British Cycling - Track Manchester Velodrome Revolution Series

Revolution Champions League 2017 | Round 3 Manchester

Revolution Series Winners… Pedalsure
Revolution Series 15 2017-2018 - Revolution 65 Manchester 06 Jan 2018

Kenny return’s to the boards in Manchester whilst Pedalsure claim the 2017/18 Championship Title, going one better than last years second place.

O pening up the final round for Series 15 of the Revolution Series in Manchester were the traditional Sprint 200m Time Trial heats and a welcome return to the track of multiple gold Olympic medallist Jason Kenny. Up against one of the giants of the track former World Champion Gregory Bauge, Kenny set the only sub 10 qualifier with a 9.964.

Women’s Elite Points Winner, Rowe & King’s Kirsten Wild
T he Elite Women’s Points Race quickly followed and Team Rowe and King’s Kirtsen Wild and Dani Rowe were on a mission to conquer Team WNT’s lead in the Championship with Wild winning in style ahead of crowd favourite Katie Archibald – guest riding for Team Jadan-Weldtite p/b Vive le Velo here in Manchester, With Pfeiffer George 3rd, Anna Henderson 4th & team-mate Rowe 5th. An early lead put Rowe & King ahead of Team WNT in the Championship.

It was a ding-dong contest through-out the remainder of the contest between Wild & Archibald with Wild & King claiming the Madison Time Trial victory after an early lead by Archibald & team-mate Anna Docherty for the day. Archibald went on to win both the Scratch Race and the Elimination-Scratch Race with Team Rowe & King winning the final race of the day and indeed the 2017/18 Championship in the Team Elimination.

Future Star Girls Elimination Race
The Future Star girls Madison came next and series leader Ella Barnwell set about her winning ways to close the series as this year’s Future Star Girls Champion. Riding with Elena Smith, they took the first win of the day for Inspired ahead of Team Breeze (Emma Finucane & Amy Cole) and Boels Dolmans (Zoe Backstedt & Maisy Vasic). Matrix Fitness’s Sophie Lewis finished second overall in the Championship with Barnwell’s team-mate Eleana Smith finishing third. Zoe Backstedt’s hard work over the two sessions moved here into fourth overall for Boels Dolmans.

Barnwell stormed the two sessions winning the Elimination, Scratch, Points Race and the 6-lap Dash leaving her opponents no movement on the 2017/18 title.

Future Star Boys leader, James Codd.
T he Future Star Boys race didn’t pan out as smoothly for series leader James Codd as Pedalsure went clear in the final lap on the Madison leaving JLT to take the bunch sprint. Codd had sufficient points ahead of today’s racing to make him this year’s Future Star Boys Champion as Pedalsure’s Sam Watson pushed him all the way for second overall in the Championship. Lewis Askey (World All-stars) finished the series third with team-mate Owain Roberts fourth.

Codd took a solitairy win in the 6-lap Dash as the rest of the contestants jostled for glory around the boards in Manchester in-front of a packed enthusiastic crowd. Sam Watson won the Elimination Race, Oscar Nilsson-Julien won the Points Race for Maloja Pushbikers, Alfie George won the Scratch Race for Team Scotland.

A battle to the end for JTL Condors Ed Clancy and Pedalsure’s Andy Tennant in the Elimination/ Scratch Race
I nspired’s Ethan Hayter and Matt Walls lead the Championship at the start of play in today’s finale as the racing began with the Points Race. Matt Gibson, for Team HMT clinched the first victory of the day with Chris Latham, second and Mark Stewart third.

Pedalsure were the only real rivals for Inspired going into play and Pedalsure’s Andrew Tennant set them on-course for the 2017/18 Championship title by winning the Elimination/ Scratch Race. A second place in the Madison Time Trial with a blistering time of 54.300 was better than the long standing record set by JLT Condor, but it was indeed JLT Condor’s Ed Clancy and Jon Mould that took the honours just before their ride to set a new record of 53.553 a second quicker than what had been the best to-date.

Inspired fought back later in the evening winning the Team Elimination Race.

Active through-out the whole day, Scotland’s John Archibald’s hard work paid-off winning the Scratch Race in the final race of the Championship.

Jason Kenny getting the better of Gregory Bauge in one of the Sprint Finals…
T he final race in Manchester was the Sprinter’s favourite the Keirin. Racing had continued through-out the day between the endurance events and all eyes were on Kenny for this final race. Having lost out to Gregory Bauge, the Frenchman in the third finals heat of the Sprint competition with Lewis Stewart winning the Handicap Race and Alex Jolliffe winning the 6-lap dash in was left to this final race that Kenny was looking to take his first returning win. As the race developed it was the French duo of Rayan Helal and Bauge that piled the pressure on with Helal denying Kenny the victory. Netherland’s Carlo Cesar edged out Bauge for third with Joliffe and Caleb Hill finishing off the six contestants.

Elite Women’s Podium, Dani Rowe & Kirsten Wild…
Elite Women’s Championship Standings after round 3

1 Team Rowe and King 266

1 Team WNT 212

5 Team Pedalsure 165

6 Team Breeze 162

8 Matrix Fitness 151

4 Storey Racing 145

3 Boels Dolmans 137

7 NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli 134

10 Jadan-Weldtite p/b Vive le Velo 127

9 Inspired 108

11 Cycle Team OnForm 64

12 Boompods EDCO Velo8 30

Future Star Girls Podium, (L) Ella Barnwell & (R) Elena Smith
Future Star Girls Championship Standings after round 3

1 Ella Barnwell 388

2 Sophie Lewis 310

3 Elena Smith 298

4 Zoe Backstedt 273

5 Dani Parker 271

6 Kate Wooton 249

7 Emma Finucane 248

8 Josie Griffin 231

9 Zoe Ta Perez 223

10 Emily Knight 209

11 Imogen Chastell 206

12 Lucy Naylor 203


Elite Championship Standing after round 3

1 Team Pedalsure 258

2 Inspired 252

3 JLT Condor 219

4 Team HMT 218

5 Team 100% Me 176

6 World All Stars 157

7 Maloja Pushbikers 115

8 Team Wiggins 111

9 Scotland 103

10 Revolution All Stars 92

11 Star Track Racing 68

12 Ireland 27

Future Star Boys Podium, (L) James Codd, (R) Owain Roberts
Future Star Boys Championship Standings after round 3

1 James Codd 346

2 Sam Watson 325

3 Lewis Askey 323

4 Owain Roberts 319

5 Oscar Nilsson-Julien 318

6 Alfie George 297

7 Dylan Westley 259

8 Josh Greenwood 257

9 Leo Hayter 249

10 Max Rushby 233

11 James Bunting 230

12 Matti Dobbins 211


Elite Women’s Points Race

1 Kristen Wild

2 Katie Archibald

3 Pfeiffer Georgi

Victory for Kirsten Wild in the Elite Women’s Points Race
Future Star Girls Madison

1 Inspired

2 Team Breeze

3 Boels Dolmans


Elite Men’s Points Race

1 Matt Gibson

2 Chris Latham

3 Mark Stewart


Future Star Boys Madison

1 Team Pedalsure

2 JLT Condor

3 Maloja Pushbikers

JTL Condor’s James Codd & Owain Roberts, Future Star Boys Madison
Elite Women’s Madison Time Trial

1 Team Rowe & King 00:59.564

2 Jadan-Weldtite 01:01.561

3 Team Breeze 01:01.892

Pedalsure’s Elinor Barker
Future Star Girls Elimination Race

1 Ella Barnwell

2 Zoe Backstedt

3 Elena Smith


Future Star Boys Elimination Race

1 Sam Watson

2 Thomas Gloag

3 Oscar Nilsson-Julien

Elite Men’s Elimination/ Scratch Race

1 Andrew Tennant

2 Ed Clancy

3 Ethan Hayter


Future Star Girls 6-lap Dash

1 Ella Barnwell

2 Emma Finucane

3 Sophie Lewis

Future Star Girls leader Ella Barnwell on the front… with Emma Finucane, 6-lap Dash
Elite Women’s Scratch Race

1 Katie Archibald

2 Elinor Barker

3 Kirsten Wild

Elinor Barker taking on Katie Archibald with a lap remaining… Women’s Elite Scratch Race.
Future Star Boys Points Race

1 Oscar Nilsson-Julien

2 Oliver Rees

3 Max Rushby


Future Star Girls Scratch Race

1 Ella Barnwell

2 Emma Finucane

3 Zoe Backstedt

Future Star Girls Scratch Race with Ella Barnwell and Emma Finucane…
Elite Men’s Madison Time Trial

1 JLT Condor 00:53.553

2 Pedalsure 00:54.300

3 Maloja Pushbikers 00:54.628


Future Star Boys 6-lap Dash

1 James Codd

2 Sam Watson

3 Max Rushby


Elite Women’s Elimination/ Scratch Race

1 Katie Archibald

2 Eleanor Barker

3 Emily Nelson

Jadan-Weldtite’s Katie Archibald getting the better of Eleanor Dickinson Team Breeze in the Women’s Elite Elimination/ Scratch Race.
Anna Docherty amongst the Stars in the Elite Women’s Points Race…
Future Star Girls Points Race

1 Ella Barnwell

2 Zoe Backstedt

3 Sophie Lewis


Elite Men Team Elimination Race

1 Inspired

2 Team Pedalsure

3 Team 100% ME


Elite Women’s Team Elimination Race

1 Team Rowe & King

2 Matrix Fitness

3 Team Pedalsure


Future Star Boys Scratch Race

1 Alfie George

2 Oscar Nilsson-Julien

3 Lewis Askey

Alfie George takes the win for Scotland in the Future Star Boys Scratch Race.
Elite Men’s Scratch Race

1 John Archibald

2 Fred Wright

3 Gabriel Cullaigh

Future Star Champions, James Codd & Ella Barnwell
Katie Archibald, Jadan-Weldtite p/b Vive le Velo
Future Star Boys Race… Madison
Zoe Backstedt in focus, (R) for Boels Dolmans, Future Star Girls Race.
Scotland’s John Archibald…
A win for Katie Archibald in the Elite Women’s Scratch Race
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