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British National Track Championships 2015 – Day 1

(L-R) Becky James, Katy Marchant, Victoria Williamson.
(L-R) Becky James, Katy Marchant, Victoria Williamson.


British National Track Championships 2015


25 September 2015




Results from day one of competition at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester where Laura Trott and Andy Tennant took the individual pursuit titles, Katy Marchant won gold in the women’s sprint, Matt Crampton took gold in the men’s keirin, Sophie Thornhill and Helen Scott (pilot) took the para-cycling time trial BVI title and an inspirational Kadeena Cox won her first national para-cycling time trial title (C1-5).


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Day 1 Afternoon Session


Sophie Capewell
Sophie Capewell


Women’s Sprint 200m Flying Lap


Defending Champion Jessica Varnish starts her Sprint Jersey with the second fastest 200m Flying Lap whilst Katy Marchant leads the way with a 11.030. Up-coming Victoria Williamson sets a 11.270 behind former Double World Champion Becky James at 11.294.


The top twelve riders qualify to the next heat.


  1. Katy Marchant                        Unattached                             11.030
  2. Jessica Varnish                        Team V-Sprint Racing            11.149
  3. Victoria Williamson                VC Norwich                           11.270
  4. Rebecca James                        Abergavenny RC                    11.294
  5. Rachel James                           Abergavenny RC                    11.585
  6. Sophie Capewell                     Lichfield City CC                   11.616
  7. Anna Newton                         Unattached                             11.877
  8. Eleanor Richardson                 Edinburgh RC                         11.961
  9. Ellie Coster                             Team USN                              12.036
  10. Robyn Stewart                                    Glasgow Sprint TCT               12.143
  11. Lauren Quenby                       Swinnerton Cycles                  12.186
  12. Neah Evans                             Glasgow Sprint TCT               12.215


Neah Evans takes an impressive first heat against Katy Marchant.

Jessica Varnish takes heat two against Lauren Quenby

Victoria Williamson takes heat three against Robyn Stewart

Ellie Coster takes heat four against Becky James

Rachel James takes heat five against Eleanor Richardson

Anna Newton takes heat six against Sophie Capewell


Jess Varnish (R)
Jess Varnish (R)


Katy Marchant re-joins the event the harder way, through the repechage.

Eleanor Richardson also re-joins the event through the repechage heat two.


The biggest upset of the afternoon was defending Sprint Champion Jessica Varnish losing out to Katy Marchant in the quarter finals.


Andrew Tennant
Andrew Tennant


Men’s 4000m Pursuit Qualifying


Andrew Tennant Team WIGGINS qualifies quickest in the final heat of the 4000m IP setting a time of 4.23.908, beating Germain Burton 100% ME by almost a second. Team mate Jon Dibben qualifies third with Mathew Gibson fourth.


  1. Andrew Tennant                     Team WIGGINS                    4.23.908
  2. Germain Burton                      100% ME                                4.24.751
  3. Jon Dibben                              Team WIGGINS                    4.25.754
  4. Matthew Gibbson                   100% ME                                4.27.728
  5. Oil Wood                                100% ME                                4.28.241
  6. Mark Stewart                          100% ME                                4.29.022
  7. Daniel Bigham                        Beeline Bicycles RT                4.33.382
  8. Chris Latham                          100% ME                                4.33.819
  9. Jake Kelly                               100% ME                                4.34.469
  10. Angus Claxton                        Glasgow Cycle Team              4.35.042



Women’s 3000m Pursuit Qualifying


Laura Trott
Laura Trott


Defending Women’s 3000m IP Champion Katie Archibald (Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l) qualifies quickest in the final heat for Gold play-off in a time of 3.31.327. Laura Trott set the bench mark in the previous heat taking three seconds off Archibald’s Team Mate Ciara Horne, whom had led at that point. Joanna Rowsell Shand will join them for the bronze medal playoff later this evening.


  1. Katie Archibald Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l            3. 31.327
  2. Laura Trott Matrix Fitness                                               3. 32.505
  3. Ciara Horne Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l                  3.35.579
  4. Jo Rowsell Shand Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l        3.35.941
  5. Elinor Barker Matrix Fitness                                           3.37.892
  6. Emily Kay Team USN                                                        3.40.736
  7. Dame Sarah Storey Pear Izumi Sports Tours Int’l       3.41.370
  8. Manon Lloyd Team USN                                                   3.43.227


Ellen McDermot
Ellen McDermot


Emily Kay
Emily Kay


Hetty Niblet
Hetty Niblet


Para Cycling Time Trials


The first podiums of the event were the Mixed Para Cycling C1-5 Standing Start Time Trial Category.


Collecting the Gold Medal and the new National Champion was Kadeena Cox, FC2, Unattached setting a factored time of 1.00.534. It wasn’t what she expected, telling the audience afterwards.


Kadeena Cox
Kadeena Cox


Silver went to Lauren Booth, YBFC4, Carnac-Planet X with a factored time of 1.07.602.


Bronze went to Rik Waddon, MC3, Para-T with a factored time of 1.10.193


Lauren Booth (L), Kadeena Cox (M), Rik Waddon (R)
Lauren Booth (L), Kadeena Cox (M), Rik Waddon (R)


C1-5 Finals Result


  • Gold: Kadeena Cox (Unattached) 40.591 (factored time 1.00.534)
  • Silver: Lauren Booth (Carnac-Planet X) 41.152 (factored time 1.07.602)
  • Bronze: Rik Waddon (Para T) 1.15.185 (factored time 1.10.193)



The second podium of the event before breaking for the evening session was the Mixed Para Cycling BVI Standing Start 1000m Time Trial Category.


World Champions Sophie Thornhill and her pilot Helen Scott, both Performance Cycle Coaching collected the Gold Medal to become the new National Champions. Setting a factored time of 1.00.265. Both girls had given it all they had to clinch the title, afterwards they lay on the floor giggling with joy!


Silver Medal went to World Champions Neil Fachie and his pilot Peter Mitchell, both Black Line, setting a factored time of 1.02.631.


Bronze Medal went to Laura Cluxton, Road And Road Cycles and her pilot Lyndsay Carson, Team Thompson Cycles with a factored time of 1.07.710


Pete Mitchell (L-R), Neil Fachie, Helen Scott, Sophie Thornhill, Laura Cluxton & Lyndsay Carson.
Pete Mitchell (L-R), Neil Fachie, Helen Scott, Sophie Thornhill, Laura Cluxton & Lyndsay Carson.


BVI Mixed 1000m Finals Result


  • Gold: Sophie Thornhill and Helen Scott (pilot) (Performance Cycle Coaching) 1.08.709 (factored time 1.00.265)
  • Silver: Neil Fachie and Peter Mitchell (pilot) (Black Line) 1.02.631 (factored time 1.02.631)
  • Bronze: Laura Cluxton (Road and Road Cycles) and Lyndsey Carson (pilot, Team Thomson Cycles) 1.17.198 (factored time 1.07.710)


Ciara Horne
Ciara Horne


Day 1 Evening Session


3000m Women’s IP Finals


In a thrilling Gold play-off, Laura Trott, Matrix accelerated in the dying laps to reclaim the Women’s 3000m Pursuit Title from last years title holder Katie Archibald.


Ciara Horne, Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l rode into the Bronze Medal position against team-mate Joanna Rowsell Shand.


  • Gold: Laura Trott (Matrix Fitness) 3.32.759
  • Silver: Katie Archibald (Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International) 3.33.065
  • Bronze: Ciara Horne (Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International) 3.37.262



(4)Joanna Rowsell Shand

(5)Elinor Barker

(6)Dame Sarah Story

(7)Emily Kay

(8)Manon Lloyd


Manon Lloyd
Manon Lloyd


4000m Men’s IP Finals


Timing his effort to perfection, Andrew Tennant, Team WIGGINS took the Men’s National 4000m Pursuit Title. Leading the race for Gold through most of the session, Germain Burton, 100% ME looked like he was going to pull the title out of the bag, but Tennant showed his experience, kept his nerve, and turned the gas up the closing laps to become the new National Champion.


  • Gold: Andrew Tennant (Team Wiggins) 4.23.583
  • Silver: Germain Burton (100% ME) 4.27.209
  • Bronze: Jonathan Dibben (Team Wiggins) 4.24.906


(4)Matt Gibson

(5)Oli Wood

(6)Mark Stewart

(7)Daniel Bigham

(8)Chris Latham


Andrew Tennant
Andrew Tennant


Men’s Keirin Finals


Matt Crampton, Unattached, takes the 2015 Keirin title.


Matt had sat in the middle of the pack on the approach to the final lap and went around the outside to clinch the title from Oliva and Thomas Rotherham. Jason Kenny took fourth, Matt Rotherham fifth and Jon Mitchell sixth.


The Keirin had got off to a good start for Matt Crampton winning the first heat of the day. He then went on to win the semis too.


A huge crash in the second heat of the first round, saw four riders flying through the air bringing their Championship dreams to an end. Luckily they all got up from the track.


  • Gold: Matt Crampton (Unattached)
  • Silver: Lewis Oliva (Team USN)
  • Bronze: Thomas Rotherham (Sportcity Velo)


Jason Kenny (L), Sprint Heats
Jason Kenny (L), Sprint Heats


Women’s Sprint Finals


Katy Marchant claims her first National Sprint Title. Winning the European Title earlier on this year has build on that success, beating former double World Champion Becky James, Abergavenny RC in both rounds.


Victoria Williamson, VC Norwich beat Eleanor Richardson for the Bronze Medal in two straight sets.


Former National Sprint Champion Jess Varnish, Team V-Sprint Racing won the minor finals for fifth followed by Rachel James, sixth, Sophie Capewell, seventh and Neah Evans, eighth.


  • Gold: Katy Marchant (Unattached)
  • Silver: Becky James (Abergavenny RC)
  • Bronze: Victoria Williamson (VC Norwich)



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