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British National Track Championships 2011 | Day 2

British Cycling – National Track Championships – Day 2, 29 Sept 11

Author: Chris Maher, Pictures courtesy of: Chris Maher | Photography

Open 40Km Points Race Qualifying

Open 40Km Points Race Medals

2008 Holder: Chris Newton

2009 Holder: Chris Newton   (80p)

2010 Holder: George Atkins  (44p)

  • Gold                Peter Kennaugh
  • Silver               Jonathon Mould
  • Bronze             Mark Christian


Sky Pro Cycling’s Peter Kennaugh came out with guns blazing. Active from the start, Kennaugh collected the first lot of points on offer. It wasn’t going to be easy for him. Sweltering temperatures outside made any effort inside the Velodrome hard work. 100%ME’s Simon Yates, Mark Christian & Jonathon Mould worked him over, several times. But, Kennaugh had other ideas. Collecting six sprints in total the quartet gained a lap on the bunch around the ¾ mark. With 20 to go, it was Kennaugh who collected maximum points. Only Christian could score some additional points, but was by now out of harms way. Kennaugh eased to the back. But stamping his authority on the race one more time, Kennaugh took the final five points along with the title & the gold medal.

Women’s 3000m Pursuit Qualifying  (NR: Rebecca Romero            3.27.703)

Joanna Rowsell           3.30.455

Laura Trott                  3.30.990

Wendy Hovenaghel    3.31.607

Sarah Storey OBE      3.35.307

Dani King                   3.37.195

Lizzie Armitstead       3.39.441

Hannah Mayho           3.40.538

Katie Colclough          3.43.712

Horizon Fitness’s Joanna Rowsell set the quickest time in qualifying for the Women’s 3000m IP. Setting a time of 3.30.455, Only 100%Me’s Laura Trott could match her pace with a close 3.30.990. These pair will contest the gold medal in the finals later, whilst Horizon Fitness’s Dani King and Garmin Cervelo’s Lizzie Armitstead will contest the bronze.

Women’s 3000m Pursuit Medals

2008 Holder:

2009 Holder: Sarah Storey                 3:40.147

2010 Holder: Wendy Hovenaghel      3:31.555

  • Gold                Joanna Rowsell
  • Silver               Laura Trott
  • Bronze             Wendy Hovenaghel


Open Kilometre Time Trial Medals            (NR: Chris Hoy           58.880)

2008 Holder: Matt Crampton

2009 Holder: Steven Burke                1:02.604

2010 Holder: Bruce Croal                   1:04.909

  • Gold                Matthew Rotherham               1.03.671
  • Silver               Steven Burke                          1.03.941
  • Bronze             Sam Harrison                          1.04.790


Para-cycling Flying Start 200m Time Trial Medals

2010 Holder: Jon-Alan Butterworth               WR      11.105

  • Gold                Jon-Allan Butterworth            10.897 (WR)   MC5
  • Silver               Aileen McGlynn OBE                        11.481 (WR)   FB
  • Bronze             Neil Fachie                              10.282


Para-cycling’s Jon-Allen Butterworth beat his own World Record to claim the Gold in the 200m Flying TT and become the National Champion 2011.

(In Para-Cycling, the object of the race is to beat the World Record for your disability. So the closer you get to that record, the more points you will get. A points system decides the actual winner of the race. In the above race, Jon-Allen Butterworth beat his own MC5 WR by a slightly larger margin than Aileen McGlynn’s FB WR)