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London Olympics 2012 Cycling Medals List

Road Cycling Men

28 July 2012– The Mall –10.00am to 16.15pm

Current Olympic Champion                            Samuel Sanchez         Spain

Current World Champion                               Mark Cavendish         Great Britain

Current British National Champion                Bradley Wiggins


Gold                Alexandr Vinokurov              Kazakhstan

Silver               Rigoberto Uran Uran             Columbia

Bronze             Alexander Kristoff                Norway


4th       Taylor Phinney                       USA

5th       Sergey Lagutin                        Urzbekistan

6th       Stuart O’Grady                      Australia

7th       Jurgen Roelandts                   Germany

8th       Gregory Rast                          Switzerland

9th       Luca Paolini                           Italy

10th     Jack Bauer                              Australia


Highest British Placed Athlete was Mark Cavendish in 29th Position.


Things didn’t work in favour of Team GB. It was Great Britain’s first chance of medalling in the London 2012 Olympics, and our game-plan, was to deliver the current World Road Race Champion, Mark Cavendish, to the Mall. No big secret there! 250 kilometres in length, it was going to be difficult to control the race for the whole of the event and only five team members to hand, maximum. Not quite a full TdF (Tour de France) professional team.

It was soon evident that smaller teamed countries were against a bunch sprint on the Mall, and a breakaway soon formed. The Netherlands broke away after a half hours racing through the other side of RichmondPark. The race narrowed on the exit and the peleton stretched and twenty riders broke free. This came back together, but another group soon formed and they began to inch away.

By the first ascend of Box Hill, twelve cyclists had gained over six minuets. Team GB led the chase with Bradley Wiggins on the front. A crash on the run up to Box Hill saw the peleton break into three groups.

As the circuits of Box Hill came down, so did the time gaps. Australia’s Michael Rogers set about bridging the first gap to the front group. Riders were dropped back towards the peleton.

Italy’s Vincento Nibali attacked out of the peleton. Four riders join him including Belgium’s Phillip Gilbert. More riders peeled off the front, but Team GB stayed in control. The pace was high.

On the last ascend, the leaders time got brought down to one and a half minutes. Over the top of Box Hill and heading back towards the London finish, the peloton came back together, but Team GB were spent by that time. Other nations planning on a bunch sprint finish gave little impetus towards the control of the race and another group soon formed on the charge back to the Mall.

A crash in the last ten kilometres saw Switzerland’s Fabian Cancellara misjudge a corner and that ruled him out of a podium finish.

Kristoff of Norway, Uran of Columbia and Vinokurov of Kazakhstan made a last minute bid for freedom, and as the chasing riders stalled, the three broke free. Kristoff didn’t have the pace, but Uran was no match for Alexandr Vinokurov who sprinted for Gold in his penultimate professional race. The peleton failed to gather the pace to catch the escapees and were left to contest the minor placings.


Road Cycling Women


29 July 2012– The Mall – 12.00noon to16.15pm

Current Olympic Champion                               Nichole Cooke           Great Britain

Current World Champion

Current British National Champion                Lizzie Armitstead


Gold                Marianne Vos               Netherlands

Silver               Lizzie Armitstead      Great Britain

Bronze             Olga Zabelinskaya     Russia


4th       Ina-Yoko Teutenberg             Germany

5th       Giorgia Bronzini                        Italy

6th       Emma Johansson                     Sweden

7th       Shelley Olds                               USA

8th       PaulineFerrand-Prevot        France

9th       Liesbet de Vocht                     Belgium

10th     Aude Biannic                           France


Highest British Placed Athlete was Lizzie Armitstead in 2nd place.


Road Cycling Women’s Individual Time Trial


01 August 2012–HamptonCourtPalace–10.00am to 11.15am

Current Olympic Champion                               Kristin Armstrong      USA

Current World Champion

Current British National Champion                Emma Pooley


Gold                Kristin Armstrong       USA

Silver               Judith Arndt                Germany

Bronze             Olga Zabelinskaya     Russia


4th       Melanie Linda Villumsen       New Zealand

5th       Clara Hughes                               Canada

6th       Emma Pooley                             Great Britain

7th       Amber Neben                            USA

8th       Ellen van Dijk                             Netherlands

9th       Trixi Worrack                            Germany

10th     Lizzie Armitstead                    Great Britain


Highest British Placed Athlete was Emma Pooley in 6th position


Road Cycling Men’s Individual Time Trial


01 August 2012–HamptonCourtPalace–13.00pm to 16.15pm

Current Olympic Champion                            Fabian Cancellara       Switzerland

Current World Champion

Current British National Champion


Gold                Bradley Wiggins        Great Britain

Silver               Tony Martin               Germany

Bronze             Chris Froome             Great Britain


4th       Taylor Phinney                       USA

5th       Marco Pinotti                         Italy

6th       Michael Rogers                      Australia

7th       Fabian Cancellara                   Switzerland

8th       Bert Grabsch                          Germany

9th       Jonathon Nicolas CastroviejoSpain

10th     Janez Brajkovic                      Slovenia


Highest British Placed Athlete was Bradley Wiggins in first position.


Close of Road Cycling Events


Track Cycling


02 August 2012– The Olympic Park Velodrome –16.00pm to 18.30pm


Men’s Team Pursuit Qualifying


Great Britain qualify in top postion & set a new WR: 3.52.499. They will ride against Australia .New Zealand & Denmark will ride for bronze.

Men’s Team Sprint Qualifying

Great Britain qualify fastest setting a new Olympic record of 43.065


Men’s Team Sprint Medals


Current Olympic Champions                           Great Britain   Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny & Jamie Staff

Current World Champions                                Australia

Current British National Champions             Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny & Jason Queally

World Record Time    42.914  by Germany 2011


Gold         Great Britain(WR:42.600)          Sir Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny & Philip Hindes…

Silver        France

Bronze     Germany


Women’s Team Sprint Qualifying


China qualify the fastest setting a new world record of 32.447

Great Britain are relegated due to a change over infringement.


Women’s Team Sprint Medals


Current Olympic Champions                     None

Current World Champions                      Germany

Current British National Champions          Victoria Pendleton & Jessica Varnish

World Record Time         32.549 byGermanyat Melbourne 2012


Gold              Germany               Miriam Welte & Kristina Vogel

Silver             China  (WR: 32.422) set again in the Heat this time. (Chinawere relegated to Silver due to a change over infringement)

Bronze           Australia



03 August 2012 - The Olympic Park Velodrome – 16.00pm to 18.55pm


Men’s Team Pursuit Medals


Current Olympic Champions                   Great Britain      Ed Clancy, Bradley Wiggins, Geraint Thomas & Paul Manning

Current World Champions                      Great Britain

Current British National Champions          J Dibben, A Slater, O Doull, P Dibben

World Record Time          3:53.295 byGreat Britain at Melbourne  2012


Gold              Great Britain              (WR: 3.51.659)  Ed Clancy, Geraint Thomas, Steven Burke & Peter Kennaugh…

Silver             Australia

Bronze           New Zealand


Women’s Keirin Medals


Current Olympic Champion                       None

Current World Champion                           Anna Meares      Australia

Current British National Champion        Rebecca James


Gold               Victoria Pendleton              Great Britain

Silver              Shuang Guo                           China

Bronze            Sze Wai Lee                           Hong Kong


Women’s Team Pursuit Qualifying


Great Britain qualify with the quickest time setting a new world record of WR: 3.15.669


04 August 2012 – The Olympic Park Velodrome – 10.00am to 11.30am


Men’s Omnium 250m Flying Lap


Ed Clancy of Great Britainwins the first round of the men’s omnium event in a time of 12.556

Men’s Sprint Qualifying

Great Britain’s Jason Kenny sets the quickest qualifying time and new Olympic record of 9.713



04 August 2012 – The Olympic Park Velodrome – 16.00pm to 18.40pm


Men’s Omnium 30Km Points Race


Roger Kluge of Germany wins the points race round of the omnium. Great Britain’s Ed Clancy finishes eleventh.


Men’s Omnium Elimination Race


Bryan Coquard of France wins the elimination round of the omnium.Great Britain’s Ed Clancy finishes a respectable fifth.


Men’s Sprint 1/16th Finals Repecharges 1/8th Finals 9-12th


Women’s Team Pursuit Heats


Great Britain set another world record of 3.14.682 to ride for gold against USA. Australia will ride for bronze against Canada later tonight.


Women’s Team Pursuit Medals


Current Olympic Champions                  None

Current World Champions                   Great Britain

Current British National Champions       Dani King, Joanna Rowsell & Sarah Storey

World Record Time          3.15.720 by Great Britain in Melbourne 2012


Gold               Great Britain(WR: 3.14.051)  Dani King, Joanna Rowsell & Laura Trott

Silver              USA

Bronze            Canada



05 August 2012 – The Olympic Park Velodrome – 10.00am to 11.25am


Men’s Omnium 4Km Individual Pursuit


Lasse Norman Hanson ofNorwaywins the 4 kilometer pursuit round of the men’s omnium in a time of 4.20.674


Women’s Sprint Qualifying


Great Britain’s Victoria Pendleton sets the quickest qualifying time of 10.724 in the women’s sprint, a new Olympic Record.



05 August 2012 – The Olympic Park Velodrome – 16.00pm to 19.05pm


Men’s Omnium 15Km Scratch Race


Zac ary Bell of Canada wins the scratch race round of the men’s omnium.

Men’s Omnium 1Km Individual Time Trial

Great Britain’s Ed Clancy wins the final round of the men’s omnium in an almost world beating time of 1.00.981


Men’s Omnium Medals


Current Olympic Champion                      None

Current World Champion                          Glenn O’Shea      Australia

Current British National Champion       Jonathon Mould


Gold             Lasse Norman Hanson         Denmark

Silver            BryanCoquard                        France

Bronze          Ed Clancy                                 Great Britain


Men’s Sprint ¼ Finals 5-8th


Women’s Sprint Qualifying 1/16th Finals


Women’s Sprint Repecharges 1/8th Finals 9-12th


Great Britain’s Victoria Pendleton progresses to the quarter finals on the 6th Aug..



06 August 2012 – The Olympic Park Velodrome – 16.00pm to 18.55pm


Men’s Sprint Medals


Current Olympic Champion                 Chris Hoy             Great Britain

Current World Champion                    Gregory Bauge      France

Current British National Champion      Chris Hoy

World Record Time               9.572 by Kevin Sireau in Moscow 2009


Gold               Jason Kenny                   Great Britain

Silver              Gregory Bauge                France

Bronze            Shane Perkins                 Australia


Women’s Omnium Flying Lap

Great Britain’s Laura Trott wins the first round of the women’s omnium.


Women’s Omnium 20Km Points Race

Poland’s Malgorzata Wojtyra wins the second round of the women’s omnium.


Women’s Omnium Elimination Race

Great Britain’s Laura Trott wins the third round of the women’s omnium.


Women’s Sprint 1/4th Finals 5-8th

Great Britain’s Victoria Pendleton progresses to the sprint semi-finals on the 7th Aug..



07 August 2012 – The Olympic Park Velodrome – 10.00am to 11.30am


Men’s Keirin Round 1 & Repecharges


Great Britain’s Sir Chris Hoy wins round one, heat one to progress to the final.


Women’s Omnium 3Km Individual Pursuit


American Sarah Hammer wins round four of the women’s omnium.



07 August 2012 – The Olympic Park Velodrome – 16.00pm to 18.00pm


Men’s Keirin Medals


Current Olympic Champion                 Chris Hoy      Great Britain

Current World Champion                    Chris Hoy      Great Britain

Current British National Champion       Chris Hoy


Gold               Sir Chris Hoy               Great Britain

Silver              Maxilian Levi                Germany

Bronze           Simon Van Velthooven  New Zealand

Bronze           Teun Mulder                Netherlands


Women’s Omnium 10Km Scratch Race


American Sarah Hammer wins round five of the women’s omnium.


Women’s 500m Individual Time Trial


Great Britain’s Laura Trott wins the final round of the women’s omnium in a time of 35.110


World Omnium champion, Twenty year old Laura Trott, just manages to win the omnium event. Her closest rival Sarah Hammer had one less point in the event and lost out, due to her fourth place finish in the final round. This gave Laura one whole point less in the competition and the top placed athlete.


Women’s Omnium Medals


Current Olympic Champion                            None

Current World Champion                                Laura Trott       Great Britain

Current British National Champion             None


Gold               Laura Trott                              Great Britain

Silver              Sarah Hammer                      USA

Bronze           Annette Edmundson           Australia


Women’s Sprint Medals


Current Olympic Champion                   Victoria Pendleton          Great Britain

Current World Champion                        Victoria Pendleton          Great Britain

Current British National Champion         Rebecca James

World Record Time        10.643 by Miriam Welte atColoradoSpringsUSAJune 2012


Gold               Anna Meares                Australia

Silver              Victoria Pendleton        Great Britain

Bronze           Shuang Gou                  China


Close of Track Cycling Events


Ten of each of the medals, were on offer, for the 2012 London Olympics. Five for the Men and Five for the Women…

Great Britain topped the Track Cycling medal table with 7 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze.

Australia are the second highest, with 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal, and 3 bronze medals.

Germanyare the third highest, with 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal, and 1 bronze medal.

Denmark are the only other country to win a gold medal, their only track cycling medal

The only discipline that Great Britain didn’t medal in, was the womens team sprint.


Close of Track Cycling Events


Close of Track Cycling Events

BMX Bike Cycling


BMX Finals Women


10 August 2012 – The Olympic Park, BMX Track – 16.30pm to 16.35pm


Gold                Mariana Pajon            Columbia

Silver               Sarah Walker              New Zealand

Bronze             Laura Smulders          Netherlands


4th       Laetitia le Corguille               France

5th       Caroline Buchanan                 Australia

6th       Shanaze Reade                       Great Britain

7th       Magalie Pottier                        France

8th       Brooke Crain                          USA


Great Britain’s Shanaze Reade finished 6th in the final race of the event.

Shanaze has expressed interest in switching cycling disciplines to the track, maybe filling Victoria Pendleton’s position in the Team Sprint and joining Jessica Varnish. She has already rode in this event along with Pendleton with great success. Only time will tell.


BMX Finals Men


10 August 2012 – The Olympic Park, BMX Track – 16.40pm to 16.45pm


Gold                Maris Strombergs                               Latvia

Silver               Sam Willoughby                                Australia

Bronze             Mario Carlos Oquendo Zabala           Columbia


4th       Raymon van der Biezen                     Netherlands

5th       Twan van Gendt                                Netherlands

6th       Eduardo Andres Jimenez Ciacedo    Columbia

7th       Connor Fields                                    USA

8th       Liam Phillips                                      Great Britain


Great Britain’s Liam Phillips finished 8th in the final heat after crashing during the race.


Close of BMX Biking Events


CrossCountryMountainBike Cycling



Mountain Bike Women


11 August 2012 – Hadleigh Farm, Essex – 12.30 pm to 14.15pm


Gold                Julie Bresset               France

Silver               Sabine Spitz               Germany

Bronze             Georgia Gould                       USA


4th       Irina Kalentieva         Russia

5th       Esther Suss                 Switzerland

6th       Alexandra Engen       Sweden

7th       Aleksandra Dawidowicz       Poland

8th       Annie Last                 Great Britain

9th       Catharine Pendrel      Canada

10th     Tanja Zakelj               Slovenia


Great Britain’s Annie Last finished eighth in her first Olympics. She led in the early stages of the race from time to time, but slipped back as the pace increased.

The course was hard going, dry, hot and technical in places. Most girl’s opted for a front suspension only bike, pumped up to the maximum.Tyre choice would of been a medium tread depth to aid traction and speed over the gravelly, rocky, terrain.

American Georgia Gould fought hard to stay in contention of a medal position, and is one of the youngest competitors in the field.


Mountain Bike Men


12 August 2012 – Hadleigh Farm, Essex – 13.30pm to 15.15pm


Gold                Jaroslav Kulhavy                    CzechRepublic

Silver               Nino Schurter                         Switzerland

Bronze             Aurelio Marco Fontana          Italy


4th       Jose Hermida             Spain

5th       Burry Stander            South Africa

6th       Carlos Nicolas Coloma          Spain

7th       Manuel Fumic            Germany

8th       Geoff Kabush            Canada

9th       Alexander Gehbauer  Austria

10th     Todd Wells                USA


Great Britain’s Liam Killeen crashed out of the Mountain Bike race in a heavy fall on Deane’s Drop. It has been confirmed that he has sustained a broken ankle.

French number one, and Olympic favourite Julien Absalon abandons after a puncture.


Close of Mountain Biking Events


Close of Cycling Events

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