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Revolution 29 | Round 1 – Season 8

Revolution 29 Round 1, 23rd October 2010

Author: Chris Maher, Pictures courtesy of: Chris Maher | Photography
Revolution 29 - Chris Hoy
Revolution 29 – Chris Hoy

Manchester’s National Track Cycle Centre once again hosted Face Partnerships, Cycling Revolution. Another packed house awaited in anticipation for the return of the Big Yin, Sir Chris Hoy. And without disappointment he was back performing at his best, after a poor British National Track Championships mainly due to illness. Team Sky’s Chris Hoy, once again, thrilled the Public in the opening qualifying session of the Revolution Sprint. Leaving behind the likes of Crampton & Edgar, Chris also managed to see off the current British Sprint Champion, Jason Kenny. Also mixing it with the best, with a respectable time of 10.263 was the North East’s David Daniell. The 20 year old from Middlesbrough showed that he has the potential to one day become, the force that is, Sir Chris Hoy.


  • Chris Hoy   –    Team Sky  –    10.065
  • David Daniell –  Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta   –    10.263
  • Matt Crampton –  Revolution All-stars         –    10.363
  • Jason Kenny –    Maxgear Racing     –    10.480
  • Chris Pritchard  –    Le Col        –    10.488
  • Ross Edgar  –    Rapha Condor Sharp –    10.516
  • Pete Mitchell    –    Manchester City Council –    10.552
  • Kian Emadi  –    CHEP UK   –    10.869

This then set up the competition format for the Revolution Championship Sprint. First Vs Last, Second Vs 2nd Last ect…

Motor Paced Scratch Race - Revolution 29
Motor Paced Scratch Race – Revolution 29

Event 2 was the Motor Paced 6Km Scratch Race. One for the Endurance riders, This Special Race was one final chance for multi Olympic Champion & World Champion, Chris Newton, to take to the boards. Taking part in this formal last Track Race, Chris who recently won the British Premier Calendar Road Race Championship, ended his career on a high. Having participated in every Revolution barring one, it was a last chance to see him ride around the Worlds best Velodrome here in Manchester. As the race progressed, and the Moped left the track with 6 laps remaining, it was the Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta boys & Rapha Condor Sharp boys that shaped the Race. As the Race intensified it was Chris Newton that took the honours, to a standing ovation from the crowd and he circled several times accepting the applause of an appreciative audience.


  • Chris Newton    –    Rapha Condor Sharp (Not official)
  • Steven Burke    –    Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta
  • Luke Rowe       –    Revolution All-stars
  • Robert Crampton –    Maxgear Racing

Event 3 gave a chance for the up & coming youngsters to ride in such a large event. The DHL Future Stars (Boys) 5Km Point Race was won by Le Col’s Matt Cross. 2nd was CHEP UK’s Harry Tanfield & 3rd was Le Col’s Zachary May.

Returning to the main theme for the evening, the Revolution Sprint, Event 4, got underway. Hoy easily out sprinted Emadi. Next we saw Daniell beating Mitchell, Crampton beating Edgar & then Kenny beating Pritchard for the Semi Finals.

Revolution 29 - Amy Roberts
Revolution 29 – Amy Roberts

Event 5 gave the girls a chance to shine. The DHL Future Stars (Girls) 5Km Scratch Race. Maxgear Racing’s Jess Crampton takes the victory in front of Team Sky’s Lucy Garner & Revolution All-stars Rebecca Hunt. The Race slowed down slightly through the middle part when Manchester City Council’s Stephanie Higgs fell awkwardly into the apron & had to be assisted off the track.

Event 6 is a Revolution speciality. The mixing of the very popular Madison scenario, with a timed event, the Revolution Madison Kilo Time Trial fuses high pace action with an interactive pairing of riders. The fastest time recorded since the beginning of the Revolution in 2003, belongs to Sir Chris Hoy & Arnaud Tournant. Set in Revolution 20, these two World Class Sprinters set a time of 54.549. In the first of 2 heats, CHEP UK’s Dan Mclay & Alex Dowsett set the quickest time of the evening of 58.016. The conclusion of the Event Round 12 then saw the regular pairing of Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta’s Ed Clancy & Steven Burke to win the competition in a time of 56.316.

David Daniell - Revolution 29
David Daniell – Revolution 29

Back to the Championship Sprint for Event 7 saw Chris Hoy beating Jason Kenny in 10.544 & David Daniell beating Matt Crampton in 10.672.

Event 8 was the DHL Future Stars (Boys) 6 Lap Dash. Maxgear Racings Matt Rotherham takes the win followed by Revolution All-stars James Berryman & CHEP UK’s Harry Enfield.

Event 9 brought the Men’s 15Km Point Race. Leading the field early on Mould, Clancy & Tennant paced the race. Clancy never to far away from the front saw the likes of Dowsett & Irvine try their hand at lapping the field. In the end it was Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta’s Ed Clancy that gained the upper hand to steal the glory.


  • Ed Clancy     –    Motorpoint Marshalls pasta
  • Luke Rowe     –    Revolution All-stars
  • Alex Dowsett  –    CHEP UK
Emily Kay - Revolution 29
Emily Kay – Revolution 29

The Championship Revolution Sprint returned for the loses 6 Lap Dash & Revolution All-stars Matt Crampton took the win.

Event 11 saw the return of the girls for the DHL Future Stars 5km Points Race. 2009 Championship Winner Emily Kay riding for Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta this time round returned to win the event with Maxgear Racing’s Hannah Layland 2nd, then Rapha Condor Sharp’s Amy Jacobs 3rd.

Next we saw the return of the Revolution Championship Sprint Final, Hoy Vs Daniell. There was only going to be one outcome, but a young David Daniell fought all the way to the line, it was no match for the northerner as Hoy sailed over the line in style.

We had one last outing for the boys next in Event 14, the DHL Future Stars Scratch Race. 5Kms or 20 laps of the Velodrome boards saw Team Sky’s Sam Lowe take the victory. Maxgear Racings Chris Latham took 2nd & Team Sky’s Alex Minting came in 3rd.

All the Sprinters were back on the track for Event 15, the Keirin. 5 laps behind the Motor Paced Moped follow by 3 action packed laps all the way to the line. Normally a watch and wait event say Jason Kenny go for a long one. As the rest of the field dithered the finish line quickly got closer for Kenny, but not wanting to him get the victory easily it was Team Sky’s Chris Hoy that cranked up the charge in an explosive fashion to bridge an unbelievable gap & steal to show. The crowd once again stood to the applause of Britain’s Cycling Showman Sir Chris Hoy.

One last race for the girls. Event 16, The DHL Future Stars 6 Lap Dash. Showing she hadn’t lost the form that gave her the 2009 Championship. Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta’s Emily Kay took the win. Le Col’s girls Amy Hill & Amy Roberts took 2nd & 3rd.

To round off the competition in the Revolution Championship, Event 17 was the 10Km Scratch Race. Proving to be the man of the night, Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta’s Ed Clancy rode to victory in another Endurance event. Clancy along with Dowsett, Rowe & Irvine all contributed to pace as it unfolded, But Clancy who won the British Road Criterium Championship earlier in the Season has continued his form into the early Track Season.


  • Ed Clancy        –    Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta
  • Luke Rowe        –    Revolution All-stars
  • Martin Irvine    –    Revolution All-stars


Revolution 29 - Sam Lowe
Revolution 29 – Sam Lowe

The last race of the night, not part of the Revolution Championship was the Team Sprint. Old rivals England Vs Scotland gave the public one last chance to witness the power of the Sprinter. It was Kenny, Daniell & Crampton for England & Hoy, Edgar & Pritchard for Scotland. This 3-2-1 style race went down to the wire with England winning by a whisker. 45.500s against 45.842.

The Championship Points after Round 1

1.  10 – Team Sky                692

2.  8 – Maxgear Racing          671

3.  7 – Motorpoint                  615

4.  6 – Le Col   614

5.  5 – Revolution All-stars         564

6.  4 – Manchester City Council         485

7.  3 – CHEP UK                 462

8.  2 – Rapha Condor Sharp      450

DHL Future Stars


1.  Sam Lowe      Team Sky           71 points

2.  Matt Rotherham Maxgear Racing     69

3.  Harry Tanfield  CHEP     68


1.  Emily Kay     Motorpoint   80 points

2.  Lucy Garner   Team Sky                     69

3.  Amy Hill      Le Col                       64

Revolution 29 Championship Leaders Round 1 - Team Sky
Revolution 29 Championship Leaders Round 1 – Team Sky

Round 2: Revolution 30, will include International 6-Day riders mixing it with best of British. Geraint Thomas, Ben Swift & Peter Kennaugh guest ride.  That’s on Saturday 20th November 2010.

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