Matrix Fitness Women's Grand Prix Series

Matrix Fitness Grand Prix 2015 – Round 2 | Motherwell


Matrix Fitness Grand Prix Series 2015


Author: Chris Maher, Pictures courtesy of: Chris Maher | Photography

May 26th 2015


Matrix Fitness GP Series Round 2 – Motherwell


Local girl Katie Archibald rode off the front of the bunch, to win round two of the Matrix Fitness Grand Prix Series.


Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International’s Katie Archibald made her move after the first Sprint in Motherwell. Team-mate Gabby Shaw had begun to stretch the peloton out in the early laps of the race.


“Race leader by default, Nikki Juniper had won the Sprint Jersey in Round one. So Jessie Walker (RST Racing Team) will wear the Sprint Jersey in Motherwell.”


With round one winner Laura Trott (Matrix Fitness) not present, meant Juniper was the next placed highest rider to wear the Leaders Jersey.


Juniper, Walker and Eileen Roe (Wiggle Honda) made the uphill sprint towards the line for the first three places, with Shaw taking fourth place.


Archibald didn’t contest the sprint, and this gave her the advantage of riding off the front for the bunch as they all recovered from that effort.


Gaining twenty to thirty meters along the top flatter part of the course, Archibald, a supreme pursuiter, rode steadily away. Roe & Juniper were unable to match her pace.


Archibald took the next set of Points, with Emily Nelson (Team USN) and Annasley Park (Team Giordana Triton) taking second and third.


As Archibald approached the finish line, the chasing bunch of eighteen girls where almost a lap down.


Riding over the line with ease, the main bunch where left to sprint it out for the remaining positions.


In a big bunch Sprint, Nikki Juniper took second place with Eileen Roe third. Lydia Boylan (Team WNT) took fourth and Katie Curtis (Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International, fifth.


Nikki Junipers Reaction: “We were only going to attain the Sprints Jersey”, “and we got the first prime”. “But no one heard the claxon for the next prime”. “We knew Katie had probably got the next one”. “There was a bit of confusion on the Points Jersey”. “But apparently I’m still in it”.



Results: Motherwell

1:   Katie Archibald Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International     0:39:33.541

2:   Nikki Juniper        Team Giordana Triton 0:41:02.815

3:   Eileen Roe           Wiggle Honda

4:   Lydia Boylan         Team WNT

5:   Katie Curtis         Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International

6:   Jessie Walker        RST Racing Team

7:   Emily Kay            Team USN

8:   Annasley Park        Team Giordana Triton

9:   Lucy Martin          Matrix Fitness

10:  Gabriella Shaw       Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International

11:  Henrietta Colborne   Team Jadan

12:  Rebecca Nixon        Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science

13:  Jennifer George      Les Filles

14:  Charline Joiner      Team WNT

15:  Hannah Walker        Team WNT

16:  Manon Lloyd          Team USN

17:  Genevieve Whitson    WV Avanti

18:  Mel Lowther          Matrix Fitness

19:  Lauren Creamer       Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International

20:  Emily Nelson         Team USN



Overall after Round Two

1    Nikki Juniper        37   Team Giordana Triton

2    Katie Archibald      36   Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International

3    Lydia Boylan         31   Team WNT

4    Jessie Walker        30   RST Racing Team

5    Annasley Park        24   Team Giordana Triton

6    Laura Trott          20   Matrix Fitness

7    Charline Joiner      19   Team WNT

8    Dani King            19   Wiggle Honda

9    Eileen Roe           18   Wiggle Honda

10   Manon Lloyd          18   Team USN



Team Rankings after Round 2

1    Team Giordana Triton                       78

2    Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International          72

3    Team WNT                                   56

4    Matrix Fitness                             45

5    Team USN                                   33

6    Team Jadan                                 18

7    IKON Mazda                                 8



Sprint Rankings after Round 2

1    Nikki Juniper        14   Team Giordana Triton

2    Jessie Walker        12   RST Racing Team

3    Katie Archibald      7    Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International

4    Elinor Barker        4    Matrix Fitness

4    Emily Nelson         4    Team USN


Round One: Redditch, 19th May

Round Two: Motherwell, 26th May

Next race in the Matrix Fitness GP Series is on June 02nd in Croydon.

Round Four: Peterborough, 09th June

Round Five: Bath, 11th June



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