Manchester Velodrome Revolution Series

Revolution 30 | Round 2 – Season 8

Revolution 30 Round 2, 20th Nov 2010

Author: Chris Maher, Pictures courtesy of: Chris Maher | Photography

Sebastian Donadio - Manchester City Council


The Second Round in Season 8 of the Revolution Series switched focus to the Endurance athletes. With the added flavour of Continental Guests, this round was fast & furious, and crammed full of current & ex World Champions… Taking on the might of these World Champions are current Championship leaders Team Sky, who clocked maximum points in round one with the help of Chris Hoy. Bolstering up the Team this time round though, has brought, Sky Pro Cycling’s endurance men back to the Track, lead by Geraint Thomas, with Ben Swift & Pete Kennaugh.

Event 1: Racing got underway with the Elite Riders Devil Scratch Race. 24 riders all trying to evade elimination from the gun brought the first surprise of the night. 4 times World Champion Franco Marvulli, Captain of Le Col for the evening, was the first to leave the track. This was followed by Luke Rowe, then Alex Rassmussen, Michael Morkov & Andreas Muller. One by one the field was reduced until only 10 riders were left to race to the finish line. Touching wheels half way through the race brought Team Sky’s Pete Kennaugh crashing into the apron. Missing a lap or two, he soon rejoined & aided team mate Ben Swift to the first victory of the night.


1.  Ben Swift          Team Sky

2.  Simon Yates             Maxgear Racing

3.  Sebastian Donadio  Manchester City Council

Event 2: Setting the order for the Junior Sprint competition saw Maxgear Racing’s Matt Rotherham record an 11.292.

Event 3: DHL Future Boys – Scratch Race


1.  Harry Enfield           CHEP UK

2.  Sam Lowe                Team Sky

3.  Jacob Ragan             Maxgear Racing

Event 4/8/11/12: DHL Future Boys – Sprint

Matt Rotherham, Alex Minting, Jacob Scott, Sassan Emadi all progress to the Semi Finals. Matt & Alex win the Semis & Matt goes on to take the win for Maxgear Racing

Event 5: DHL Future Girls – Elimination Race


1.  Emily Kay          Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta

2.  Amy Roberts        Le Col

3.  Melissa Bury       Maxgear Racing

Andy Fenn - Le Col
Andy Fenn – Le Col


Event 6/13: Championship 1Km Madison TT

Le Col’s Andy Fenn & Franco Marvuli post the quickest time of 58.336, with CHEP UK’s Alex Dowsett & Alex Rasmussen a close second with 58.515.

Event 7: DHL Future Boys 6 Lap Dash

Once again, CHEP UK’s Harry Enfield & Team Sky’s Sam Lowe battle for the top position in a close finish. This time Sam Lowe claims the first spot. Le Col’s Matt Cross crosses the line in 3rd.

Event 9: Elite 15Km Points Race

A true 6-day style event with World Class contenders saw a gritting race for points every tenth lap of the 60 on offer. It was fitting that Argentinean’s Songster Sebastian Donadio collected the most points for Manchester City Council. Feeling the effects of an earlier fall saw Team Sky’s Pete Kennaugh retire, along with Team Captain Geraint Thomas soon after. Ben Swift collected the 2nd most points whilst, Franco Mavulli of Le Col collected the 3rd most. With only one finisher for Team Sky it would mean dropping many points and ultimately 1st place position in the Championship League.

Event 10: DHL Future Girls Scratch Race

Emily Kay for Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta showed us why she was the current Girls Leader by out sprinting Amy Roberts (Le Col) for 2nd & Lucy Garner (Team Sky)for 3rd.

Event 15: DHL Future Boys Elimination Race


1.  Sam Lowe          Team Sky

2.  Harry Tanfield    CHEP UK

3.  Ryan Mullen       Revolution All-Stars

Event 16: DHL Future Boys 6 Lap Dash


1.  Jess Crampton      Maxgear Racing

2.  Emily Kay          Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta

3.  Lucy Garner        Team Sky

Event 17: The penultimate round brought us the 3 man Madison. Never seen before in the UK, this eight team battle was played out over 20Kms (80 laps). It was the team of Le Col’s Jon Mould, Andy Fenn & Franco Marvulli that collected the most points, Eleven in total. Chasing all the way, were Maxgear Racing’s winning combination of Simon & Adam Yates along with Guest Leif Lampater. They amassed Nine Points. Team Sky started without Ben Swift. Both Pete Kennaugh & Geraint Thomas retired, so no Championship points again. Revolution All-Stars Luke Rowe, Tom Moses & Guest Michael Morkov took 3rd position scoring Seven points in the race.

Event 18: DHL Future Boys Keirin

Finishing the night off with another Sprinters race saw Maxgear Racing’s Matt Rotherham take the win. Revolution All-stars Ryan Whatmough was 2nd & Team Sky’s Alex Minting 3rd.

Revolution 30 Points/ Championship Points

1.  Maxgear Racing          632 points    10

2.  Le Col                  600           8

3.  Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta   578       7

4.  Team Sky                577           6

5.  Manchester City Council      577       5

6.  CHEP UK                 547           4

7.  Revolution All-Stars    522           3

8.  Rapha Condor Sharp      440           2

The Championship Standings after Round 2

1.  Maxgear Racing               18  

2.  Team Sky                     16  

3.  Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta   14   ↔

4.  Le Col                       14   ↔

5.  Manchester City Council      9   

6.  Revolution All-Stars         8   

7.  CHEP UK                      7    ↔

8.  Rapha Condor Sharp           4    ↔

DHL Future Stars


1.  Matt Rotherham Maxgear Racing          159 points

2.  Sam Lowe      Team Sky           156

3.  Harry Tanfield CHEP UK            148


1.  Emily Kay     Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta   165 points

2.  Lucy Garner   Team Sky                     135

3.  Amy Hill      Le Col                       135

Round 3: Revolution 31 will see Sprinters Craig MacLean return to the boards along with World Champion Tuen Mulder. That’s on Saturday 11th December 2010.

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