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Halfords Tour Series – 2011

Author: Chris Maher, Pictures courtesy of: Chris Maher | Photography

 Halfords Tour Series 2011

Round 1 – Durham – 24th May

The Halfords Tour Series cycle race returns for its 3rd year. This fast & furious city centre circuit race is played out twice a week over 8 rounds that starts in Durham, & finishes in Canary Wharf on the 16th June.

This season we have 10 teams of 5 men, challenging for the Halfords Tour Trophy. The race is run over an hour & a quarter, with 3 sprints at 15 minute intervals. The prizes on the night are for the Boardman Bike sprints, the stage winner, and the team who collects the most points by finishing as many of their men closest to the top as possible. This is a Team event, so finishing the event will prove crucial as the points amass towards the final round.

 The first round is in the leafy, city of Durham. This demanding & technical circuit is probably the most physically challenging of the series. Its 1.4 Km’s in length with cobbled streets, acute corners & steep climbs. The course twists & turns also through narrowed tricky sections. Not only will the rides strength play a part, but also the mechanical reliance of the modern bicycle riding over these harsh road surfaces. Last year we saw the oldest & most experienced man in the professional peloton, (49) Malcolm Elliot – Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta win the race. Can he do it again?

 The race got underway at 7.00pm with a couple of circuits neutralized before the first moves were made. A crash by one of the Sigma Sport Specialized (Dan Duguid) riders touching wheels in the opening part of the race allowed eight riders to move away from the bunch including Rapha Condor Sharp’s Andy Tennant & Kristian House along with Team Raleigh’s Ian Bibby. Endura Racing’s Ian Wilkinson is left to chase the escapees with the rest of the peloton in tow.

As the sprint lap approaches Endura Racing’s Dave Clarke helps pull the peloton along, with Liam Holohan & Johnny McEvoy. It was Rapha Condor Sharp’s Kristian House who claims the first sprint points.

  1. Kristian House
  2. Ian Bibby
  3. Scott Thwaites


Endura Racing’s Scott Thwaites makes a dash for the second of the sprints with Motorpoint Pro Cycling’s Johnny McEvoy & Rapha Condor Sharp’s Kristian House in hot pursuit. Approaching the line for the points was Kristian House, who takes the win. Four more rides join them to form another break.

  1. Kristian House
  2. Johnny McEvoy
  3. Scott Thwaites


On the attack after the second sprint was Team Raleigh’s Liam Holohan with Motorpoint Pro Cycling’s Johnny McEvoy & Rapha Condor Sharp’s Zak Dempster. But these were soon to be joined once again by a larger group. It was Rapha Condor Sharpe’s Jonathon Tiernan Locke who led the race along the back section of the circuit, but crashed into the barrier on the tight right hand accent of South Street. It was Kristian House who once again moved to the front & collected the points in sprint 3.

  1. Kristian House
  2. Ian Bibby
  3. Evan Oliphant


Moving into the later stages of the race we saw Endura Racing’s Ian Wilkinson trying to escape with only four laps remaining. House, Holohan & Bibby were soon on his tail. As the quartet passed a bunch of lapped rides, it looked like they were going to stay away. With two laps to go the bunch all came together.

Endura Racing’s Dave Clarke once again lit the touch paper but Motorpoint Pro Cycling’s McEvoy & Bibby took over the lead on the cobbles. It was Endura Racing’s Zak Dempster that powered up the cobbled assent but was unable to shake the bunch. Kristian House leads into the final lap. The tempo once again increased. Bibby charges up the cobbles one final time, but (Aussie) Zak Dempster powers to the front & around the final corner. Dempster wins the final sprint for Rapha Condor Sharp.   

 Sprint Winner              Kristian House            Rapha Condor Sharp

Team Leaders              Rapha Condor Sharp


  1. Rapha Condor Sharp                          10 Points
  2. Endura Racing                                                9
  3. Team Raleigh                                      8
  4. Motorpoint Pro Cycling                      7         
  5. Team UK Youth                                 6
  6. Twenty3C Orbea                                5
  7. Wilier                    4
  8. Cycle, Metaltek              3
  9. Sigma Sport Specialized                     2
  10. Pendragon Le Col Colnago                1


Durham Race Top 10

  1. Zak Dempster                                     Rapha Condor Sharp
  2. Ian Bibby                                            Motorpoint Pro Cycling
  3. Scott Thwaites                                                Endura Racing
  4. Jonny McEvoy                                    Motorpoint Pro Cycling
  5. Liam Holohan                                     Team Raleigh
  6. Kristian House                                    Rapha Condor Sharp
  7. Marcel Six                                           Twenty3C Orbea
  8. Ian Wilkinson                                      Endura Racing
  9. Evan Oliphant                                     Endura Racing
  10. Dave Clarke                                        Endura Racing


Round 2 – May 26th   –           Aberystwyth

Race Winner   –           Ed Clancy                   –           Rapha Condor Sharp

Sprint Winner  –           Kristian House            –           Rapha Condor Sharp

Winning Team –           Rapha Condor Sharp

Leading Team –           Rapha Condor Sharp  20 points

Round 3 – May 31st    –           Peterborough

Race Winner   –           Graham Briggs            –           Rapha Condor Sharp

Sprint Winner  –           Marcel Six                   –           Twenty3c Obrea

Winning Team –           Rapha Condor Sharp

Leading Team –           Rapha Condor Sharp  30 points

Round 4 – June 2nd   –           Colchester

Race Winner   –           Dean Downing            –           Rapha Condor Sharp

Sprint Winner  –           Jeroen Janssen             –           Team Raleigh

Winning Team –           Rapha Condor Sharp

Leading Team –           Rapha Condor Sharp  40 points

Round 5 – June 7th      –           Stoke on Trent

Round 6 – June 9th      –           Oldham

Round 7 – June 14th    –           Woking

Round 8 – June 16th    –           Canary Wharf

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