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Grasscrete Ryedale Grand Prix | 2022

Alex Richardson [Saint Piran Pro Cycling] and Abi Smith [ED Education-Tibco] ride to victory in the penultimate British Cycling National Road Race event.

Both riders crossed the line ahead of their competitors to claim the Grasscrete Ryedale Grand Prix 2022 Titles.

Words & Images; Chris Maher 21 August 2022

Men’s Race
Lap 1

Alex made his break with around 25kms remaining, to be joined by team-mate Jack Rootkin-Gray. The pair were part of a 14 strong main group that established the break in the earlier stages of the eight-lap circuit through Ampleforth Abbey grounds & Sports Fields. The group contained Series Leader Rob Scott [WIV-Sungod] and second place Jacob Scott [WIV-Sungod] along with Finn Crockett [Ribble-Weldtite Procycling] and Toby Barnes [WIV-Sungod] amongst others.

Main Breakaway Group

From the established lead group, Richardson, Rootkin-Gray, Barnes and Stuart Balfour [Ribble-Weldtite Pro Cycling] broke free gaining around 1.26 on lap five.

Chasing Group with Rob Scott

It was just before the final lap that Richardson & Rootkin-Gray forged ahead gaining 1.20 on Barnes & Balfour whilst the remnants we back at 2.20.

4 leaders

With clear water ahead on the final lap, bad luck struck Rootkin-Gray with a rear wheel puncture and half-a-lap to go. A swift wheel change seen him lose over 30 seconds, but enough of a buffer to coast around to the finish-line.
The bunch kick came in another 18 seconds behind with Jacob Scott taking third and Finn Crockett fourth.

Chasing remnants
Leading Quartet
Rob Scott

Series leader Rob Scott finished off the back of that group, but retains the Series Leaders White Jersey going into the Final Round. The Beaumont Trophy in Northumberland on September 18th.

After the race, Richardson said; “It would have been really nice to have finished together & I’m sorry that Jack punctured. We were speaking about it on the road. (I was saying to him) He’s going to take it today – and literally, a second later. Jack gets a puncture. It’s one of those things.
If it’s any consolation, he gets second by 10? 20 meters – Lol.

I’d said to him you are the strongest guy in the race today. I’m not surprised to see him do well.”

Jack Said; “Realistically, that’s what should have happened legs wise! It would have been a lovely moment to have crossed the line together. But the wheels didn’t want to play-the-game.”

Bunch Kick for 3rd
Ryedale Men’s Results

1. Alexandar Richardson Saint Piran Finished Elite 100 3h 57m 38s
2. Jack Rootkin-Gray Saint Piran Finished Elite 85 +1m 48s
3. Jacob Scott WiV Sungod Finished Elite 75 +0m 18s
4. Finn Crockett Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Finished Elite 66 #
5. Harry Birchill Saint Piran Finished Elite 58 #
6. Robert Scott WiV Sungod Finished Elite 51 +2m 30s
7. Toby Barnes WiV Sungod Finished Elite 45 +2m 58s
8. Sebastian Garry Nopinz Motip Race Team Finished 1st 39 +2m 58s
9. Adam Lewis Finished 0 +3m 09s
10. Samuel Clark trainSharp Elite Finished Elite 29 +6m 13s

Podium L-R Jack Rootkin-Gray, Alex Richardson, Jacob Scott
Women’s Race

It was an early morning rise for the Women in Ampleforth with wall-to-wall blue skies. A Sunday morning bike ride got the ladies underway with Poppy Thompson testing the mood of the Peloton soon after the get-go. From then on, it was an amble around the larger two circuits before a further test stressed the Peloton and Abi Smith broke free.

Lap 1

Returning to the bunch, Emma Mathews [CAMS-Basso] was the next animator gaining around 30 seconds. It wasn’t to be, so Alice Mc Williams [Bianchi Hunt Morvelo] & Lucy Lee [Team LDN Brother UK] attacked through the Sports Fields gaining 22 second in-front of a group of around 13 chasers.

Lap 2

On the final lap, Smith had seized her opportunity to break free on-top of the climb to ride solo over the cattle-grids & across the finish-line.

Abi Smith

Mary Wilkinson [Team Boompods] brought the bunch kick up-the-drag and over the line some 40 seconds later continuing her good form seen in recent races, whilst Dani Shroesbury [CAMS-Basso] rode in a close third.

Amy Gornall

Kate Richardson [Alba Development Road Team] was 4th to cross the line but that place could easily have gone to Connie Hayes [AWOL-O’Shea] whom bizarrely crashed over the handlebars with metres to go.

Abi said after the race; “I just wanted this one so much, cos obviously I’ve ridden these roads every day of-my-life, living only two miles away.
So this one is really special for me.

I’d came to enjoy it (Saying before-hand). I did enjoy it. I thought, I’ve not got anything to lose. I may as well try something different. Just try things & see what happens. There’s no harm. Yeh! It worked.”

Talking about todays race she went on to say “The first two big laps were – boring – to be honest. It was really slow. A few little things went off the front.
I did an attack just after the feed. It was a bit mean – but that’s the game – isn’t it?

That set the other attacks off. A few little groups got away but they came back in the end to a group of around 10 or 15. A group of three got away and came back. Then on the last lap it stayed together up the climb. I attacked at the top of the climb. I thought there was no one else with a team-mate in the group, so they would be unwilling to chase. I’ll keep at it. Yes! I’m really please.”

Cams Basso with Series Leader Sammie Stuart

Sammie Stuart retained her Series Leaders White Jersey & will continue to wear it going into the find race this year. The Curlew Cup in Northumberland on
Sunday the 18th September.

Podium, L-R Mary Wilkinson, Abi Smith, Dani Shrosbree
Ryedale Women’s Results

1. Abi Smith EF Education-TIBCO-SVB Finished Elite 100 3h 01m 04s
2. Mary Wilkinson Team Boompods Finished Elite 85 +0m 44s
3. Danielle Shrosbree CAMS-Basso Finished 1st 75 +0m 45s
4. Kate Richardson Alba Development Road Team Finished 1st 66 #
5. Zoe Langham Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli… Finished 2nd 58 #
6. Becky Storrie CAMS-Basso Finished 1st 51 +0m 47s
7. Jessie Carridge Brother UK-Orientation Marketi… Finished 2nd 45 +0m 48s
8. Nicole Coates Torelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimita… Finished 1st 39 +0m 52s
9. Connie Hayes AWOL- O’Shea Finished 1st 34 +0m 56s
10. Emma Matthews CAMS-Basso Finished 2nd 29 +1m 00s

Mary Wilkinson, Bunch kick for 2nd

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