Manchester Velodrome Revolution Series

Revolution 31 | Round 3 – Season 8

Revolution 31 Round 3, 11th Dec 2010

Author: Chris Maher, Pictures courtesy of: Chris Maher | Photography

The Third Round in Season 8 of the Revolution Series switched back to the Elite Sprinters, but another strong field of Endurance riders proved a popular mix at Revolution 31.

Prior to the Revolution starting at the Velodrome had been a day of competition, for the Sprint School. The DHL Sprint School is a feeder of talent, for Juniors coming into Racing. This gave an opportunity for the School to showcase, And the Finals were ran just prior to the Revolution.

Getting the Revolution underway was the Elite Team Elimination. The 3 men teams batted over the course with whoever pasted the chosen lap last, being eliminated, along with fellow team members. The winning combination of Captain Franco Marvulli, Andrew Fenn & Jon Mould brought the first top result for Le Col, who as the night drew on, proved difficult to beat.

Revolution 200m TT

1.  David Daniell         Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta   10.338

2.  Roy Van Den Berg      Maxgear Racing               10.394

3.  Teun Mulder           Le Col                       10.428

4.  Ross Edgar            Team Sky                     10.467

5.  Pete Mitchell         Manchester City Council      10.550

6.  Philip Hindes         Revolution All-Stars         10.846

7.  Lewis Oliva           CHEP UK                      10.864

8.  Hugo Haak             Rapha Condor Sharp           10.921

David Daniell went on to with the Revolution Sprint, with Roy Van Den Berg taking 2nd place. The race for the minor placing went to Hugo Haak.

Event 3   –    DHL Future Girls Points Race

1.   Amy Roberts        Le Col

2.   Hannah Leyland     Maxgear Racing

3.   Emily Kay          Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta

Event 5   –    DHL Future Boys Scratch Race

1.   Matt Rotherham     Maxgear Racing

2.   Harry Tanfield     CHEP UK

3.   Sam Lowe           Team Sky

Event 6/ 16   –    Revolution 1Km Madison TT

1.  Andy Fenn & Franco Marvulli         Le Col             58.485

2.  Claudio Imhof & Sam Harrison   Manchester CC      58.536

3.  Mark Christian & Kez Karzen    Motorpoint Marshalls…   59.514

4.  Russell Downing & Pete Kennaugh Team Sky           59.917

5.  Simon Yates & Leif Lampater         Maxgear Racing     59.967

6.  Alex Dowsett & Jens Eric Madsen CHEP UK            1.01.459

7.  Eric Rowsell & Tom Moses  Revolution All-Stars    1.02.509

8.  Dean Downing & Alistair Rutherford  Rapha Condor Sharp1.02.740

Event 7   –    DHL Future Girls 6 Lap Dash

1.   Emily Kay          Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta

2.   Rebecca Hunt       Revolution All-Stars

3.   Amy Hill           Le Col

Event 9   –    Elite Team Points Race

  1. Le Col
  2. Team Sky
  3. Manchester CC
  4. Maxgear Racing
  5. CHEP UK
  6. Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta
  7. Revolution All-Stars
  8. Rapha Condor Sharp

Event 10  –    DHL Future Boys Points Race

1.   Sam Lowe           Team Sky

2.   Matt Cross         Le Col

3.   Matt Rotherham     Maxgear Racing

The Australian Pursuit was billed as one of the highlights of the evening. This being the first time this style of race had been used at a Revolution. The idea was one team member from each of the eight teams, are placed at equal distances, from the nearest competitor around the 250m track. Starting the race over a 12 lap distance, each competitor would continue to the end or until being caught by the person behind. If caught, then the rider would be removed from the track till only two were left complete the distance. First out was Claudio Imhof from MCC followed by Eric Rowsell from Revolution All-Stars… Bearing in mind that the actual finish line was the starting point for each competitor, this would make the last couple of laps a little difficult to determine. But is soon became a two horse race between Leif Lampater & Dean Downing. The crowd got behind the two hopefuls & this provided good entertainment for everyone alike. It was Maxgear Racing’s Leif Lampater that won the race, Dean Downing (Rapha Condor Sharp) second & Kit Karzan (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta)third.

Event 14  –    DHL Future Stars Girls Scratch Race

1.   Emily Kay          Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta

2.   Jess Crampton      Maxgear Racing

3.   Amy Roberts        Le Col

Event 16  –    Revolution Keirin

In a build up to the GB Vs Holland finale, it was a chance for the Sprinters to get back on the track. 8 laps in total with 5 behind the Derny saw Holland’s Van Den Berg go for a long one. But it was countryman Teun Mulder that took the win with Ross Edgar second & David Daniell third.

Event 17  –    DHL Future Boys 6 Lap Dash

1.   Matt Rotherham     Maxgear Racing

2.   Sam Lowe           Team Sky

3.   Zachery May        Le Col

Event 18  –    Elite Scratch Race

1.   Jon Mould          Le Col

2.   Leif Lampater      Maxgear Racing

3.   Alex Dowsett       CHEP UK

Event 19  –    GB Vs Holland

David Daniell, Pete Mitchell & Philip Hindes              45.771

Ross Edgar, Teun Mulder & Hugo Haak                  47.063

Maxgear Racing retain their Championship position, but Le Col have now moved into 2nd after winning the evenings competition by one hundred points, amassing 914 in total. Revolution 32 is on 15th January.

The Table stands after Round 3

1.  Maxgear Racing               26   ↔

2.  Le Col                       24  

3.  Team Sky                     23  

4.  Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta   19  

5.  Revolution All-Stars         14  

6.  Manchester City Council      12  

7.  CHEP UK                      11   ↔

8.  Rapha Condor Sharp           6    ↔

DHL Future Stars


1.  Matt Rotherham Maxgear Racing         242 points

2.  Sam Lowe      Team Sky           234

3.  Harry Tanfield CHEP UK            215


1.  Emily Kay     Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta   248 points

2.  Amy Roberts   Le Col                       210

3.  Amy Hill      Le Col                       191

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