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Revolution Champions League 2017 | Round 2 Glasgow

Revolution Series 15 – Glasgow 2017 – Matt Gibson
Revolution Series 15 2017-2018 - Revolution 64 Glasgow 02 Dec 2017

Words & Images by Chris Maher – Cyclepix

Elite Men

Matt Gibson opened up the elite points race account for Team HMT as the focus shifted north of the Boarder to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow for round 2 of the Revolution Series Championship 2017-18.

Gaining 2 laps on the field and finishing third over the line behind a win for Team Pedalsure’s Wim Stroetinga, only Ben Swift, World All Stars had the pace to close the gap, but at a lap down was a big ask for the UAE rider.

Ed Clancy was back to old omnium shenanigans taking the second of the elite events, the elimination/ scratch race. This time getting the better of Gibson as the bunch charged to the line.

JTL Condor failed to dominate their signature race the revolution madison time trial finishing fifth overall to a respectable 55.775 set by Team Pedalsure’s Stroetinga and Yeori Havik.

Inspired battled all the way to the bitter end of the elite team elimination race fending off World All Stars and Team Pedalsure as Jake Stewart and Fred Wright maintained their Championship lead going into the final round in Manchester early on in the New Year.

The final event of the evening session in the elite championship was the scratch race that saw Team HMT’s Germaine Burton out front with four laps remaining. It looked like at one point he would take it all the way to the line with no reaction from the peloton. Suddenly the group burst into life with the utmost urgency and a marauding peloton went on the hunt as it swallowed the HMT rider up. Stroetinga edged out Clancy by the narrowest of margins over the line putting Team Pedalsure ahead of JLT Condor in what will be a thrilling final event on January sixth.

Revolution 64 Glasgow, Neah Evans & Kirsten Wild, Points Race

Elite Women

Neah Evans was on a mission in-front of a home crowd wining the first of the women’s events the points race lapping the field twice as a fast race unfolded in the afternoon session to the delight of the audience. Taking the first sprint ahead of Emily Kay, Team WNT, Jess Roberts, Inspired and Dani Rowe, Rowe and King, Evans went on for the second sprint with Kirsten Wild, Rowe and King and Elli Russell, NCC Group-Kuota Torelli who had all pull free of the peloton and on to take their first lap.

It wasn’t long before Evans and Wild were at it again and another lap gained soon followed.

Amalie Dideriksen tried a spell off the front, but with no team-mate for support due to illness found the going tough before returning back into the fold. Determined to feature in the race Dideriksen took the third last sprint with Russell, Rowe and Wild.

Rowe and Nelson featured with ten laps remaining as a lap was also gained and as the final few laps remained it was Storey Racing versus Rowe and King for the final sprint. Evans had already secured her first victory, but Wild took the honours ahead of Nelson marginally with Rowe finishing third. So Evans first, Wild, Nelson, Rowe then Russell.

A bad fall for Nelson, who later retired in the revolution Madison time trial that Rowe and King won with a 1.01.601 didn’t deter Evans from the elimination/ scratch race win, where a brave solo attack with six laps remaining from Team Jadan-Weldtite p/b Vive le Velo’s Anna Docherty. Wild finished second with Dideriksen third.

Revolution Series 15 – Glasgow 2017 – Anna Docherty, Team Jadan-Weldtite p/b Vive le Velo

Earlier in the evening Inspired’s Jess Roberts took her first win at the Revolution edging out Team Breeze and local girl Jenny Holl in a track lunge for the line ahead of Rebecca Raybould Team WNT and Amber Joseph, Team Pedalsure.

The final event the team elimination saw Rowe and Kings Kirsten Wild and Dani Rowe take victory and a strong performance from NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli’s Ellie Russell and Amy Hill. Matrix Fitness put up a fight for third with Corrine Hall and Amalie Dideriksen joining forces.

Revolution Series 15 – Glasgow 2017 – Kirsten Wild – Rowe & King, Team Elimination

Future Star Boys

JTL Condors James Codd leads the Future Star Boys standing following victories in the both the points race and the 6 lap dash. World All Star’s Alex Haines and Lewis Askey take the first win of the day in the boys madison just ahead of Team Pedalsure’s Oliver Reed and Sam Watson. Watson finished of the event winning the scratch race for Pedalsure, whilst JLT Condors Owain Roberts made it three for the team in the elimination race.

Revolution Series 15 – Glasgow 2017 – Future Star Leader, James Codd

Future Star Girls

Inspired’s Ella Barnwell stays at the top in the Future Star Girls standings winning both the scratch race and the 6 lap dash. Finishing second behind Zoe Backstedt, Boels-Dolmans in the elimination/ scratch race and Amy Monkhouse, Team Jadan-Weldtite p/b Vive le Velo in the final points race of the evening Barnwell is well on the way to becoming this seasons champion.

Revolution 64 Glasgow

The Backstedt sisters Zoe and Elynor finished the first event of the day in style taking the final sprint over the line in the girls Madison having gained a lap earlier on during the race.

Elite Women’s Points Race

1 Neah Evans
2 Kirsten Wild
3 Emily Nelson

Revolution Series 15 – Glasgow 2017 – Ella Barnwell & Elena Smith

Future Star Girls Madison

1 Boels Dolmans
2 Inspired
3 Cycle Team OnForm

Elite Men Points Race

1 Matt Gibson
2 Ben Swift
3 Wim Stroetinga

Revolution 64 Glasgow Future Star Madison

Future Star Boys Madison

1 World All Stars
2 Team Pedalsure
3 JLT Condor

Revolution 64 Glasgow – Zoe Backstedt, Future Star Elimination Race

Future Star Girls Elimination Race

1 Zoe Backstedt
2 Ella Barnwell
3 Elynor Backstedt

Elite Women’s Madison Time Trial

1 Team King & Rowe 1.01.601
2 Storey Racing 1.02.407
3 NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli 1.03.336

Future Star Boys Elimination Race

1 Owain Roberts
2 Osscar Nilsson-Julien
3 Alex Haines

Elite Men’s Elimination Scratch Race

1 Ed Clancy
2 Matt Gibson
3 Fred Wright

Future Star Girls 6 Lap Dash

1 Ella Barnwell
2 Emma Finucane
3 Lucy Naylor

Revolution 64 Glasgow – Jess Roberts & Jenny Holl

Elite Women’s Scratch Race

1 Jessica Roberts
2 Jenny Holl
3 Rebecca Raybould

Future Star Boys Points Race

1 James Codd
2 James Bunting
3 Oscar Nilsson- Julien

Elite Men’s Madison Time Trial

1 Team Pedalsure 55.775
2 Insprired 56.526
3 Team HMT 57.198

Future Star Girls Scratch Race

1 Ella Barnwell
2 Emma Finucane
3 Dani Parker

Revolution Series 15 – Glasgow 2017 – James Codd

Future Boys 6 Lap Dash

1 James Codd
2 Oscar Nilsson- Julien
3 Lewis Askey

Revolution 64 Glasgow – Neah Evans, Kirsten Wild & Amalie Dideriksen, Elimination – Scratch Race

Elite Women’s Elimination Scratch Race

1 Neah Evans
2 Kirsten Wild
3 Amalie Dideriksen

Future Star Girls Points Race

1 Amy Monkhouse
2 Ella Barnwell
3 Dani Parker

Elite Men’s Team Elimination Race

1 Inspired
2 World All Stars
3 Team Pedalsure

Elite Women’s Team Elimination Race

1 Team Rowe & King
2 NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli
3 Matrix Fitness

Future Boys Scratch Race

1 Sam Watson
2 Lewis Askey
3 James Codd

Elite Men’s Scratch Race

1 Wim Stroetinga
2 Ed Clancy
3 Matt Bostock

Revolution 64 Glasgow – Team WNT’s Becky Raybould & Emily Kay
Elite Women’s Championship Standings after round 2

1 Team WNT 179

2 Team Rowe and King 174

3 Boels Dolmans 137

4 Storey Racing 119

5 Team Pedalsure 108

6 Team Breeze 105

7 NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli 104

8 Matrix Fitness 100

9 Inspired 77

10 Jadan-Weldtite p/b Vive le Velo 50

11 Cycle Team OnForm 38

12 Boompods EDCO Velo8 24

Revolution Series 15 – Glasgow 2017- Future Star leaders Ella Barnwell & James Codd


Future Star Girls Championship Standings after round 2

1 Ella Barnwell 268

2 Sophie Lewis 220

3 Elena Smith 204

4 Elynor Backstedt 201

5 Dani Parker 197

6 Zoe Backstedt 191

7 Zoe Ta Perez 177

8 Emma Finucane 174

9 Kate Wooton 171

10 Lucy Naylor 159

11 Josie Griffin 159

12 Emily Knight 147

Revolution Series 15 – Glasgow 2017 – Series Leaders Inspired ‘s Jake Stewart & Fred Wright


Elite Championship Standing after round 2

1 Inspired 174

2 Team Pedalsure 165

3 JLT Condor 156

4 Team HMT 155

5 Team 100% Me 109

6 World All Stars 89

7 Maloja Pushbikers 82

8 Team Wiggins 73

9 Star Track Racing 68

10 Revolution All Stars 61

11 Scotland 48

12 Ireland 27


Future Star Boys Championship Standings after round 2

1 James Codd 238

2 Owain Roberts 222

3 Lewis Askey 219

4 Oscar Nilsson-Julien 211

5 Alfie George 203

6 Sam Watson 197

7 Dylan Westley 187

8 Leo Hayter 179

9 James Bunting 178

10 Alex Haines 167

11 Josh Greenwood 163

12 Max Rushby 144

Revolution Series 15 – Glasgow 2017 – Matt Rotherham


Sprint Classification from Glasgow

6 Caleb HILL GBJ
10 Dominic SUOZZI STC

Revolution 64 Glasgow – Matt Rotherham


Ev1 Revolution Sprint – 200m Time Trial

1 Matt Rotherham MAL 10.079
2 Alex Joliffe GBR 10.386
3 Hamish Turnbull GBR 10.368

Rotherham, Joliffe, Lewis Stewart GBR & Jamie Alexander SCO take the 1st Sprint round with Rotherham & Joliffe progressing to the semi finals.

The Sprint finished with Rotherham winning overall and Joliffe second. Lewis Stewart took third going to 3 races ahead of Alexander.

A win for the Netherlands Carlo Cesar in the Sprinters 6 lap dash ahead of Caleb Hill, GBJ & Alistair Fielding GBJ both juniors.

Revolution Series 15 | Round 2 Glasgow – Alex Jolliffe

Round 1 of the Keirin saw Matt Rotherham & Alex Joliffe win their heats.
Matt Rotherham went on to win the Keirin with Lewis Stewart second and Carlo Cesar third.

Dominic Suozzi Star Track Cycling won the Sprinters Handicap race.

Revolution Series 15 – Glasgow 2017 – Jack Rootkin-Gray – Inspired Future Stars
Revolution 64 Glasgow – Elynor Backstedt
Revolution 64 Glasgow – Future Stars 6 Lap Dash
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