

Matt Crampton beats Jonathan Mitchell for third place.


Ev21/25          Elite Championship Madison Time Trial  Men 


  1. Team Ignitr                               56.862
  2. Orica GreenEdge                      56.864
  3. Maloja Pushbikers RT             58.211
  4. Madison Genesis
  5. Telegraph Allstars
  6. Rigmar Racers
  7. Team USN
  8. NFTO
  9. Team Polypipe
  10. JLT Condor
  11. Team Scotland
  12. Team Sky


Ev22    HOY Future Stars 6 Lap Dash  Girls


  1. Sophie Capewell
  2. Eleanor Dickinson
  3. Jessica Roberts
  4. Jayati Hine
  5. Rosa Martin
  6. Elizabeth Bennett
  7. Rhona Callander
  8. Lauren Bate-Lowe
  9. Henrietta Colbourne
  10. Lauren Murphy

Ev24    HOY Future Stars Points Race (5km)  Boys


  1. Rhys Britton
  2. Reece Wood
  3. Sebastian Dickens
  4. Alex Jolliffe
  5. Alistair Fielding
  6. Matthew Burke
  7. Jamie Ridehalgh
  8. Matthew Walls
  9. Grant Martin
  10. Jake Dobson


Ev26    HOY Future Stars Scratch Race (5km)  Girls


  1. Jessica Roberts
  2. Eleanor Dickinson
  3. Sophie Capewell
  4. Rosa Martin
  5. Rhona Callander
  6. Elizabeth Bennett
  7. Samantha Verrill
  8. Anna Docherty
  9. Henrietta Colbourne
  10. Sophia Williams


Team USN’s Rhys Britton fought all way through the evening’s HOY Future Star races. Wining all three races, Britton increased his lead in the Championship.


Ev28    HOY Future Stars 6 Lap Dash  Boys


  1. Rhys Britton
  2. Matthew Draper
  3. Frank Longstaff
  4. Fred Wright
  5. Alex Jolliffe
  6. Oliver Peckover
  7. Jamie Ridehalgh
  8. Joe Nally
  9. Sebastian Dickens
  10. Jack Plumley


Ev29   Team Elimination Race   Men 


  1. Orica GreenEdge
  2. Team USN
  3. JLT Condor
  4. Maloja Pushbikers RT
  5. Team Ignitr
  6. Rigmar Racers
  7. Telegraph Allstars
  8. Madison Genesis
  9. Team Scotland
  10. NFTO
  11. Team Sky
  12. Team Polypipe




Orica GreenEdge topped the points table for the Glasgow event.

Ev30    UCI Keirin Final  Men


  1. Lewis Oliva
  2. Jack Carlin
  3. John Paul
  4. Jason Kenny
  5. Matt Crampton
  6. Callum Skinner


Hoy Future Star Boy Championship


  1.      Rhys Britton                       USN  317  ↔
  2.      Fred Wright                        TAL  277  ↔
  3.      Matthew Draper                 TPP  227  ↔
  4.      Jamie Ridehalgh                 TPP  219 
  5.      Alex Jolliffe                         OGE  214 
  6.      Hamish Turnbull              MAL  209 
  7.      Sebastian Dickens             MAL  167 
  8.      Grant Martin                     TSC  167  ↔
  9.      William Roberts               USN  166  ↔
  10. Matthew Walls                       TIG  161  ↔


Hoy Future Star Girl Championship


  1.      Eleanor Dickinson             NFT  298  ↔
  2.      Jessica Roberts                   USN  272  ↔
  3.      Sophie Capewell                 MAL  261  ↔
  4.      Elizabeth Bennett              USN  233  ↔
  5.      Henrietta Colbourne          NFT  204  ↔
  6.      Rosa Martin                        RIG  200 
  7.      Rhona Callander                TSC  200 
  8.      Monica Dew                        TIG  189  ↔
  9.      Anna Docherty                    TPP  176 
  10. Lauren Bate-Lowe                   TIG  169 


Championship Leader Board Result


  1.      Maloja Pushbikers RT     196  ↔
  2.      Orica GreenEdge               172 
  3.      Telegraph Allstars            161 
  4.      Madison Genesis              137 
  5.      JLT Condor                      136 
  6.      Team Ignitr                      134 
  7.      Team Polypipe                111  ↔
  8.      Team USN                        110 
  9.      Team Sky                         108 
  10. Rigmar Races                       102 
  11. Team Scotland                      99   ↓
  12. NFTO                                       92  ↓


The Revolution returns back to Freeview Television this series. The highlights will be shown the Saturday morning after the event on Channel 4. Then on 4OD catch-up on line.

Catch up with the highlights on Saturday 07th February at 7.00am. Presenting the one hour show will be Sian Welby, Matt Barbet & Rebecca Charlton with Guest Presenter …

The next round of Revolution will be race 50… in Lee Valley VeloPark, London on February 27th-28th 2015. Dame Sarah Storey attempts the unified UCI Hour Record on the 27th.


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