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UCI Track World Cup 2014/15 Rnd2 | London Day 3


UCI Track World Cup 2014/15 Round Two, London


Round One, Mexico      09 November 2014

Round Two, London      05 December 2014

Round Three,Columbia    17 January 2015


UCI Track World Championships 2015 France , 18-22 February 2014


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Great Britain Cycling Team, Who Rides What UCI Track Cycling World Cup Event On Sunday 7th December?


Women’s Omnium – Laura Trott

Men’s Omnium – Jon Dibben

Men’s Sprint  – Phil Hindes, Callum Skinner

Women’s Keirin – Jess Varnish



Sunday December 07 2014


Morning Session: 08.00 – 14.00


1 Men’s Sprint Qualifying – 200m TT


  1. Edward Dawkins                9.975
  2. Robert Forstemann             10.008
  3. Matthew Glaetzer              10.015
  4. Peter Lewis                   10.015
  5. Stefan Botticher              10.025
  6. Seiichiro Nakagawa            10.032
  7. Hersony Canelon               10.037
  8. Matthew Archibald             10.047
  9. Fabian Puerta Zapata          10.052
  10. Michael D’Aleida        10.070


Great Britain‘s Philip Hindes qualifies in 16 with a 10.146


2 Women’s Omnium IV 500m Time Trial


  1. Jolien D’Hoore                35.595
  2. Marlies Mejias Garcia         35.747
  3. Laura Trott                   35.918
  4. Jennifer Valente              36.065
  5. Malgorzata Wojtyra            36.228
  6. Anna Knauer                   36.541
  7. Isabella King                 36.566
  8. Yuanyuan Tian                 36.583
  9. Laurie Berthon                36.710
  10. Leire Olaberria         36.714


3 Men’s Sprint 1/16 Finals


4 Men’s Omniun IV 1km Time Trial


  1. Scott Law                     1:03.513
  2. Fernando Gaviria Rendon       1:03.583
  3. Bobby Lea                     1:04.084
  4. Tim Veldt                     1:04.203
  5. Oliver Beer                   1:04.305
  6. Jonathon Dibben               1:04.580
  7. Casper Pedersen               1:04.603
  8. Hao Liu                       1:04.975
  9. Loannis Spanopoulas           1:05.317


5 Men’s Sprint 1/8 Finals


6 Women’s Keirin 1st Round


Safely through to the next round were Shaung Gou, Kristina Vogel, Anna Meares, Wai Sze Lee, Simona Krupeckaite and Olivia Montauban.


7 Men’s Sprint 1/8 Final Repechages


8 Women’s Keirin 1st Round Repechage


Great Britain‘s Jessica Varnish qualifies through the Repechage.


9 Men’s Sprint Quarter-finals match A


10 Women’s Omnium V Flying Lap (250m)


  1. Jolien D’Hoore                14.364
  2. Kristen Wild                  14.377
  3. Jennifer Valente              14.423
  4. Tatsiana Sharakova            14.537
  5. Laura Trott                   14.541
  6. Xiao Juan Diao                14.559
  7. Marlies Mejias Garcia         14.572
  8. Anna Knauer                   14.639
  9. Laurie Berthon                14.675
  10. Isabella King           14.734






11 Men’s Sprint Quarter-finals match B


12 Men’s Omnium V Flying Lap (250m)


  1. Scott Law                     13.186
  2. Fernando Gaviria Rendon       13.288
  3. Tim Veldt                     13.325
  4. Olivier Beer                  13.382
  5. Casper Pedersen               13.383
  6. Jonathon Dibben               13.437
  7. Bobby Lea                     13.473
  8. Thomas Boudat                 13.539
  9. Loannis Spanopoulos           13.557
  10. Viktor Manakov          13.564


13 Men’s Sprint Quarter-finals match C


Afternoon Session: 16.45 – 19.00


1 Men’s Sprint Semi-finals match A


2 Women’s Omnium Final 25km Points Race


The New Format Women’s Omnium Points race is now placed at the end of the series. Point’s are now added to the combined total from all the previous rounds.


Great Britain’s Laura Trott led the series going into the final round. Current World Cup leader Jolien D’Hoore had moved up to second. Netherland’s Kristen Wild dropped down to third place.


As the Point’s race unfolded, It was clear that the top three riders would mark each other. The race was rode very tactically by all three girls, and this allowed minor breakaways as the rest of the field tried to climb up the rankings.


The first five points went to Sharakova, the second to Trebaite and the third to Romanyuta.


Three girls were allowed to gain a lap as the main contenders looked at each other. Jupha Somnet (MAS), Sofia Arreola Navarro (MEX) and Caroline Ryan (IRL).


World Cup leader D’Hoore injected a bit of pace for the seventh points sprint, Wild managed third.


The crowd were thrilled though when the penultimate sprint came round. Great Britain’s Laura Trott accelerated into sprint nine and claimed maximum points and sealed the Gold Medal.


3 Men’s Sprint Semi-finals match B


(Previous Winner: BEL, Jolien D’Hoore)

4 Award Ceremony Women’s Omnium


  1. Laura Trott
  2. Jolien D’Hoore
  3. Kristen Wild


Belgium‘s Jolien D’Hoore is the World Cup Women’s Omnium Jersey Holder.


5 Men’s Sprint 5th-8th


  • Stephan Botticher
  • Edward Dawkins
  • Nikita Shurshin
  • Robert Forstemann


6 Men’s Sprint Semi-finals match C


7 Women’s Keirin 2nd round


8 Men’s Sprint Finals match A


9 Men’s Omnium Final 40km Points Race


Columbian Fernando Gaviria Rendon claimed the Gold Medal after the 160 lap Points Race. Featuring in five of the sixteen sprints on offer, Rendon had been consistant through out the competition.


A strong performance from Australia’s Scott Law in the last three rounds helped the Aussie maintain his silver position.


Veldt, whom had crashed the night before didn’t feature in any of the sprints, and dropped down to fourth overall, whilst American Bobby Lea chipped away as the sprints counted down. Veldt and Lea both went into the Points Race, with a 156 points.


A four man breakaway were the only ones to gain a lap in this final Omnium round. Gate (NZL), Cheung (HKG), Manakov (RUS) and Ahiyevich (BLR) were all active throughout the sprints and were able to finish the competition on a higher note.


10 Men’s Sprint Finals match B


(Previous Winner: GER, Lucas Liss)

11 Award Ceremony Men’s Omnium


  1. Fernando Gaviria Rendon
  2. Scott Law
  3. Bobby Lea


American Bobby Lea is the current World Cup Men’s Omnium Jersey Holder.


12 Women’s Keirin 7-12 place


13 Women’s Keirin Final


  1. Shaung Gou
  2. Kristina Vogel
  3. Hyejin Lee
  4. Wai Sze Lee
  5. Jessica Varnish
  6. Tianshi Zhong


14 Men’s Sprint Finals match C


A thrilling third round for both the Gold and the Bronze Sprint play-offs.


Venezuelan Canelon was thoroughly delighted to take the third deciding race to claim the Bronze medal against New Zealand’s Archibald.


Hoogland whom qualified thirteenth earlier in the day took the third deciding race, to claim the Gold against Columbian Fabian Zapata.


(Previous Winner: MSP, Shuang Gou)

15 Award Ceremony Women’s Keirin


  1. Shuang Gou              MSP
  2. Kristina Vogel          GER
  3. Hyejin Lee              KOR


Shuang Gou is the World Cup Women’s Keirin Jersey Holder.


(Previous Winner: AUS, Matthew Glaetzer)

16 Award Ceremony Men’s Sprint

  1. Jeffery Hoogland                    Netherlands
  2. Fabian Hernando Puerta Zapata       Columbia
  3. Hersony Canelon                     Venezuela


Columbian Fabian Hernando Puerta Zapata is the World Cup Men’s Sprint Jersey Holder.


17 Award Ceremony After World Cup Round 2, Leaderboard Top Twenty.


  1. Germany                 2898.5
  2. Great Britain           2804.0
  3. Australia               2247.5
  4. New Zealand             2198.0
  5. Russia                  2067.5
  6. Netherlands             1896.5
  7. China                   1740.5
  8. Colombia                1487.0
  9. France                  1400.5
  10. Spain             1197.5
  11. Canada            1148.0
  12. Poland            1061.0
  13. Jayco-AIS         1007.5
  14. USA               914.5
  15. Italy             895.0
  16. Belgium           881.0
  17. Japan             877.5
  18. Hong Kong         849.0
  19. Denmark           810.0
  20. Cuba              747.0




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