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Stockton Festival of Cycling 2022 | Velo29 Grand Prix

Jessica Finney [CAMS Basso]

Stockton Festival of Cycling. Stockton Grand Prix

Part of the National Road Series 2022
Race Winner Jacob Scot, WIV Sungod

Words & Images by Chris Maher

03 July 2022

2nd&3rd for WIV Sungod

It’s a 1-2-3 for WIV Sungod at the Stockton Festival of Cycling, the Stockton GP as Jacob Scott takes the 10th Edition title whilst CAMS Jessica Finney solo’s to a surprise victory in round 3 of the Women’s Series.

Riverside circuit with Joe Wilson

Both races entered the final Riverside Course with a small number away – the Peloton breathing down.

Men’s Race [Round 2 of the National Road Series]
Peloton on the first large circuit out of Thorpe Thewles
A bit of damp stuff through Whitton Village Lap 4 featuring Dan Gardner Project 51

The six-man-break of the day began out on the larger, lumpy circuit around the villages of Thorpe Thewles, Carlton, Redmarshall, Whitton & Stillington. Building a lead to around two minutes the race had already covered one-hundred-and-thirteen kilometres at an average speed of forty-five kmph.

All together featuring Finn Crockett 2nd..
WIV Sungod controlling the race early on..

A forty-odd group had already formed at the head of the race as the sextet [Dan Gardner, Finn Crockett, Joe Wilson, Callum Thornley, Robert Scott & Jacob Scott] forged ahead with a couple of smaller groups at the rear that split a lap or two before.

Leading Sextet with Wheelbase’s Callum Thornley
Leading Sextet with 30, Finn Crockett at the rear… Thorpe Leazes

Riding through a heavy pour-down, the six made their way back along to the Riverside Circuit with a Forty-second advantage. Luckily the rain had eased off and that spurred the Peloton to begin their chase bringing the gap to a mere twenty-one seconds.

Riverside Circuit with Joe Wilson

The group reformed and a counter-attack went clear with local rider Joe Wilson [Dolan Ellesse Race Team] this time surrounded by the WIV Sungod riders, Robert Scott and Jim Brown.

Joe Wilson

Unable to maintain the high pace, he was soon overwhelmed finishing fourth on the day to take the Local Hero award

Matt Bostock 5th, Finn Crocket 6th

The sprint for 5th went to Matt Bostock with Ribble Weldtite’s Finn Crocket then Dan Gardner, part of the six-man-group.

Joe Brown’s result put him in the National Road Series Leaders Jersey as the lads prepare themselves for round three, the Lancaster GP on Sunday 17th July.

Joe Wilson

1              Jacob Scott                         WIV Sungod

2              Robert Scott                       WIV Sungod

3              Jim Brown                           WIV Sungod

L-R Robert, Jacob, Jim

Series Leader after Round 2

Jim Brown

2022 Series

Sunday 8 May
Rapha Lincoln Grand Prix presented by Pro-Noctis, Lincoln

1              Luke Lamperti                    Trinity Road Racing

2              Benjamin Perry                 WIV Sungod

3              Finn Crockett                     Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling

Sunday 3 July
Stockton Cycling Festival Grand Prix, Stockton

Sunday 17 July
Lancaster Grand Prix, Lancaster

Friday 22 – Sunday 24 July
Manx International Stage Race, Isle of Man

Sunday 21 August
The Ryedale Grasscrete Men’s Grand Prix, Ampleforth

Sunday 18 September
Beaumont Trophy, Stamfordham


Women’s Race [Round 3 of the National Road Series]

Finney made her break when she bridged across to Francesca Morgans-Slader [AWOL O’Shea] with around three of the Riverside Circuits remaining.

Jessica Finney & Francesca Morgans Slader

With Morgans-Slader running out of steam, Finney found herself off the front with no-option but to carry on. Indeed, that is exactly what she did. With no-fire-power left in the Peloton to bring her back it was plain-sailing all the way along the Riverside to the finish-line here in Stockton.

Flora Perkins leading the bunch with Series Leader Alice McWilliams [Bianchi Hunt Movelo] keeping an eye out
Solo Breakaway for Finney

Earlier, the race got off to a good start as they made their way out to the lumpy out-of-town circuit.

Start of the first out of town circuits

The first couple of laps were held together before a group of four managed to establish a gap.

All together early on
Lap 2 climb with Mary Wilkinson & Flora Perkins
[Le-Col Wahoo] Flora Perkins, [Pro-Noctis Rotor Red Chilli Bikes] Corrine Side, [ARA Pro Racing Sunshine Cost] Rachel Wales & [Storey Racing] Lucy Gad were brought back with a counter going off soon after as they approached the circuit start in Thorpe Thewles.

Second group of 4 are brought back on the 3rd circuit out of Stillington with April Tacey & Robyn Clay
3rd Circuit & all back together.

This time [Le Col Wahoo] April Tacey, [CAMS Basso] Emma Edwards & [Otley CC] Robyn Clay in the break. Briefly joined by [Team Boompods] Mary Wilkinson before the group were pulled back by Pro-Noctis Rotor Redchilli Bikes.

Bell circuit for the chasing Peloton

As the race drew closer to the return journey back into town, AWOL O’Shea’s Connie Hayes rode free taking her all the way to the Riverside before finally being caught by Pro-Noctis Rotor Redchilli Bikes Jo Tindley. A few digs on the first small circuit came to nothing till Morgans-Slader broke free with Finney bridging the gap.

Morgans-Slader attacking on the Princess Diana Bridge for AWOL O’Shea
Sprint for 2nd with Millie Couzens then Lee Boon 3rd… Anna Kay 4th.

1              Jessica Finney                    CAMS-Basso

2              Millie Couzens                  Plantur-Pura

3              Lee Boon                             Torelli-Cayman-Islands Scimitar

L-R Millie, Jess, Lee
Women’s Stockton GP Winner 2022, Jess Finney, CAMS Basso

Series Leader after Round 3 is Alice McWilliams [Bianchi Hunt Morvelo]

Alice McWilliams
Series Leader Alice McWilliams

2022 Series so far

Sunday 8 May
Rapha Lincoln Grand Prix presented by Pro-Noctis, Lincoln

1              Becky Storrie                      CAMS-Basso

2              Alice McWilliams              Bianchi Hunt Morvelo

3              Jessie Carridge                  Brother UK Orientation Marketing

Sunday 19 June
6th Women’s CiCLE Classic, Rutland

1              Josie Nelson                       Team Coop Hitec Products

2              Madeline Leech                CAMS-Basso

3              Eluned King                         Le Col Wahoo

Sunday 3 July
Stockton Cycling Festival Grand Prix, Stockton

Sunday 17 July
Lancaster Grand Prix, Lancaster

Friday 22 July – Sunday 24 July
Manx International Stage Race, Isle of Man

Sunday 21 August
The Ryedale Grasscrete Women’s Grand Prix

Sunday 18 September
Curlew Cup, Stamfordham

Jenny Holl & Amy Gornall
Alice McWilliams
Millie Couzens [Plantur Pura]

Amy Gornall & Louise Scupham
Jenny Holl, Tredz
Thorpe Thewles
Jess Finney on the Riverside Circuit
Words of encouragement… Team Boompods
Princess Diana Bridge featuring Millie Couzins
Princess Diana Bridge featuring Zeb Kyfinn & Matthew Taylor
Riverside Circuit featuring James Fielden
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